Jerry Jones: Team takes precedent, and I’ve got backbone to keep it that way

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When the Cowboys called a press conference earlier today to announce the signing of a player, speculation immediately centered on whether it was for Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott or Amari Cooper. It was none of those.

No one had money on Jaylon Smith to become the first to sign a long-term deal during training camp.

“This is a contract story. This is a contract story,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said, via Jon Machota of “Y’all have been riding me about getting a contract done the last three weeks. This is a contract story.”

Prescott, Elliott and Cooper, though, remain unsigned.

The Cowboys held up Smith as an example of how to get a deal done quickly if players are willing to take team-friendly deals. The Cowboys have preached team-friendly deals to Prescott, Elliott and Cooper, which is a sticking point. The players’ agents have made it clear it’s not their job to manage the team’s salary cap.

“I wouldn’t speculate on what’s in somebody’s mind about that,” Jones said of Prescott, Elliott and Cooper. “But the way to get this done is people to have a little more thought about team, and that’s certainly in Jaylon’s mind.

“. . .The team takes precedent at a point over the opinion or the demand of the individual. The team takes precedent [sic]. This was a team move we are talking about today. The team takes precedent, and I’ve got the backbone to keep it that way.”

And now that Jones signed a five-year extension worth $64 million, “There’s less pie left [for others]; make no bones about it.”

The Cowboys don’t sound any closer to getting deals done for Prescott, Elliott or Cooper. Elliott flew back to Cabo after a weekend visit to DFW, continuing his training there. His teammates continue training camp back in Texas, having returned to the team facility this week.

The Cowboys have expressed frustration at the pace of negotiations with Prescott, Elliott and Cooper and noted Tuesday how quickly Smith’s deal happened with both sides wanting to get a deal done.

“Our door is always open for business,” executive vice president Stephen Jones said.

27 responses to “Jerry Jones: Team takes precedent, and I’ve got backbone to keep it that way

  1. He is right. He is the owner and the boss. He could say the same if an accountant quit on the organization. Think of how the rest of the team must feel. Zeke is putting himself above those guys that help him gain his yards.

  2. Cooper will be the next signed. He seems the most level-headed one and at least had some glimpses of team interest.

    Elliott will see that the available funds are beginning to dry up and realize that he has no leverage since the Cowboys own his contract for two years whether he plays or not.

    Dak, well, lets just hope they don’t spend over $17M/yr on him.

  3. Good job Mr. Jones. I totally agree. Anyone would probably die for their contracts, and their self worth won’t let them sign for XX Millions a year, then find someone else. Lots of people looking for jobs. They can come work for Walmart if they want, I hear they are hiring.

  4. Good for Jerry Jones. Selfish players care little about insuring that all talent can be signed. They only other thing these clowns are qualified for is shelf stocker at Walmart. Trade your $15M/yr for $12/hr and see how you like that

  5. He’s right, but people won’t care because it’s Jerry Jones. If Elliot, Cooper, and Prescott had their way the Cowboys would have what – around $70m locked up annually between the three? Are the results really worth that? As good as Elliot is, you can get adequate production for pennies in comparison. Do even premier wideouts really impact W/L ratios?

  6. Jones has a history of not breaking the bank for players, but he will continue to pay them lucrative deals even past their primes. As a Cowboy, those guys will more than make up in the long run, what they are trying to get short term.

  7. Jones is a Putz. Usually team info comes from the coach or GM after a game. Guess cause he pays the bills he can do the speak. These public head games he’s playing with Zeke may come back to bite him.

  8. I didn’t see Jones telling DeMarcus Lawrence to take a team friendly deal or take a walk.

    Lawrence bent Jones over and Jerry was asking for more. The most guaranteed money in history for a non-QB.

    Despite Jerry’s denials he is in the record setting contract business. His problem is that both Cooper and Prescott have leverage by playing out the year. Jerry will bleat all he wants about team and team friendly but in the end will pay what they ask, just ask Lawrence.

    Smith has had one healthy season, it might be fair to say he got an above market contract.

  9. Good for Jerah. Zeke dodged a bullet with his shtick w the young man and the metal barricade. It’s a matter of when not if he screws up again and JJ knows it. He owes Zeke nothing. He has 2 years to prove he can toe the line…. he knows he can’t and thus he wants his NOW. Hope he sits out the season and the Pokes do fine w/o him.

  10. Trade Elliot for Melvin Gordon..Chargers get the better but more expensive player and cowboys get comparable but cheaper rb

  11. Frankly, I wish more ownes/GMs said what Jones said. Then, drama queens such as AB and T.O. wouldn’t be ruining the sport. Situations such as the Kaepernick fiasco would have been nipped in the bud (and I agree with the Papa John’s founder on this).

    So yeah, although I can’t believe I’m saying this, Jones is dead on on this one.

  12. You’ve mismanaged your salary cap, and doomed your team to mediocrity based on nepotism and incompetence. Suffer.

  13. xofdallas says:
    August 20, 2019 at 8:57 pm
    Frankly, I wish more ownes/GMs said what Jones said. Then, drama queens such as AB and T.O. wouldn’t be ruining the sport. Situations such as the Kaepernick fiasco would have been nipped in the bud (and I agree with the Papa John’s founder on this).

    So yeah, although I can’t believe I’m saying this, Jones is dead on on this one.

    Jerry Jones brought one of those drama queens TO to Dallas, so what was Jerry doing that time?

  14. Guaranteed money: “I want to be paid whether or not I earned it, no matter how hard I work for it or how much I contribute to the team’s success.”

    Guaranteed pay when they’re off the field due to football-related injury, absolutely.
    Anything else, the player needs to know the checks keep coming no matter how poorly he performs.

    Expecting to earn enough for a very comfortable 60- to 70 years is equally ludicrous.
    What do the rest of us do when we can no longer work our physically demanding jobs?
    That’s right; we learn another skill.

    NFL players have another huge advantage here: when they leave early, their scholarship-funded college degrees do not expire — the player can return any time after his football career is over.

  15. So many calling the players selfish for trying to get the most they can. I’m wondering how often any of the commenters here have taken less than they’re worth for the overall good of the company?

  16. jones will cave. he always does and he gets more desparate to excise jimmy’s ghost every year. just goes around buying talent while knowing zero about building a team.

  17. Love delusional dallas supporters. JJ plays hardball with one dude and all of the sudden 25 years of crap is OK. JJ thinks he knows more about football than making money. he doesn’t.

  18. Zeke also seems to forget, or doesn’t care that Jerry tried to take down Goodell once for what he thought was unjust suspension because of Zeke’s foolishness..

    Way to return the favor Zeke..

  19. Lets see if Jerry gives Dak top tier money. If he does, he has guaranteed mediocrity for the next decade.

  20. Could someone explain why you see this “renegotiate my contract” crap with most teams but you never see it with New England? I think the Pats trade their greedy players or the ones who are about to become free agents yet they keep winning.

    For me, the bottom line is “You have a signed contract.” Honor the contract and we’ll talk about a new contract when the current one is complete. Hold out and you don’t get paid and there’s always someone around who can replace you. Running backs are a dime a dozen and their “life expectancy” is usually a couple of years.

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