Jay Gruden: “No rush” to name a starting quarterback

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Washington coach Jay Gruden has yet to name a Week One starting quarterback, and he feels no compulsion to do so in the immediate future.

“There’s no rush to name a starter right now,” Gruden told reporters on Tuesday. “I think it’s important to let these guys go out and play and continue to compete. We’ll continue to let them play and see what happens Thursday.”

Washington plays the Falcons in Atlanta on Thursday night. With Colt McCoy, who continues to be listed as the No. 1 quarterback on the unofficial depth chart, still recovering from last year’s broken leg, it’s down to veteran Case Keenum and rookie Dwayne Haskins, with all indications being that Keenum will get the nod — especially with the first three games that count against the Eagles, Cowboys, and Bears.

Regardless of who it is, the rush is coming soon. The first game is only 19 days away.

12 responses to “Jay Gruden: “No rush” to name a starting quarterback

  1. Translation: “I really want to say Haskins, but I don’t think he’s ready…….”

  2. He wants McCoy to start, but his health is a question. That’s why he’s not going to name a starter. Haskins not ready & Keenum not that impressive. Truth be told, Jay Gruden has wanted McCoy to be the starter since 2014. When he’s healthy (unless someone has played better than expected), he’ll be the starter.

  3. Case will start for the first five games; Dwayne will start the next 11; and then Gruden will be fired.

  4. Jay is trolling us !
    We are no different than last years team that started 7-3 , Alex wasn’t lighting it up so insert Keenum same thing … and we’ve got more than a few promising young players , I’m expecting a surprise season from this group. We might not be a deep playoff team but I bet we knock a few teams off from getting to the playoffs … looking at you Dallas 🤓

  5. If you’re correct about 1 & 2, then I agree that Gruden will probably be fired. Don’t see that scenario ending well for anybody.

  6. Highly unlikely that Haskins will start unless forced by Dan Snyder. I also don’t think Week 1 starter has a lock on the job.

  7. Alex Smith is a better QB than Keenum. First 5 games are tough this season. Look for McCoy to start as soon as he’s healthy unless Keenum is playing better than I think he will.

  8. Mahomes sat for a year. I don’t think anyone is going to argue that Haskins is better than Mahomes. If you’ve watched him in preseason you know he’s not ready to start. The offensive line is another issue. Without Trent Williams it’s going to be a challenging year for any QB. No reason to rush Haskins in there when he’s not that familiar with the offense & has a patchwork line in front of him. Redskins are thinking longterm. He’s the QB of the future. Give him time. Athletic ability alone isn’t going to make you a winner in the NFL.

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