Daniel Jones appreciated Baker Mayfield reaching out

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield reached out to Giants quarterback Daniel Jones to explain himself after GQ published comments from Mayfield that he says were misconstrued as an attack on Jones.

For his part, Jones says there are no hard feelings.

“I certainly appreciated him reaching out,’’ Jones said, via the New York Post. “I realize he said that a long time ago and there’s no telling how he said it and I trust him.’’

Jones said Mayfield told him via text that “it was just a miscommunication and a misrepresentation of what he said.”

Jones accepted that.

“I told him it was all good and no worries,” Jones said.

We may now put the feud between these two young quarterbacks behind us.

12 responses to “Daniel Jones appreciated Baker Mayfield reaching out

  1. “We may now put the feud between these two young quarterbacks behind us.”

    Was it ever really a feud?

  2. If you read the whole quote and the context, Mayfield’s quotes ARE as bad as it sounded. Baker was not led into the question by some devious interviewer. Baker went out of his way to bash Jones. I don’t know if Jones saw the full quote or not, but he is definitely the bigger man in this “feud”. He has bigger things to worry about than being disrespected by an arrogant 2nd year QB with a loud mouth. I’m not a Giants fan, but I hope Jones succeeds.

  3. Daniel Jones is showing everyone why the Giants drafted him. High character player and has been putting the ball right where it needs to be regardless of who he is throwing it to. They said he had no arm strength coming out of college. Good for him.

  4. Nothing but respect for Daniel Jones – I hope that when he does get his shot he takes advantage of it and sets the league on fire. Not a Giants fan, but this young man has really shown me something.

  5. Jones came from Duke and they are not the most successful program, but under the teachings of Coach Cutcliffe; he is far more football intelligent than Mayfield will ever be. If the Giants ever get a decent OLine and some suspended or injured WR’s back… I would say he will shock those not in the know. I don’t care for Mayfield’s “look at me” attitude, but that is this generation of selfish showboats. At least he did (or was instructed by his handlers) to do the right thing and txt Jones.

  6. He said you have to win right…. he is what?

    Tonight he looks like… 10 for 26, 72 yards and an INIT, 0 TD’s. warm vomit.

    Maybe he was chugging too many beers lat night, lil guy he is.

    Manziel 2.0.

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