Marshall Faulk training Ezekiel Elliott in Cabo

Getty Images

The viral photo on social media of Ezekiel Elliott on a plane returning to DFW on Friday brought hope in DFW that the star running back might be returning to the Cowboys. Alas, Elliott merely had a weekend off.

He’s back in Cabo training with no end in sight to his holdout.

Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk said on the Rich Eisen Show that he is headed to Cabo to train Elliott.

“He’s been busting his butt training,” Faulk said. “I got some drills and some stuff I used to do.

“. . .I’ve challenged him with his conditioning and trying to get him closer to football-ready, not just being in good shape. So I’m going down to try and make him throw up.”

Faulk vowed to make his goal happen: “Oh, I’m going to get him. I got to make him throw up.”

It appears there has been no movement in negotiations between Elliott’s representation and the Cowboys, which is why the running back is no closer to returning home for more than a respite.