If Cam Newton misses time, what should the Panthers do at quarterback?

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The latest Cam Newton injury shines a bright light on a trio of backup options who may not currently be ready for prime time. Behind Newton on the Carolina depth chart are Kyle Allen, rookie Will Grier, and Taylor Heinicke.

So if Newton ends up missing time with a foot/ankle injury, what should the Panthers do?

Safety Eric Reid undoubtedly will clamor for former teammate Colin Kaepernick, as Reid should. Given the similarity in skill sets between Kaerpernick and Newton, it makes sense. Given that Panthers owner David Tepper signed Reid a year ago, Tepper won’t shy away from the potential non-football fallout. Besides, Kaepernick is clearly a better option than the other quarterbacks on the roster; if coach Ron Rivera wants to win games, he should want Kaepernick.

If not Kaepernick, how about Teddy Bridgewater? The Saints backup possibly is sliding behind Taysom Hill, and Bridgewater has a history with Panthers offensive coordinator Norv Turner, who served in that same role during Bridgewater’s first two seasons in Minnesota.

Sure, it would require a pair of rivals to do business. But quarterbacks have been traded in the same division before (Donovan McNabb to Washington, Drew Bledsoe to Buffalo), and the Saints could be willing to accommodate Bridgewater if they have come to the conclusion that he’s not a viable long-term option to succeed Drew Brees — and if they can get real value for a guy who could end up at No. 3 in New Orleans.

Whatever the Panthers do, they likely need to do something if Newton’s injury ends up being something that keeps him out of the regular-season opener and possibly beyond. And they need to do it quickly, so that the new guy, whoever it is, can get up to speed with Aaron Donald coming to town to start the season in only 16 days.

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  1. Newton looked shakey behind that line in plays right before he got hurt. He didn’t play like it was 2015. He played like he had been transported into the future 25 years. Break out the wheel chair. Time to move on Carolina.

  2. “Besides, Kaepernick is clearly a better option than the other quarterbacks on the roster; if coach Ron Rivera wants to win games, he should want Kaepernick.” WHAT?!? “Clearly a better option”??? What could that statement possibly be based on? Colin hasn’t played a down of football for several years, and the last time he DID play he was BENCHED FOR BLAINE GABBERT!!!!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!! BENCHED FOR BLAINE GABBERT!!!!! I’ll take Will Grier, please and thank you.

  3. When will people just drop the Kapernick saga? He burned the bridge so stop it.He had a couple of years where he used his legs to catch defenses off guard. Once they figured him out it quickly changed and he washed out of the league.

  4. How long has it been since Kap has played football? You really think he can just slide in now and play better than any other backup that’s been playing/working all offseason?

  5. Why is there the assumption that Kaepernick wants to play??

    If you watch his actions, everything he does shows he doesn’t want want to step back on the field. He has either asked for crazy starter money (20M?? assuring that no team will sign him) or he has sabotaged every opportunity come his way (Denver, Baltimore).

    His brand is predicated on the belief that he’s a martyr. That he wants to play…but no one will let him.

    Has he said he’ll accept backup money? Will he accept a backup role? Will he try out??

    His actions say No.

  6. Panther need to get rid of scam newton. And start one of the NFL style QB they already have on the roster.Scam is Never going to be a good NFL QB. He has never been able to read NFL defense, happy feet, inaccurate passer. Scam is a good Running back trying to play QB in the NFL. Defense adjust, and make him stay in the pocket.And he is a very below average in the NFL. Carolina, riviera would be very wise to move on from the scam era.

  7. Please….as much as I despise Krapernick…I hope they do sign him so people can finally see WHY nobody else has given him a chance and maybe this whole thing can go away.

  8. What’s the criteria for cap being clearly better than what they have?? If that was the case, he’d already be their backup. Yeah, guy that hasn’t played in a few years could slide right in, pickup the playbook and be instantly better than the guys already in the system smh

  9. Kaepernick would have been a perfect choice for this in 2013.

    It’s been SIX years since he played well or had a winning season.

    That’s three seasons of crummy football play and 2 1/2 years out of football completely.

    Everyone’s still under the spell of that one magic first season where it looked like he could do anything.

    But that’s not the reality of his career.

    I have zero issues with his politics. There are a lot of problems is society that need addressing.

    But this image of Kaepernick as a magical savior is just magical thinking.

  10. They should bring in Kaep…my reasoning is that the O-Line is so bad he’ll be injured within one game. Go back to last year when Cam didn’t play both backups got hurt…Cam is a beast and there is no way Kaep can take the beating that Cam can withstand.

    He plays…he gets hurt…hopefully he’s never heard from again!

  11. The other interesting and convenient assumption is that Kaepernick can’t step back on the field and play at a high level as if this 2+ year layoff where he hasn’t been working out or playing won’t affect him.

    He was pretty ineffective the last time he put on a helmet. From all accounts his diet and exercise regime has caused him to lose some muscle mass and core strength. People who have seen him commented how thin and lean he now looks.

    Tell me again how he’ll just step on a field and be the #7 of 2012-2014??

  12. So if Newton ends up missing time with a foot/ankle injury, what should the Panthers do?


  13. Well I guess if there’s a good team to sign Kap, Carolina would be the one.
    I mean, they have no shame in playing Cam, so…

  14. The big question: Why was Cam playing in a meaningless pre-season game? MacVay and Lynn are right. “were not playing our first team in the pre-season.” Rivera should be ashamed.

  15. Hate Kap all you want but his play only declined after Harbraugh and company left. Like nine tenths of all the qbs in the league, he only works well in certain systems. Yeah it is silly to think any qb out of the league for a few years could hop in and immediately be an improvement but don’t be so dumb you knock the idea solely because it is Kap. The old man surely shines bright in most of the commenters on here.

  16. Trade now for Philip Rivers. Rivers can’t get a contract from Spanos who is pretty cheap. Norv knows Rivers.

  17. I don’t think signing some guy off the street who hasn’t played in 3 years is the answer. They will probably go with one of the backups that have been, you know, practicing with the team for the past couple months.

  18. Why teams have not given Kaepernick a chance is because they do not want to deal with the tweeter-in-chief, plain and simple. As far as the 49ers benching him for Gabbert, recall that CHIP KELLY, who single-handedly destroyed the Eagles roster, made that move. So keep making excuses as to why teams don’t call on Kaepernick…it is really that he has been effectively black-balled. How do you pass up a QB as backup that recently played in the Super Bowl?

  19. I’m still not sure who those other three guys are behind Cam, so part of me says Kaepernick just so he will fail, or succeed, but by GOD shutting down the banal debate about him. If not him, then talk to New Orleans about a trade for Teddy B!

  20. If Cam Newton misses time, what should the Panthers do at quarterback?

    Nothing…flop for the 1st. pick like Indy did.

  21. Kaepernick hasn’t played since 2016 and he was NEVER such an amazing player you would have expected him to INSTANTLY join a new team and perform at a level higher than guys who actually know the offense. It’s just laughable that anybody would think he could join a team at the end of the preseason knowing nothing about the coaches, teammates or offense and put up big numbers and lead them to wins.

  22. He has 4 wins….in his last 24 starts….and hasn’t played a game in 3 years.

    To say Kap is a “clearly better option” than the current backups….is ridiculous

  23. The Saints traded a third-round pick for Bridgewater and then made him the highest-paid backup QB in the league to keep him around. Sean Payton declared him their quarterback of the future. But because Taysom Hill outplayed Bridgewater on a night where Bridgewater played against starters while he was sick and Hill played against third- and fourth-string players in the second half, now we’re supposed to believe that Hill has leapfrogged Bridgewater in the pecking order? He’s a gimmick player that can catch the defense off guard once in a while. Let a defense gameplan for him to play the whole game and he will look awful. Bridgewater isn’t going anywhere, which is too bad because I wish he could come back to Minnesota.

  24. I know one thing they WON’T do, and that is giving Kap a call. They will give Geno Smith a call before they giver Kap a call, provided Seattle let Geno Smith go.

  25. Nothing just put in your backup and tank for next year like the Colts did when Manning got hurt. It might suck for the fans, but it helps your long term future.

  26. They should split reps between Heineke and Allen right now, in practice, and they should cut Will Grier loose. Admit that this was a wasted draft pick and get one of the other two ready to fill in.

  27. I’m almost to the point of hoping somebody signs Kaps so the world can be reminded that the reason he isn’t playing is because he sucks. He was benched for Blaine Gabbert and is only famous now because he was anointed a social justice warrior by a very biased and ignorant liberal media.

  28. Physical abilities are similar…. But Cam can read a defense and throw a fade from the 5 yd line and at least hit it 1 of 3 tries.

  29. If you sign Kaepernick you immediately piss off half your fan base, invite a media circus all for mediocre QB who was benched for Blain Gabbert.

    You know this yet you keep pushing this like it’s remotely a good idea.

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