NBC to use “High Sky” camera as primary angle for Sunday’s preseason game

Getty Images

This Sunday’s Steelers-Titans preseason game will look a little different, thanks to NBC employing a different camera angle.

NBC is using the “High Sky” camera as the primary play-by-play, live game coverage camera this Sunday night. The “High Sky” camera is at the line of scrimmage, about 50 feet above the ground.

This isn’t the first time a Titans-Steelers game has been a testing ground for a different camera angle. When the two teams met in the 2017 regular season, NBC used SkyCam as the primary camera angle for the broadcast.

Overhead camera angles often give a better sense of the positioning of the players and what the quarterback can see downfield, although some fans prefer the traditional sideline camera, which can give a better sense of how much yardage is gained on the play. Feedback from Sunday night’s game may help determine how often such camera angles are used in live game action going forward.