Jordan Reed in concussion protocol

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Washington tight end Jordan Reed was evaluated for a concussion during Thursday night’s game and received an all too familiar diagnosis when it concluded.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Reed is in the concussion protocol. He will need to pass a series of milestones in order to be cleared to play again.

Given Reed’s history, it may be a while before that happens. This concussion, which was the result of a nasty hit to the head by Falcons safety Keanu Neal, is the fourth documented one of his NFL career and his sixth if you take it back to the start of college.

Vernon Davis will be the top tight end until Reed is able to resume playing.


11 responses to “Jordan Reed in concussion protocol

  1. What is the NFL going to do about Neal? That was the cheapest of cheap head shots and he did it flagrantly in a meaningless game. The NFL claims they want to make the game safer and reduce head injuries. We’ll see. Neal deserves at minimum a two game suspension.

  2. Enough is enough with his head injuries. Time to call it quits my dude. Go live the rest of your life

  3. Yo Jordan, when you were healthy, you were right there with Gronk as far as red zone presence. But now it’s time to retire and take care of yourself. Make your loved ones proud by doing the right thing

  4. As a long time Redskins fan I have earned the right to finally say, the Redskins are a joke, the laughingstock of the NFL, and I am finally over it. Sell the team Snyder, you truly suck as an owner.

  5. Another clown that continues to take a roster slot that could go to someone who isn’t a fragile flower. His problem is he’s never available and the two games each year he does show up give you hope that the Great Pumpkin will rise!

  6. Concussions are a part of football. There is no helmet that can prevent them. Just the blunt force of collisions can move the brain into the skull, has nothing to do with the helmet itself. I used to give my self mild concussions when I was young doing that heavy metal headbanging head shake thing and could actually feel my brain touching my skull if I shook my head violently enough.

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