Daniel Jones continues impressive preseason

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The Giants continue to say Eli Manning remains the starting quarterback. Daniel Jones continues to make that look like a difficult decision.

Jones is once again playing well in the preseason this evening, taking over for Manning after one series and looking like he has complete command of the offense. At halftime Jones is 9-for-11 for 141 yards.

From all indications, all of the decision-makers on the Giants — owner John Mara, General Manager Dave Gettleman and coach Pat Shurmur — are on the same page that Manning is the starting quarterback and Jones will develop better in the long run if he has some time to learn while watching Manning from the sideline.

But how long that can last remains to be seen. Jones’ impressive preseason could put a lot of pressure on Manning to play well early this season, or else he could lose his starting job and not get it back.

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  1. When Jones faced the Bears did Mack play? What premier starters has he been playing against. I understand and agree Eli is at his end, but this playing up of Jones………..please. Can we at least see him against Mack, Watt, Watt, Donald, and others before he’s crowned?

  2. If Daniel Jones was on the patriots or the steelers…

    … Jones would be jimmy garoppolo.

  3. Don’t care that it’s just preseason…Giants fans have the right to celebrate how well he’s played after the way the media and some fans have disrespected him.

  4. The kid just battles,took a big shot tonight and got up and threw a bomb on the next play . He hasn’t had Barkley to take pressure off him either so can’t wait until both are on the field.

  5. The Aaron Rodgers / Patrick Mahomes Model ?
    Sitting and learning may make him a better qb but a talentless quarterback is still a talentless Quarterback no matter how long he sits and observes from the side lines

  6. I read alot of draft blogs. a couple dozen at least. Im sure there are idiots and knowledgeable people behind the keyboard. frankly, I was surprised at the number of times DJ was mentioned as a worthy first round pick. I learned that when the experts say these are the top so & so number of QB`S, they are correct maybe 40% of the time. they’re lots of old ways of thinking in the good old boys club. DG is an old school guy himself but he saw something. I like DJ. it would be a cool story.

  7. Everybody criticized the Giants for the pick. On PFT, NFL websites, the media and the NYG fan base.

    Yea, it’s only pre season but he’s shined in the opportunities he’s had and that’s all you can ask of him. Gotta give him some credit.

    -non nyg fan

  8. Giants got themselves a ball player, however has anyone noticed the zip Manning has on his throws this season.

  9. And the sports shows will discuss Jones, but gush over Haskins average night vs number twos once again.

  10. Not a giants fan but I’m rooting for this kid. So far he has shown a level head and someone that wants to learn and grow. He has shown maturity for not getting into the mud worth the likes of Mayfield and that should say something with all these players being about social media and image now days.

  11. Well, Eli displaced an aging Kurt Warner to start his career.
    Warner looked like he was done, until he almost won the Super Bowl with the Cards.
    It looks like Jones might be good. The longer he sits, the better.
    Aaron Rodgers fermented behind (if you’ll pardon the expression) Brett Favre. It didn’t hurt him. When he was ready, not even Favre could prevent ARod from taking over.
    It looks like a similar situation could be ‘fermenting’ in the Giants’ lockerroom

  12. I have to say I’m really rooting for Jones. From the beginning, through no fault of his own, he was labeled the QB that the Giants should have waited to get later in the first round. Mayfield called him out for not being a winner in college and he has been nothing but classy throughout it. I didn’t care one way or another about him prior to the draft but now I really hope he has success.

  13. Or it’s preseason and every backup quarterback has been outstanding so far. If he plays like this when defenses start disguising plays and bring the heat, then it’s legit.

  14. I am a diehard Giants fan. Watch every down of every game.

    I think we have the talent and the coaching staff to compete for the #1 overall pick in the 2020 draft.

    I didn’t like the Jones pick. I’d rather have Brian Burns than Jones. That said, looks like Jones sees the field really well and can sling it.

    Eli will not win another big game for us. Let’s see what Jones has this season. If he doesn’t look like a perennial playoff winner, we should draft Tua T, Fromm or one of the other studs in the 2020 draft.

  15. I’m a giants fan, first of all, it’s only preseason. Second of all, I have no doubt that this will probably be eli’s last season as a starting QBs for the giants. Thirdly that 6th or 7th game where if eli isn’t playing well, is probably where there going to start Daniel Jones. We’ve already seen the giants aren’t shy about benching someone in the middle of the season even if he has winning record…..eli taking over for kurt Warner when Warner was 5-4. So basically I don’t think it’ll be a year. It’ll be exciting to see if the defense steps up. Also as a giants fan I hope I can say atleast he LOOKS better than that whole Dave Brown debacle a couple years before eli. Then again it’s only preseason

  16. jaggedmark says:
    August 22, 2019 at 8:48 pm
    When Jones faced the Bears did Mack play? What premier starters has he been playing against. I understand and agree Eli is at his end, but this playing up of Jones………..please. Can we at least see him against Mack, Watt, Watt, Donald, and others before he’s crowned?
    As a Giants fan, I agree with your comment. However, after the abuse that Jones has taken from the media and “football experts” since draft day, you have to admit, he has looked good in preseason action. From the way it sounded from the football experts, they made it sound that he couldn’t complete a 5 yard pass. I would suggest he has looked better than any other QB in this years draft.

  17. All he can do is keep going about his business the right way and play well. I’m pretty excited to watch him get on the field. I hope it is sooner than later.

  18. I am not saying he isn’t good but this is pre season and their is no game planning. Every year we have the fans talking about the next great thing only to becrest fallen once the real games start. Most starters aren’t playing and the ones that do are trying to not get hurt.

  19. jaggedmark says:
    August 22, 2019 at 8:48 pm
    When Jones faced the Bears did Mack play? What premier starters has he been playing against. I understand and agree Eli is at his end, but this playing up of Jones………..please. Can we at least see him against Mack, Watt, Watt, Donald, and others before he’s crowned?


    Y’all thumbs down this (and will thumbs down this post) but the comment is spot on. I wish him well, and think Eli is and should be done for, but it is preseason. 4-0 in preseason often results in 6-10 in reg seasons (trust me, I heartbreakingly know). And everyone anointed JG and I am sorry, outside of BBs system he will not be very good. He hasn’t been very good. Let’s wait before we start with the praise.

  20. The kid is playing well, but I guess it’s only OK to have a reaction if his performance is below par? Fans are excited, the national media and most of the fans were not happy with this pick – it’s gratifying if only for a hot second since it’s preseason and Eli Manning will clearly take the starting snaps come week one. But, to point at the competition not playing their starters is absurd because he’s playing without his number one wideout, an All-Pro RB and first two games didn’t have Evan Engram. Try not to leave that out.

  21. I know that many of you are commenting that he’s playing against 2nd and 3rd stringers and yes, that’s a valid point. But when a team evaluates a player, they are looking beyond numbers. It doesn’t matter who you are playing against… the coaches are looking at things like making the correct read, going threw evaluations, making the correct checks at the lines. They don’t care as much about a guy going 9/14 285 yards as we are.

  22. Amen, kennylc2015.
    All the “experts” are sitting on their couches drinking beer and getting fat. The real experts look at the game a lot differently than you, me and the “experts”.

  23. 1st…Jones played against CIN 1st team D last night and did just fine. The Lawson blast could have been worse, but that’s not on Jones. 2nd…you keep ripping him for playing backups. Are you guys football fans? Not sure who critiques QBs on their wins and losses in preseason. What excites myself and non-bandwagon fans is; I see poise in the pocket, solid footwork, not afraid to step up in the pocket and deliver a throw knowing the hit is coming, stellar accuracy, and well thrown timing routes. All great signs and what Giants fans are excited to see.

  24. You just don’t know for sure until he is actually playing in of 1 of those 16 games. Afer listening to NY sports radio, I hope he does well since Giant fans really have pounded on him being chosen 6th. The arrogant host makes it seem like they passed on Lawrence Taylor. In a QB driven league, you can’t fault your team trying to find their future leader.

  25. It’s obviously a little early to label Jones a success. But I watched the pro days of the top 5 QBs in the draft and Jones really stood out over the rest. His accuracy was amazing…hitting receivers in stride and placing the ball where only his receiver would be able to get it. From a throwing perspective…I think he has the best arm of the QBs taken this draft. He may not have had the flashiest stats….but that wasn’t his fault…he didn’t have great receivers bailing him out on 50/50 balls.

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