Jason Garrett emotional after learning Babe Laufenberg’s 21-year-old son died

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Cowboys coach Jason Garrett had a hard time fighting back tears. He learned shortly before his press conference that Babe Laufenberg’s son died Thursday morning after a battle with a rare form of leukemia.

Luke Laufenberg was 21.

Babe Laufenberg is a former Cowboys quarterback who now is the team’s radio analyst.

“Luke was an amazing young man,” Garrett said, not taking any questions afterward. “You guys have heard me talk about fight a lot. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a better example of that in my life. What he’s gone through over the last couple of years, the spirit that he had every day, to battle through it, to always be thoughtful about the people in his life, ‘How’s my mom doing? How’s my dad doing? How’s my brother doing?’ Amazing. You’d walk into the room and he’d just light up. Whatever was going on, he just had this way, this strength unlike I’ve ever seen. Unlike I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s such a tragedy. It’s so hard to understand. But I know I will and everybody who ever knew him will be forever inspired by the life that he lived.”

Luke Laufenberg, a tight end, walked on at Texas A&M before transferring to Mesa Community College in Arizona. He was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma in 2017.

He signed with UTEP in February but returned home in April because of his health issues.

Babe Laufenberg, a sixth-round pick of Washington in 1983, grew close with Troy Aikman and Garrett during his short stint as a Cowboys’ backup quarterback.

Aikman and Garrett frequently visited Luke.

“Today we lost a son, a brother, a friend, and a warrior,” Babe Laufenberg wrote on social media. “Have never seen a person battle like Luke Laufenberg, but he lost his fight with cancer. He was truly inspirational. The hole in our hearts will never be filled. You are my hero. RIP my sweet Luke. See you on the other side.”

15 responses to “Jason Garrett emotional after learning Babe Laufenberg’s 21-year-old son died

  1. Sad news. Sounds like the son was a lot like his father,
    Babe Laufenberg is very nice, always had time for fans,
    gracious and unassuming. It must be so hard, prayers
    and sympathies to the family.

  2. Prayers go out for Luke Laufenberg and to Babe Laufenberg and his family, friends and extended football family. Very sad after all these years, monies and time invested that we haven’t found a cure for these terrible diseases. No one should die at 21 years of age. RIP.

  3. Deepest sympathy to the family and Cowboys organization. Could t imagine the pain of losing a child. RIP young man

    Eagles fan

  4. It’s amazing how much strength some seemingly ordinary folk can muster in themselves and inspire in others when faced with extraordinarily difficult circumstances. What an ordeal for his loved ones, to have to witness the suffering Luke endured but also the power with which he fought it. Blessings and peace on all of them.

  5. Awfull tradgey feel terrible for the laufenberg family I’m Dallas fan ,44 years. It would be nice to Garrett get emotional for his team for once. Instead of clapping like a robot

  6. Having lost a son myself 30 years ago, I wonder what kind of person could give a thumbs down on any of these comments of condolence. God help them, hopefully this never happens to them!

  7. You cannot disagree with @Soulhat. Who can even think about giving a thumbs down on this. Some people have no empathy at all. R.I.P. Luke.

  8. No words will suffice for those of us who have lived in the Dallas area. That said please know Babe longterm residents of this area have you and your family in our heavy hearts today. Luke was an inspiration to so many young folks suffering with an illness. Thanks to you, your family, and your son for the selfless contributions made to so many with little to no fanfare.

  9. Nothing but rainbows and touchdowns for this young man ,this kind of news stops me in my tracks ,God Bless his young soul and keep him young forever!

  10. Truly awful. Way too young, whole life in front of him..And if you are of the clowns giving thumbs down to posts here, it’s time to get a life… R.I.P. Luke

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