Report: No progress in Melvin Gordon contract talks

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Melvin Gordon said recently that he’s just waiting for the phone to ring with a call from the Chargers that results in a contract offer that brings his holdout to an end.

It’s probably safe for Gordon to be out of pocket for a while. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that talks about a new deal have not progressed as hoped. Gordon is expected to continue working out on his own in Florida while racking up fines for missing preseason work with the team.

As a result, Gordon’s holdout is expected to stretch into the regular season. That’s something Gordon said he was prepared to do when the holdout got underway and it appears the Chargers’ intransigence has not altered his view.

Assuming that remains the case, Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson are set to be in the backfield against the Colts in Week One.

20 responses to “Report: No progress in Melvin Gordon contract talks

  1. some dude out there will end up with him and zeke on auto draft then both will end up playing and he will demolish.

  2. The Chargers are wasting Rivers’ golden years. We saw what the Chargers’ offense looked like without a healthy Gordon last year in the playoffs against the Patriots. It wasn’t pretty. If Gordon sits, then this year will be the same.

  3. NinersFan1973 says:
    August 21, 2019 at 4:02 pm
    Holdouts with the league’s cheapest team never end well…

    Far from the leagues cheapest team…Do your homework

  4. Gordon and Zeke need to get a clue. Running backs are simply not a high priority in the NFL right now. It’s how the universe is operating, and the big money is simply not going to be there. Get used to it or else don’t plan to play and draw a paycheck from the football team.

  5. This is a reoccurring issue with the Chargers front office. It drove LT out of town, Rivers negotiations were messy (and sloppy), not to mention how Weddle’s time ended, and many other Chargers. Driving the best players out or driving a hard bargain is what has kept the Chargers from not reaching the top echelon of the NFL. The ownership touts “all in” for LA, but reverts to tough and dirty negotiations instead of paying their best players.

  6. I think this guy has been getting some terrible advise regarding his worth. He is not Zeke. He is not L’ Bell. The Chargers are more than willing to wait him out. Don’t call your opponent if you are playing with a weak hand. Better to fold. If you are really as good as you think you are – prove it and your pay day will come.

  7. Nor should there be. The Chargers should NOT budge. Neither should the Cowboys. Allowing players to dictate early negotiations will turn the NFL into the laughingstock that has become the NBA…

  8. When in negotiations, several people working for the Chargers post on here and down-vote anything that is pro-player. Happened before, happening now, will happen again.

  9. Talk about someone WILDLY overplaying their hand.

    He should fire his buffoon agents immediately.

  10. Not resigning Bell last year cost the Steelers the playoffs. The back up was decent but not the dual threat of Bell.

    The Chargers and Cowboys may regret not agreeing to terms with Gordon and Zeke respectfully. There s/b a compromise that gets these agreements completed.

  11. Gordon wants $13Mil/yr, Chargers rumored to offer $10Mil/yr. ~ either figure makes Gordon the 4th highest paid RB in the league. Gordon’s advisors aren’t doing him any favors – take the $10Mil/yr., laugh your way to the bank, and get into camp before the Chargers learn that they can pay 3 RB’s a total of $2Mil/yr and get 98% of the production.

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