Odell Beckham: Giants thought they’d send me to Browns to die

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield took a shot at the Giants for drafting quarterback Daniel Jones during an interview with GQ and one of his teammates did the same in the pages of another magazine.

Odell Beckham‘s no stranger to taking shots at the Giants as he rarely held his tongue when he was on the team and he hasn’t held back since they traded him to the Browns in March. In an interview with Ben Baskin of Sports Illustrated, Beckham said that he feels that the Giants are “stuck in an older mindset” and that he knows the team passed on better trade offers for him because they thought a trade to Cleveland would be a negative for the wideout.

“This wasn’t no business move,” Beckham said. “This was personal. They thought they’d send me here to die.”

The Giants didn’t comment on Beckham’s claim about offers from other teams.

Beckham stayed away from the Browns for much of the offseason, but reported for mandatory work and has been building a rapport with Mayfield this summer. If that translates to the field come September, it seems more likely he’ll be thriving than dying at the start of his time in Cleveland.

89 responses to “Odell Beckham: Giants thought they’d send me to Browns to die

  1. Are these guys all delusional before they get to the NFL, or is more of a by-product of hits to the head? I’m just dumbfounded by the headlines I read in PFT every single day!

  2. The OBJ/Mayfield combo is one of the more intriguing storylines going into the season IMHO. What’s the ceiling for these two? What’s the FLOOR?! Just about anything could happen.

    I think they’re gonna light it up. If these two get their personalities, talents, and productivity aligned, look out NFL.

  3. Give me a break drama queen. The Giants sent you to the highest bidder who was not in the NFC East. Period. End of story. This guy is such a narcissist he actually believes that the Giants would take less ROI for him just to make his life miserable.

  4. Kitchens needs to put a muzzle on his team. The last team that won the offseason Super Bowl (’11 eagles) didn’t do so well in the regular season.

  5. Sorry to see you go but every time you speak you make it easier to move on.

    With that said:
    Let me pour you a tall glass of get over it
    oh, and here’s a straw so you can suck it up

  6. You haven’t played a game that counts in Cleveland yet, OBJ. Not saying the Browns aren’t a better team this year – but let’s see how well they tolerate you in the locker room getting an IV because you hate drinking water, or when your defense is behind the 8-ball after one of your elaborate “celebrations” that puts your opponent beyond the 40 after the penalized kickoff.


    guy gets paid north of 15 million a season. If “dying” means going to Cleveland, count me in for that money!!! 3 seasons at 15 million a season and you should be financially GOLDEN. I am a Pats fan so i have nothing to complain about……although my bruins losing to the blues is a sore subject/as is losing Sale for the season but life goes on.

  8. Dont worry browns fans, he will play brilliantly during the regular season and sneak you in as a wildcard then before the playoff game takes half the offense on a bender then lose the game in horrific fashion then blame everyone else for ut.

  9. could be true. how many games have you played w/ them? brown players and front office would be best served to stop drinking the media kool-aid thinking they’ve already won the division. your are the 2019 paper champions. post a winning record, then run your mouths.

  10. Am I the only one that wants to see a Browns vs Giants super bowl … and I’m a Redskins fan lol

  11. Cmon OBJ, you have to do better than that.
    AB is still way ahead of you.
    If you want to be the biggest nut job in the NFL you are going to have to EARN it, like AB has done.

  12. Once again OBJ nails it!! Nothing keeps a Head Coach and GM employed longer than ignoring precious trade value from trading a once in a generation talented WR in order to find the worst place to send said player “to die.”

    This just makes perfect sense, says nobody not named Odell and Baker.

  13. “This wasn’t no business move,” Beckham said. “This was personal. They thought they’d send me here to die.”


    He doesn’t understand business. The best thing for a team if they trade away a great player is to trade them to a team that would be the least impactful. Opposite conference to an unproven team that you don’t play the following year is ideal. That’s smart business. If teams trade players to good teams, particularly in their own conference, then that would be a personal favor. If you take the emotion out of it, you would never do that.

  14. I’m not the biggest Gettleman fan but he was able to flush an 18 million a year turd who did not help the Giants win for a 1st, a 3rd, and Jabril Peppers.

    That’s a win for the Giants. They could also care less what the Browns do this year or what happens to a former player.

  15. This situation feels so much like a powder keg. AB might be causing drama in Oakland, but at least he’s not hung up on his previous team.
    And now OBJ has his quarterback talking about the Giants too. I know the interviewer probably led him down that road, but really. Why is there a need by any player (let alone a still unproven one) to talk about players on other teams? It’s just not a good look. I guess they’re building hype for the next Brown-Giants game in 2022.

  16. Time will tell sir, I’d let things play out before you prove the Giants decision as right. From what I’ve seen, I’d rather rebuild a team like NY is doing than piece together 4-5 divas.

  17. This guy is a problem. The Browns had pieces in pace long before you were sent there. Baker and others will like reading that. OBj didn’t make the Browns but he will take credit for it.

  18. As a Giants fan, I was bummed when I heard he had been traded.

    Every day and every interview, the trade looks better and better.

  19. Coming from the guy who’s played one full season and lots of sideline time. Missing work will increase you’re no Iron Man!!

  20. The NFC East is a hard place to leave I guess!! Shady and D Jack both acted like this about Philly… You see Beasley is salty AF about Dallas, as was Dez. I guess nobody cares if the Redskins let them go, but you always gotta have one red-headed step child in the division.

  21. In all fairness to NY, Cleveland HAS long been a place where careers die. Things might be looking up. But then again, Cleveland has had bright spots materialize and then turn out to be mirages many many times before.

  22. So you absolutely RAIL on Mayfield for being candid, yet applaud Beckham for doing so a few articles later……complete lack of journalistic integrity

  23. The Browns are quickly becoming that annoying team that everyone will root against. Shut up for 5 seconds and play the games.

  24. if he thinks that way, then he is admitting he had been a pain in the butt to the Giants organization and think that they want to punish him even if it gets them less in return for a trade. yes, there are many corporate executives who are spiteful because they act in anger. His analysis may have a kernel of truth. Nevertheless, teams do not like to trade with teams in their own division or even own conference or league (in the case of baseball), because they learned that such a trade can come back to haunt them, as the trade of Babe Ruth from Boston to New York has demonstrated. Many people blame the trade for the Red Sox not winning the World Series until recently. more recently, the trade of Charles Haley by the 49ers to Dallas may have helped Dallas win 3 World Championships and ended the 49ers dynasty (although they did win a fifth super bowl in 1994 after the trade). It may also be why New England traded Jimmy G to Frisco instead of some team in their own conference.

  25. Really? He was traded to a young, up and coming team where one of his best friends plays(landry). He needs to quit crying about it and get over his own ego because that’s what seems to be bothering him throughout his career.

  26. Nobody thought this current Browns team was the same tire fire Joe Thomas wasted his career on… they sent them there to go away and they sent them there because Cleveland isn’t the glamorous city OBJ desires.

  27. as a giants fan I’ll admit I hated to see him go but now it’s good riddance… guy talks an awful lot for someone who is oft injured and never won a thing…not to mention he’s a complete head case acting like the giants are a former lover who doesn’t want him anymore…
    can’t wait for the browns to lose 3 in a row then see what happens with the love fest that’s currently going on over there…….guy’s a hell of a talent tho

  28. He has been an embarrassment to tiger nation since he entered the league!! Just shut up and play football. Wow!!! When’s the last time he played a full season ah never!!!!

  29. Some of these guys are so full of themselves, it’s pathetic. Everything is viewed as a personal attack. The Giants wanted rid of OBJ and his father, the Browns were willing to pay what they wanted. End of story.

  30. The tantrums are right around the corner for sure!! First 2 game losing streak it on!! He needs to take advice from Jarvis!!

  31. You can smell the fear coming of you guys. The browns arent just a whipping boy anymore. Now all the sudden everyone is worried. It was all fun and games say lol browns. Now you guys look at your team and look at the browns and your scared. You all hate cliches and fake answers, then you get a guy who doesnt just say bland crap and you lose your mind. Also nobody said the browns were a dream team or superbowl bound. They know they got to work hard and prove it. It’s all you guys saying super bowl not us. HERE WE GO BROWNIES HERE WE GO.

  32. Everybody needs to pump the brakes… The Browns still haven’t done anything. We here in Cleveland have nervous anticipation because…. well …. we’re Cleveland.

  33. They knew Browns were coming up. IS OBJ drunk? Victim Card/Me Against The World at its finest.

  34. I doubt he “knows” anything. There only could have been a handful of teams, at most, willing to make the trade, and probably none of them existing contenders in big markets.

    It’s standard Trades 101 stuff to send a player far from your division, your conference, and preferably not to playoff contender, if possible.

    To go to a team on the cusp of playoff contention, with a hot young QB, to play alongside a good friend, is about the least “grudge”-y move the Giants could have made.

    What this reveals, I think, is that Beckham still sees Cleveland in such a poor light that he assumes everyone else will agree this was a “punishment”.

  35. Remember when TO and McNabb played together? Something tells me we are going to see the 2nd coming of that, cant wait to see OBJ chasing Mayfield up and down the sidelines waving his arms.

  36. Just when the Browns almost had NFL fans outside Cleveland rooting for them they go and get this guy.

    Jimmy Haslam said, “hey people are paying attention to us and they like us. Hold my beer, watch this”.

  37. As long as he uses it for motivation and he produces to show how the Giants messed up by trading him, I don’t care. Get a couple of good seasons out of him and then on the trading block.

  38. LOL Yes Odell the Giants traded you to Cleveland cuz they wanted you to fail… pffft… Delusional IDIOT!!! Between the mouth on him and Mayfield GEEZ??? Y’know I was actually excited for what the Browns could do this year, was kinda rooting for them. Well that ship has sailed…. After all the bashing of the Giants. I now hope the Browns SUCK!!!!!

  39. I would love to see some of these better offers than a 1st, a 3rd, and a young player at a position of need that was also a first round pick. I don’t suppose any proof would be forthcoming? I seriously doubt it.

  40. The Giants have gotten into OBJ’s head, and he can’t let it go. Not a Giants fan, but glad he’s gone from them.

  41. “This wasn’t no business move,” Beckham said. “This was personal. They thought they’d send me here to die.”

    He’s right, it was personal. They just wanted to get rid of him. Can you blame them? He has the maturity of a three-year old.

  42. hexy27 says:
    August 20, 2019 at 12:25 pm
    I’m not the biggest Gettleman fan but he was able to flush an 18 million a year turd who did not help the Giants win for a 1st, a 3rd, and Jabril Peppers.

    That’s a win for the Giants. They could also care less what the Browns do this year or what happens to a former player.

    I would bet they would want high draft picks rather than later picks

  43. Odell’s intention is obvious to every Giants fan who is familiar with him. All he wanted to do with this statement is make Gettleman look bad to Giants fans. He’s preying on the less informed group who are still upset about the trade.

  44. No one knows what happens when you get into a new system. Browns are new in a lot of different ways. I still say Brady would only be above average if not for BB. Look at Garoppolo. Cassell. Hoyer. Etc. But at the end of the day who knows? OBJ was not likely to thrive under Eli. Maybe he can do great under Mayfield.

    All that said please stop with the disrespect thing. I know he didn’t use the word but that is what he is saying. Get over yourself OBJ.

  45. Wrong. The Giants got tired of your crap and sent you to the Browns because they were willing to give up enough to get you. I’m an LSU fan and I loved what you did there, but money has made you a whiny little (expletive). I wish you would humble yourself and enjoy the opportunity in front of you. You’re gonna regret how you went about things when it’s all over.

  46. So glad he’s gone. I told fellow Giants fans the last thing we should want is this kind of player around our next QB….And all he’s done the last few months is prove me right. Cleveland…..this is the kind of BS you’ll get non stop if things don’t exactly the way this child wants all the time. You’d better not throw the ball to Landry too much…..Odell won’t like that one bit.

  47. As much as I hate him, I feel sorry for him. He’s sick in the head. He needs help. His view on reality is so distorted it’s scary. Can you take this comment serious when he said he was the reason the Giants were on prime time and not the fact that they play in the biggest market in the world? I certainly can’t.

  48. What a stupid thing to say, even aside from the fact that the Browns were obviously a team on the rise, thus invalidating his claim. How arrogant and clueless does he have to be to think that a team would sabotage itself just to hurt him? It’s about doing what is best for the team. If Odell understood that, he would still be in New York.

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