Is Washington finally coming to terms with the Trent Williams situation?

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Anger, denial, bargaining, depression. Acceptance.

After five months, it’s possible Washington finally has reached the fifth stage of grief regarding the demise of their relationship with tackle Trent Williams — and that the organization has now embarked on getting the best possible deal for him.

When a report emerged a few weeks ago that Washington was “having trade talks” regarding Williams, the team leaked that it’s not shopping Williams, and that it hopes daily fines in the amount of $40,000 will get him to show up. If, as it appears, the team leaked that it rejected New England’s offer of a 2020 first-round pick for Williams, the team apparently has finally realized that trading Williams is the only viable solution to the problem.

Although it’s always hard to interpret the moves and messages of a dysfunctional organization, the reason for leaking the rejected trade offer is obvious: It essentially invites other interested teams to make an offer, and it sets the floor for trade talks at the bottom of round one, given that’s where the Patriots almost always draft.

The report has sparked chatter in league circles regarding what Washington wants for Williams, including one hypothesis that Washington’s wish list is topped by what likely amounts to a pipe dream: Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill. Even if the Chiefs are thinking about moving on from Hill in lieu of paying him more than $20 million per year, the better approach would be to tag and trade him after the season, like they did with pass-rusher Dee Ford earlier this year.

Besides, the Chiefs don’t need Williams. And even if they did, Hill would be a lot to surrender to get a guy who has made it clear that he’s done playing for Washington.

That’s what ultimately will make it hard for Williams to get more than a low first-round pick, if it’s true that New England made that offer. Barring an auction among multiple teams that would drive the price up, it will be very hard for Washington to get significant compensation for a player who by all appearances will never play for Washington again.

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  1. I think a late first round pick for a 31 year old left tackle is a very fair offer for a 31 year old Left Tackle who has missed a combined season of games over the last 5 years. Especially given the fact that Williams has already said he won’t play for the Redskins again, due to their handling of his medical issues.

    Not sure what the h3ll Washington is doing, but if a Pro-bowl player is refusing to play for the team because they mis-handled has medical treatment and the hold out has absolutely nothing to do with his contract/compensation, I just can’t see that organization being a desirable landing spot for high quality free agents (theirs or other teams)!

  2. IF its true that Williams will never play for the Redskins again, they could keep him from ever playing again. He is under contract for 2 more years. If he doesn’t show up, then he does get credited for a year towards his contract. So the Redskins would still hold his rights to 2 years again. In essence they could tell him to play out your contract or never play again. I know he wants more money that would be just the opposite. This isn’t strictly about his growth, the Redskins doctors told him they thought it looked like a cyst and to see his own doctor. Why on earth would anyone just rely on sports doctors when it came to something like that. When he finally did talk to his doctor the doctor panicked and said it looked serious. Then tests showed it was a cyst and nothing more . . . lol . . . that is Williams far more than it is on the Redskins . . . THIS IS ABOUT MONEY!!!

  3. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this. Andy Reid started out in college his first 9 years as an offensive line coach. Moved on to Green Bay and became their assistant offensive line coach. Reid has historically been with teams that drafted offensive lineman high in drafts largely due to his influence. And Williams blindsides Kansas Ctiy’s Golden Child Pat Mahomes. At 31, Williams would be locked in for the next 5 years as the Chiefs LT. I could see something like this going down, inclusive with a future draft pick.

  4. “It will be very hard for Washington to get significant compensation for a player who by all appearances will never play for Washington again.”

    Washington has one big thing going for it, however. They are downright stubborn enough to spite themselves while they spite everyone else. So they’ll wait for that firstrounder-plus deal no matter how much it hurts them, as long as they’re spiting everyone else in the process. This is one place where Washington’s dysfunction is almost an asset.

  5. I can’t believe the Pats where trading a 1st for a guy in his 30s. That is when they let them walk for a compensatory pick.

  6. Trade Williams to the raiders for AB. People will pay to see AB torch DC. It won’t be a slow burn. It’ll be an inferno. Make the trade light the match.

  7. “It will be very hard for Washington to get significant compensation for a player who by all appearances will never play for Washington again.”

    But that’s kind of the deal with lots of trades because the minute people see you want to deal somebody they figure the price should drop since you obviously don’t want the guy any longer. Everybody could use a lineman–even teams with good lines always want more depth. And here you have a guy who doesn’t have any red flags–he isn’t holding out for money but is understandably angry about a medical staff that is well documented as being dangerous to players. (Alex Smith and Colt McCoy BOTH got post-op infections!? The odds of that should be crazy-low but with the Redskins it’s the norm.) I think there’s definitely a market for Williams.

  8. What happened in Washington that made Williams walk out? Was it contract or something with the coaching staff or with the team doctors?

  9. Don’t see a 1st rounder for Williams. At 31 he has already hit his peak and does have some injury issues. Maybe a team that has a big hole at left tackle and enough salary cap space. I see the price dropping as the holdout continues.

  10. What is often reported as “NE traded a pick” eventually turns out to be that they traded a pick in return for a player and the other team’s pick in the following round – in this case the Skins 2nd rounder, meaning NE merely drops down about 15 slots on draft day.

    I have no specific knowledge on this one, but I’ve seen this movie before and I’ve seen how the media invariably reports it leaving off the other half of the trade.

  11. There isn’t enough talent on the Redskins to bundle any other starters with Williams along with a pair of #1 draft picks in successive years – to trade for Tyreek Hill – easily the cream of the crop of Wide Receiver/Returner talents in the league.

    Dude can break a game open all by himself.

    Williams is disgruntled and will be out of the league in 3 years.

  12. Love how the players have found ways to annoy the ownwrs, the fanbase and thier own teammates with their demands. Football players in the 70’s..80’s…90’s would just play football. Now get off my lawn!

  13. Let’s not forget that in addition to being 31 and injured, he has had two failed drug tests. The only thing the Redskins are coming to terms with is that he, much like Kurt, wants too much money for what he brings to the table. They also have all the leverage so they’ll wait until much closer to the start of the season and trade him to some terribly desperate team.

  14. Football players in the 70’s..80’s…90’s would just play football.
    There was no free agency or salary cap back in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s.

  15. Dysfunctional? Are talking about the Patriots? The owner and his prostitution issue, Josh Gordon and now Chung, I don’t see the Skins with these issues, just the back and forth with Trent and Management…

  16. Don’t wanna play, don’t sign the contract… Trent Williams can mistrust the medical staff all he wants… He’s RICH… he can afford his own doctors… This is all about $$$ and his own insecurity. Stories say he was upset about us drafting a Tackle in 3rd rd 2 years ago (Geron Christian)… It makes no sense… because we had Ty NSekhe who kept getting 1 year contracts (Restricted FA) and he was eventually going to cost too much and the Redskins needed to replace him. Media treats it like another dysfunction of our team but they have been nothing but good to this man. They have always given him the $$ before the $$ was due. Their simple rule within the org is not to re-up someone til the last year of their deal.

  17. The risk is, this cat has a foot on retirement and the other on a banana peel.

    Draft a LT next year in the 1st, and he’ll be your huckleberry for the next decade, or more.

  18. is there nothing we won’t believe. DOes anyone in their right mind think that the PAts offered a 1st for the right to pay him $16M a year?? After letting their last 2 left tackles walk. God almighty

  19. This is why I say no don’t draft for need nor draft for backups no matter the round, you should be looking for value and starters in every round, that way when situations like this arise you’re covered. Far too many teams use 3rd – 7th rounds looking for quality backups, no look for guys that are hungry and who can start, put pressure on the incumbent this will eliminate a lot of this nonsense from said starters and keep them on their toes. Also, quit making playing time about how much money a guy makes and play the best guy, too many teams get caught up in well we’re paying him too much money to have him on the bench, well, then cut them or trade them but play the best player in the end.

  20. Pretty sure the problem is that Bruce Allen said to Williams, “Hey Brent, I mean Dent. Oh, damn, I am lousy with names.”

  21. Best Left Tackle in the NFL. Admittedly, Pro Football Focus said his performance graded out at #3 in the NFL and that is probably correct considering he was playing hurt most of the time. Healthy, he probably will be the best for another 4 years. Someone is going to get a beast. I don’t blame the Pats one bit for trying to protect TB for the rest of his career.

  22. If Trent Williams, a player who has been average over the last several years, still remains on this team, then the Washington football team has learned nothing. Every day he consumes a roster spot and has not returned the team a 1st round draft choice, the longer this team remains in a morass of incompetence that would make Haiti look well run in comparison.

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