Former NFL lineman Barry Bennett and wife found dead

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Barry Bennett, a defensive lineman who spent 11 seasons in the NFL, and his wife were found dead Wednesday, via the Associated Press. Foul play is suspected, and their 22-year-old son reportedly is the primary suspect.

The 63-year-old Bennett lived in Long Prairie, Minnesota.

A third-round pick in 1978, Bennett spent four seasons with the Saints. He then joined the Jets, playing in New York from 1982 through 1988. His career ended that same year, with the Vikings.

Bennett had retired from teaching physical education. Authorities are searching for his son.

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  1. His son was mentally ill and had previously threatened to kill them while in a treatment facility. He should never have been allowed to buy a gun. The whole thing is a damn shame.

  2. Background checks, background checks, background checks, background checks. One more time……


  3. SO a hot stinking mess of a story. After searching Google for 20 minutes & reading all the stories I get a partial version of it. They were killed Monday afternoon. Monday afternoon their son the killer, takes out a ton of money from their bank account. Tuesday friends called the pd because they couldn’t reach Barry Bennett. Credit and debit cards belonging to Carol Bennett were used in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio over the next three days. Her vehicle was then discovered in Columbus, Ohio, and her son had since booked a flight from Columbus to Cancun, Mexico, the Associated Press reported. Police find him in Cancun cause he was using his cell phone. 1. Not exactly a genius, but smart enough to get money, get a plane ticket to Cancun. 2.While he may not have been showing signs of mental illness, why did the bank allow a grown son get the money? 3. It happened Monday, he’s spotted Monday driving THEIR car. 4. A friend called the PD on Tuesday & yet the PD in a town of 3200 waited till Wed & then found the bodies. The big questions 1. He made threats to kill them in Dec 2018 & the parents AND the Sheriff’s Dept was notified. 2. How & where did he get a gun? Never owned a gun & only shot one once. While a conservative ALL the politicians are to blame. Massive failure by the local PD to allow him to escape. Now we get to pay not only for a lawyer, but doctors to examine him and after a year or 2 a trial where no matter the punishment we will pay for him for the rest of his life probably for 60+ years. And oh yeah, who let him out?

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