Cardinals cut Kevin White

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Now healthy, receiver Kevin White doesn’t have a team.

The Cardinals released White on Wednesday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

The Bears selected White with the seventh overall choice in 2015. Injured much of his four years there, he made only 25 catches for 285 yards and no touchdowns.

The Cardinals have depth at the position, so White faced an uphill battle to make the roster if he had stayed healthy. But he didn’t.

He missed valuable practice time in training camp with a hamstring injury.

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  1. Good kid, hard worker but football clearly isn’t his destiny. The good news is if he was smart with the money from his Bears contract, he is set up to do whatever he wants to next. Or nothing at all.

  2. As a Bear, he could not run a route, did not create separation, and most of all always injured. I hope he did not spend the $18m that the bears paid him because he is not a NFL football player. Looks like Tarzan plays like Jane.

  3. I remember seeing him in Chicago stuck in the snow with his white Masserati.I hope he was smarter with his money.Take away taxes he made clean 9 million.That would last me a lifetime but most likely he will be broke

  4. Sometimes you run out of chances and years. To be a professional athlete you need to be able to physically handle the rigors of the job. So far, White hasn’t shown he can do that. I expect he’ll get one last opportunity somewhere and that will be it. He’ll either carve out a role in the league or he’ll be done for good.

  5. Such a shame. Bears fan here. Always wanted this kid to turn the corner but just couldn’t stay healthy.
    Time to turn the page. Hope he moves on. Seemed like a good guy. Good luck.

  6. raiderbri100 says:

    August 21, 2019 at 6:27 pm

    The WR equivilent of Jamarcus Russell
    No, White hasn’t been able to stay healthy but effort hasn’t been a problem. R

  7. 25 rec for 285yds and NO TDs in 3yrs, I still don’t understand why any team would take a chance on him, so its baffling why the Cards even signed him?

  8. Giants fan here, we’d certainly take a flyer if he didn’t have the injury problems. Not like even when healthy the giants have a big body reciever anyway. Why not atleast take a flyer.

  9. Bears fan here.

    It’s a real shame. Other than being made out of balsa wood, he seemed to have his act together. Always in shape, always giving effort, always eager to play, physical specimen, not a knucklehead, etc.

    I guess that wide open Mountaineer offense just doesn’t translate to the NFL. By that I mean his need to learn route running was limited in Holgerson’s office.

    Those comparing him to Jamarucs Russell are crazy. That guy was fat, lazy and wanted to spend his time chugging Purple Drank. White had none of those issues. He was just made out of balsa wood and perhaps not bright enough to learn an NFL playbook.

  10. I definitely will acknowledge Ryan Pace. He has hit on a lot more than he has missed. It was a toss up between Cooper and White when they came out. After the last twenty years of drafting, at least Pace has the Bears’ arrow pointing up.

  11. Steve Cunningham says:
    August 21, 2019 at 8:49 pm
    25 rec for 285yds and NO TDs in 3yrs, I still don’t understand why any team would take a chance on him, so its baffling why the Cards even signed him?

    How is it baffling that the Cardinals signed him? Kevin White basically amount to a camp body, Arizona was able to get a free look at him while assuming zero risk. Didn’t workout but as a former 7th overall pick who’s career was stalled due to injuries he was more than worth taking a flier on .

  12. If he had made it with the Cards….the Bears would have gotten a comp draft pick, I think a fourth. Damn.

  13. Sucks for Kevin White, dude seems like a great guy unfortunately for him though the injury bug bit him the first week of camp straining his hamstring and he missed the entire T-Camp basically and wasn’t able to do much. Behind Kevin White Arizona is pretty deep at WR so their hands were pretty much tied because you can’t make the club in the tub.

    Arizona has a very talented young WR though and because of that Arizona couldn’t justify giving him a roster spot. I imagine Arizona’s WR will consist of WR Larry Fitzgerald, WR Christian Kirk, WR Andy Isabella, WR Trent Sherfield, WR Keesean Johnson, WR Damiere Byrd, WR Hakeem Butler and WR Pharoh Cooper playing mainly on teams. RB/WR David Johnson will also be a massive part of the passing game, RB Chase Edmonds will have a role and they have 3 good receiving TE’s so the Cardinals have more than enough skill players in the passing game around Murray.

  14. Ryan Pace, GM of the year in 2018. Not sure anyone could’ve seen this coming.

    Again, why the Mack trade was so awesome. Mack is a proven commodity, the Draft Picks are a coin flip.

    Cooper was taken before White – FYI.

    Sorry to see you struggle KW. Tons of folks were rooting for you. Had you fallen backwards on the hail mary, you would’ve went up a few notches in the roster.

    Amazing to think, THE BEARS are stacked at WR. What a difference between the days of Muhsin where Receivers go to die.

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