Daniel Jones: I enjoy watching Baker Mayfield play

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Giants head coach Pat Shurmur shrugged at Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield questioning the team’s decision to draft Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick this year and Jones did the same during his own turn in front of reporters on Tuesday.

Jones said he’s “got a lot to focus on here” when asked about Mayfield saying that it “blows my mind” that the Giants would take a quarterback who didn’t have a winning record in college. Jones added that he believes he is a winner and finished off with a comment that suggests being around Eli Manning the last few months has had an impact on Jones.

“I think he’s a great player. He can throw it and I enjoy watching him play,” Jones said, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post.

Duke went 17-19 with Jones as a starter, which isn’t particularly impressive. As Texas Tech’s 13-16 record with Patrick Mahomes at quarterback illustrates, it’s also not necessarily anything that predicts what will happen at the professional level.

58 responses to “Daniel Jones: I enjoy watching Baker Mayfield play

  1. Daniel Jones will either be an all-time great, or fizzle out. There will be no in-between. He will either use all of the negativity to his advantage (Brady) or fizzle out due to the pressure

  2. Baker Mayfield: already lobbying for front office positions. He’s going to be the GM, Coach and QB in two seasons time and lead them straight into the history books along with every super bowl from now until the end of time. He’s a proven winner!!!

  3. Wow. Way to make nothing into something for all the drama queens. Can’t wait for football to start.

  4. Mayfield is a GM? I didn’t realize.

    Seriously, what is wrong with the Browns? They are all mental (including their head coach).

    Lots of talk for a team with a losing record.

  5. Baker already said out of context – kinda believe him. He might feel that way but I think even Baker would say that like that. Might be the interview that puts Baker in a shell for awhile.

  6. Course Florio won’t admit Jones is far more mature than Mayfield. I mean after the “Why does the media want to take advantage of the second year player from a major football program. Its not fair!” treatment you woulda thought something nice would be said about Jones.

  7. Too much ego on that Browns team. If Baker keeps this up, he will overtake Aaron Rodgers title as being the biggest QB diva in the NFL.

  8. Something tells me 15 years from now Jones will have the better numbers and career while Mayfield has a bunch of notable quotes and die hard fan boys but nothing more. Baker going 1st overall did nothing but enhance his ego.

  9. Jones seems like a nice kid, but was a major reach for the Giants. Better sign a contract extension with Eli lol

  10. I’m rooting for Daniel Jones because he seems like a good and likeable guy. Baker Mayfield seems to enjoy people rooting against him.

  11. kurdishpats1 says:
    August 20, 2019 at 2:00 pm
    Daniel Jones will either be an all-time great, or fizzle out. There will be no in-between. He will either use all of the negativity to his advantage (Brady) or fizzle out due to the pressure


    Or, very likely, he will be somewhere in between.

  12. Perfect response from Jones.

    For everyone else getting on Mayfield’s case, all he said was pretty much the exact thing that 99 percent of people watching the draft were thinking (and many are still thinking). “They drafted WHO????”

    Personally, I think Jones has a great shot at proving them all wrong. Sure looks good for a rookie in preseason.

  13. I know who I’m rooting for. There is no price too high to pay for a great QB. We’ll see if the Giants were right. KC certainly was.

  14. The Giants picked him sixth because they wanted him and didn’t think he would be available later at 17. Nobody knows when he would have been picked, nobody! Let’s see how he does this year before we say what a bad or good pick this was. We already know that Mayfield went first and had a stellar 6-7 record.

  15. Never seen a draft pick take as much heat as Jones has. Not his fault he was drafted #6. I think there will be many fans — many who are not Giants fans — pulling for this classy kid.

  16. I’m not a Patriots fan, Patriots hater actually. But Baker just kind of guy that Belicheck gets in their head, like a garden gnome with a hammer running around in there, breaking all the ego-china. You just see it coming. Going to be a rough week 7.

  17. Nice way to respond. I don’t know if he’ll be able to succeed as a QB, although I certainly hope so. But I think he’ll be able to handle the nasty NY media at the very least.

  18. They used Pick 6 on him instead of Pick 17 because they thought the Patriots would trade up into the mid first round to take him. They had the ammo to do it. Whether it is true or not doesn’t matter now. Mayfield has had some stunning bouts of immaturity. As for the Patriots, they seem to have picked up a nice QB prospect in the 4th round in Jarrett Stidham.

  19. It’s going to be funny when all the pundits and commentators stop drooling over Baker/OBJ and realize they have a glaring hole at guard when Quinnen Williams, Henry Anderson, and Leonard Williams stomp Baker in MetLife.

  20. Not a fan of the Giants or Browns but Jones will probably be better than Mayfield. Not a believer in Mayfield or the hype. Remember RGIII was a hall of famer after 1 season too!

  21. Mayfield wants to be Mahomes soooooo bad but it will never happen, couldn’t beat him out at Texas Tech and he will always be that “other” Big 12 QB. Jones seems to have the right mindset to be a successful NFL QB. Mayfield on the other hand seems to really like to hear his own voice almost non stop. Too many egos on that Browns team, never going to win anything without team chemistry no matter how great you keep telling everyone you are.

  22. Ironic that a QB with a 6-7 record last season is criticizing the Giants for drafting a QB with a 17-19 record. Mayfield should just zip it but he can’t help himself. He said that everyone wants them to fail because of all the hype, but at the same time says “it stays within the locker room”. If it stays within the locker room then why are you bringing it up in the first place?

  23. NFL QBs who won in college:

    Jamarcus Russell
    Tim Tebow
    Ken Dorsey
    Jason Campbell
    Josh Heupel
    Terrell Pryor
    Matt Leinert
    Vince Young
    Greg McElroy
    Scott Frost

  24. Jones is a class act. 17-19 at Duke isn’t bad at all. Baker probably couldn’t have done much better with the supporting cast at Duke.

  25. Baker has already established himself as one of the most annoying players in football. I was rooting for the Browns to turn it around the last couple of seasons. Now I’m hoping they go down in flames.

  26. I’m so looking forward to the implosion of the Browns…..it’s too bad Joe Thomas is no longer with the Browns so he could look down at little Baker and tell him to keep his trap shut for the sake of—- the TEAM.

  27. Smart guy. Take the temperature down. Here’s a newsflash – stuff like this happens in real life between non-athletes all the time. Makes for some good National Enquirer-style stories when NFL quarterbacks are involved.

  28. Jones will be the next Tom Brady.
    what’s the over / under on jones being the greatest player in the next 100 years of football?

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