Jaguars wideout: Nick Foles “what we’ve been lacking”

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Jaguars wide receiver Dede Westbrook likes Blake Bortles. As a friend.

As a football player, he knows the Jaguars have traded up, with the offseason acquisition of Nick Foles.

″Nothing against Blake at all. I mean, Blake is a great friend of mine. But to be out there with Nick, a Super Bowl MVP quarterback, obviously, that’s what we’ve been lacking,″ Westbrook said, via John Reid of the Florida Times-Union. ″For me to go out there and pretty much showcase my skill with one of the best quarterbacks in the league is going to be a huge thing. Not only for me, but the guys around me.″

That’s like the “No disrespect, … (followed immediately by the disrespect).” Also, it’s obvious. The Jaguars went to an AFC Championship Game with Bortles as a passenger, and they replaced him with a guy who came off the bench to drive a team to a title.

And that has raised the pressure on their passing game.

″I really have high expectations not only for myself but for this team,″ Westbrook said. ″With Nick, he makes it a lot easier. Whenever you are running routes, you’re able to go into the ball and don’t have to slow down to catch it in stride and go. That’s a big thing. With Nick even when we miss, he’s the type of person that reloads that play and does it over again to the point where he gets that timing down. You don’t find many quarterback like that.″

Even if that person is your friend. No offense. Of course.

8 responses to “Jaguars wideout: Nick Foles “what we’ve been lacking”

  1. Nick Foles has a very strong character to be out of football and then lead a team to the Superbowl and then another playoff run off the bench. The guy has put together a great career that many would be envious of. He may never make the HOF, but for fans of the game, I think he will be remembered for a very, very long time. I am a Packer fan, but I love me some Nick Foles.

  2. One would have to be brain-dead (or a member of Congress) to not realize the biggest hole on the Jags was behind center. Bortles is probably lucky to have a job and I’ll be surprised if he’s still in the league in a few years. They didn’t get to the AFC Championship game because of him but in spite of him. If they can have better luck with injuries and pay more attention to that offensive line they could go places. Foles should drastically improve that offense.

  3. I have plenty of coworkers that are great friends of mine but some are better than others at their job. It’s not disrespectful just honest.

  4. Well, yeah. In the sense that they need an NFL-caliber quarterback. The question now is whether he’s two years too late to do anything. Last year the problems went beyond Bortles.

  5. I think Congress knew the biggest hole on the Jags was behind center. But like everything else, they would not know what to do about it so nothing would get done.

  6. While I a agree that Foles is an upgrade over Bortles, to say that he was a “passenger” for that AFC Championship run is not true. He played very well the second half of that year, and even better in the playoffs. The Jags were a tipped pass by Stephon Gilmore away from possibly winning that game, in Foxboro no less. The problems of the next season were not just limited to Bortles either, or even to the offense, though it was mostly offense that slowed.

    Foles certainly is someone to be welcomed for JAX. Bortles, though, did play well that year. Give the guy some credit for what he did right in Jacksonville.

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