Packers sit 33 players after field conditions become an issue


The Packers announced they will sit 33 players tonight, including Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams.

The team didn’t say why, but the reason is obvious.

The Packers were expected to play their starters, but that was before the field conditions in Winnipeg became an issue.

A patch of temporary turf in the south end zone where the Canadian Football League goal post normally sits was not stable.

The Packers TV broadcast said the field would be shortened to avoid the end zone, according to Rob Demovsky of ESPN.

The Raiders already had decided to sit their key players.

UPDATE 8:23 P.M.: The goal lines were moved to the 10-yard line to avoid the old goal-post hole in the south end zone. The teams are not kicking off, because of the shorter field.

47 responses to “Packers sit 33 players after field conditions become an issue

  1. How many times does this have to happen. Play the games in nfl stadiums. Instead of trying to play the games all over the world. In stadiums not designed for nfl football.

  2. The Raiders left more players at home than the Packers are sitting so Vike fans can give it up before they even start

  3. Welp. If you are actually playing tonight for the Packers, you know where you stand with the team.

  4. This game is a joke. The NFL is a joke. Greed is numero uno, product be damned. We are a joke for enabling the NFL by watching it.

  5. Terrific. The field is shortened for this game and the game has already devolved into a glorified scrimmage, which means the collective strength of both teams won’t be burdened by regular game standards. It also means the starters cant be exposed to injurious conditions.

    Rack it up. Another win-win.

  6. I guess we know who’s mostly getting cut… Suits this team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 3 years with apparently the best QB ever to toss a football. They’re a joke 😂

  7. OH, Canadaaaaa!
    Only $400CA to see a rematch of Super Bowl II, with neither team playing their best players.
    Truth is, even these back up players would DESTROY those championship teams.
    I predict the Raiders win, 33-14.

  8. After the Mexico disaster a year ago, you would think the NFL would have been checking out this field and its condition months ago and making sure it was ready for play. Another epic fail by Roger and the folks in the league office.

  9. But the packers play their number one draft choice Gary and he just limped off. Not playing 33 but playing their number one. SMH

  10. Last week when Aaron claimed back stiffness before the game Thursday night, I posted this:

    gtodriver says:
    August 15, 2019 at 9:19 pm
    Older, slower, injury prone with declining skills.

    That and the need to assert his free will over the rookie HC.

    And next week he’ll be concerned about the field in Winnipeg not being up to NFL standards.

    The Packers and Rodgers never planned on the diva playing in Winnipeg. The turf didn’t just become a problem yesterday. They planned on using it as an excuse not to play Aaron again.

    They are sitting extra players so as not to look like it was only Aaron that didn’t want to play.

    Everyone knows that Rodgers was never going to set a foot in the south endzone, so he was never going to be in jeopardy.

  11. Pre season is a joke and the NFL just made it more of a joke. If you are going to sell the right to host a preseason game to somebody – you had better make sure that they will ensure that there is a proper field and all of the other requirements to have the game. If the NFL had approved this surface those approvers need to be at least admonished. The CFL field is a lot larger both longer and wider and the CFL season is in full swing – so it probably was a dumb idea to have the game on a field where they could not do something that would not effect the upcoming CFL games. Hope that they lose a lot of money because that is the only thing that will smarten the NFL brass and owners up.

  12. What a joke. Manitoba. The field is 80 yards long and in such bad condition, no kick offs and all starters are held out.

    WTF was this done for? The burgeoning multi million dollar NFL market in Manitoba?


  13. stella says:
    August 22, 2019 at 8:45 pm
    It also means the starters cant be exposed to injurious conditions.
    How did that work out for ya?

  14. Where is the players union protecting the players? Players with some clout (looking squarely at you, Aaron) and a mouthy coach (that’s you, Chuckie) should have put their feet down and said hell no to playing on that field. Thanks for standing up for your teams, fellas. Those of you who had to play, you’re not gonna make the squad, and it’s not your fault.

  15. I was curious if some Mexico type field thing would. This should have been the 4th preseason game. In Oakland.

  16. This is really a lack of NFL oversize. They make the deals but obviously don’t have control of or have lack of control over the playing surfaces.

  17. As you can see, no fans of the Packers or Raiders even care about this game.
    How can you troll this and not see how pitiful that is.

  18. The NFL has some of the most highly engineered/designed athletes in the world. True freaks of nature. That are engineered to play on a specific type of surface. Stop screwing around with their fields.

    I live in Seattle. Every other year or so the English Premiere League teams come to CenturyLink for an exhibition game. The EPL requires CenturyLink to install a pristine grass field for the game. Over the TrueTurf field the Seahawks play on.

    The NFL should come up with a prerequisite standard field. If you want one of these exhibition games (that probably shouldn’t be happening in the first place) you need to install the proper field and have it approved 2-weeks prior to the game.

  19. “Field conditions proudly brought to you by the NFL, a league that cares about player safety…sometimes…okay rarely..and definitely nowhere near as much as we care about our bottom line!”

  20. What a circus and what a shame! A multi-billion dollar operation should be able to foresee these kinds of things.

  21. Jon Gruden said their were no problems with field conditions.

    The Packers were just saying that there were to provide cover when Rodgers refused to play.

  22. I’m in Mexico City and let me tell you, people here are watching this situation with keen interest.

  23. The only winners that I can see in this whole fiasco are Raiders’ season ticket holders..they weren’t forced to buy tickets for a home “game” as part of their package

  24. As you can see, no fans of the Packers or Raiders even care about this game.
    How can you troll this and not see how pitiful that is.


    Um, it’s the NFL being trolled, duh.

  25. Suits this team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 3 years with apparently the best QB ever to toss a football
    Wow, it’s three years now huh? Great minni-math there. Gotta love when a fan of a team with one playoff win over the last 10 years talks about other team’s playoff struggles. Not ironic at all.

  26. Agree with the why do we play in stadiums outside the US. I get the business side but I mean really? They just do it wrong.

    Why people sit people? Can’t argue with that. “Excuses excuses?” Really? IT IS PRESEASON!!!!!

  27. Would of been more interesting to see them just play an exhibition NFL game on a CFL field. It would of been spec of the stadium and its only preseason any ways. Just saying

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