Cowboys will wear blue jerseys in half their regular-season games

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When the Cowboys entered the league as an expansion team in 1960, team president Tex Schramm decided the team would wear white jerseys at home. It gave fans a chance see the different colored jerseys of visiting teams.

Cowboys fans got accustomed to the white jerseys.

After the Cowboys lost to the Browns in the 1968 playoffs and then in Super Bowl V to the Colts, both times while wearing their blue jerseys, the Cowboys and their fans began thinking of the blue jerseys as a jinx.

Many opponents then began making the Cowboys wear their blue jerseys when the Cowboys went on the road.

The “curse” of the blue jersey has faded over time, and this season, the Cowboys will play half their games in their blue jerseys.

(They are 67-70-1 all time in their blue jerseys, according to Mark Lane of WFAA.)

According to Todd Archer of ESPN, the Cowboys will wear blue jerseys with silver pants at Washington, at New Orleans, at the Jets, at the Giants, at Detroit and at Chicago. They also will their blue jerseys with white pants at home against the Vikings and the Rams.

They will wear their Color Rush uniforms — white on white — against Miami and at New England.

The Cowboys will play in their traditional white jerseys for home games against the Giants, Packers, Eagles, Bills and Washington and their road game at Philadelphia.

Of course, if the Cowboys miss the playoffs, the idea of a “curse” likely will return.

14 responses to “Cowboys will wear blue jerseys in half their regular-season games

  1. I always loved that the Cowboys would wear their white jerseys because then they and the team they were playing could wear their “home” uniform. I think it contributed to the Cowboys’ image because they always looked the same and it seemed like a bigger game if your team was wearing their home uniform on the road.

    Looks like this will be the first time the Vikings have ever played the Cowboys in their road whites. I don’t like that at all. Maybe because I think the purple pants are cursed.

  2. Yes it’ll be the jerseys fault, not the “qb” or “coach” or lack of their best playmaker.

  3. I don’t understand how the Cowboys got scheduled against Washington 2x this year. Other teams in the league should be furious. The Huskies won’t make it to halftime in either game.

  4. The old Cowboys blue jerseys from the ’70’s were better than the current ones. The Vikings are going to beat the Cowboys in those blue jerseys this year.

  5. The home team gets to pick which uni’s they wear so how can it be determined now what jerseys they get to wear? I always thought that one team had to wear white. Maybe I’m mistaken.

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