Bill Belichick: Jarrett Stidham does a good job, has a lot of room to improve

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The Patriots had Jarrett Stidham replace Tom Brady at quarterback during Thursday’s game against the Panthers and head coach Bill Belichick said after the game that they didn’t go with Brian Hoyer because they’ve already seen Hoyer play a lot of football over his career.

Stidham’s a rookie, so that’s obviously not the case for him and some might wonder if the extended playing time for Stidham was part of an effort to decide if the fourth-round pick can be Brady’s backup this season. Stidham was 15-of-19 for 134 yards while being sacked five times and losing a fumble.

On a Friday conference call, Belichick was asked about the rookie’s performance and offered a mixed review that took note of the big gap in experience with Hoyer.

“I think Jarrett’s pocket presence is good. I think there’s a lot of room for improvement,” Belichick said. “Certainly, when you’re comparing him to the other two quarterbacks on our roster, guys who have played a lot of football in this league, it’s quite a gap in experience. I’m sure those are things that Jarrett will get better at. [It is] probably about what you would think it would be given the difference in experience that you’re comparing him to — to players in our offense running the same plays that he does. So, it’s hard to compare one quarterback in one system to a quarterback in a completely different system, but in our case we have three quarterbacks all in the same system. It’s an obvious comparison. He’s getting better. I think he does a good job, but there’s room for improvement, certainly.”

Stidham has played well enough through three preseason games that it would be easy to see another team grabbing him off the waiver wire. That makes him and Hoyer players to watch as the Patriots drop to 53 players by next Saturday’s deadline.

21 responses to “Bill Belichick: Jarrett Stidham does a good job, has a lot of room to improve

  1. Stidham, Harry, Williams, Wynn, Bentley, Winovich, Michel.
    Last 2 drafts has produced some potential blue chippers. A ridiculous 14 picks in the 2020 draft should produce a few more.

  2. If Bill is so great …. maybe he should take a shot at improving the Cardinals…… then I’d buy it


    You don’t believe your own eyes?

  3. rutledge3197 says:
    August 23, 2019 at 6:29 pm
    If Bill is so great …. maybe he should take a shot at improving the Cardinals…… then I’d buy it

    That fish rots from the head and you can’t fire the owner

  4. I love all the cellar dwellers who claim Belichick is not the greatest coach due to having Brady. Mediocre coaches and mediocre qb’s can win a super bowl.

    It takes both to win multiple, in the case SIX. deny it til you’re blue In the face but the fact is BB created a system of hard working men and has the economic prowess to do it in the salary cap era. He cuts the cord before they fall off, unlike the other teams that pay for PAST performance. The man is a genius. He didn’t call a time out in a super bowl in a goal line situation just by staring at the opposing coach and seeing how weak he was and how confused his rah rah band of fools were looking on the sideline.

    Face the facts people. This team has not only the greatest qb but also the greatest coach. EVER. And it ain’t close.

  5. It’s early, it’s preseason, all that stuff. But the relative consistency is a good sign. We may have seen the future.

  6. With Brady now 42 I’d be surprised if Hoyer went. Don’t forget Pats D say Hoyer was key to their deciphering the Rams’ offense for the SB. Maybe if a short-handed team made an offer for Hoyer as a starter, Bill wouldn’t stand in his way, but I can’t see that happening anyway.

  7. The haters are losing their minds right now at the thought of Bill finding another Superbowl winning quarterback later in the draft. Oh yes it’s coming 3 years from now Stidham will hoist the Lombardi trophy and the winning will continue…BAM

  8. rutledge3197 says: If Bill is so great… he should take a shot at improving the Cardinals…
    sammyias says: System Quarterback, any half decent QB could win in BB’s system.
    Haters say Belichick isn’t the GOAT because it’s all thanks to his QB.
    Haters say Brady isn’t the GOAT as it’s all thanks to Belichick’s system.

    Belichick turned the Browns around and was the last HC to take them to a playoff win.
    Brady’s YPA is 7.5 (same as Montana) & inc playoffs is the all-time leading passer in yds.
    Oh, and they’ve been to half of all SBs since 2001 (9 of 18) and won 6 of them together.

  9. Stidham is on the right track. He can make the throws, has a nice touch on the ball, is relatively mobile, and seems to have a great aptitude for learning the system as well as a great attitude. The players on the team respect him. He should have been a first round pick.

  10. Belichick will keep the three quarterbacks until after the cut down of the rosters settles in. By game three Hoyer’s value will be higher. and will be traded for draft picks or a need that he sees in the personnel (Tight End )

    People wonder why the Patriots, Super Bowl champs, have so many draft picks in 2020? The man is probably one of the best GM’S in football ever.

  11. sammyias says:

    August 23, 2019 at 7:53 pm

    System Quarterback, any half decent QB could win in BB’s system


    As shown by BB’s 18-19 record as Pats coach without Brady starting… Some qb system.

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