Jaguars rookie Josh Allen has “beast” of a game


All the Josh Allens are having solid preseasons.

But the Bills quarterback might have lost some ground in the namesake competition last night, as the Jaguars rookie defensive end put on a show against the Dolphins.

Allen led the Jaguars with four tackles last night, but he had two for a loss and two quarterback hits, as their defense limited the Dolphins to 10 yards in 14 snaps with the starting defense on the field.

He’s a beast,” linebacker Myles Jack said, via Phillip Heilman of “They did their research on that pick. That was a great pick. Josh is very talented, very athletic. It’s freaky, man. That’s why I call him ‘LeBron James.’ He’s athletic. He can do a lot of things.”

That kind of performance is what the Jaguars envisioned when they drafted the Kentucky pass-rusher seventh overall this year, and he adds to what was already a talented group of players on that side of the ball. They also love his approach.

“Whatever you see tonight, I can promise you that kid, he’s going to work twice as hard, he’s going to be twice as pissed if he missed something,” Jaguars coach Doug Marrone said. “That’s how he is. And he goes after it.”

And now that they have a quarterback in Nick Foles, it might matter.

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  1. Just think giants fans what we could’ve had, I’m not saying Daniel Jones was a bad pick, as Dwayne haskins hasn’t been as impressive as Daniel Jones, but I suspect that maybe our offense line. Allen would’ve filled the Vernon hole nicely. I’m not mad because it is time for manning to step aside if he can’t perform, just wondering what it would look like to have Allen on the giants that’s all.

  2. Everyone on PFT was screaming for Allen in the Draft but 49ers where in love with Injury Bosa!!!

  3. Career backup that not only led the Eagles to a Superbowl victory, but was also the MVP. P.S., hows Derek Carr working out for you???

  4. as a 9er fan, i was one of the few who was banging the drum for Josh Allen, not saying i’m Mr Knowitall(oh wait, yes i am), but you could tell he was something special. multi-dimensional player(Khalil over Clowney), Allen over Bosa, i thought this wold be an easy choice. Bosa was never an option for me, i never got the hype…it was always Allen, oh well, maybe we’ll see the Bosa the bust this year…at least until he gets hurt, game 1?

  5. This kid is impressive. Not only did he shine preseason week 3 vs the Dolphins, but he’s shown instinctual football throughout the preseason and in practice. If he keeps playing like this next to Calais Campbell, Marcelo Dareus and Yannick Ngakoue.. he will be in the defensive rookie of the year discussion. The kid seems to be involved in every play in one way or another.

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