Josh Rosen made “the decision harder” for Dolphins

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The Dolphins started Ryan Fitzpatrick on Thursday night and played the veteran into the third quarter, which did little to suggest that the perception he’s the favorite to start Week One was out of line.

Head coach Brian Flores has been adamant that no decision has been made yet, however, and that didn’t change after the 22-7 win over the Jaguars. Josh Rosen‘s play had a lot to do with that.

Fitzpatrick piloted the Dolphins to 10 yards on their first four possessions before parleying two short fields into field goals in the first half. He opened the second half with an 86-yard touchdown drive and then Rosen led a 99-yard touchdown drive in his first series of work. Rosen finished 5-of-7 for 59 yards and ran four times for 23 yards overall.

“[Rosen] played well,” Flores said, via the Palm Beach Post. “And that makes the decision harder. I think that’s pretty clear and evident. But again there are other things at play here.”

Rosen said he is getting more comfortable “as my grasp of the offense increases,” but one of the other things at play for Flores is likely Fitzpatrick’s edge in experience with the Dolphins opening the season against four 2018 playoff teams. That may be too much for Rosen to overcome in August, but a few starts like the one the Miami offense had on Thursday could lead to a change of heart early in the regular season.

44 responses to “Josh Rosen made “the decision harder” for Dolphins

  1. It’s insane for a team in complete rebuilding mode to start a 37 year old quarterback opening day.
    Rosen needs to take every snap so they can decide if he is the future or not.

  2. Has to start with fitz only because they can pull him for Rosen. if they go with Rosen they can’t pull him for fitz, that would be declaring him lost or a bust

  3. Fitzpatrick is not the future…Rosen could potentially be that guy, so how are you supposed to evaluate him if he is holding a clipboard? Let him sink or swim. If he plays well, then great…if he sucks, move on or keep him as a backup to next years rookie. I don’t see the point of starting a veteran at the end of his career when the rest of the team is moving towards youth and a obvious rebuild.

  4. Fitz is the perfect mentor and back up, if the kid can’t handle the pressure of 4 tough teams after playing almost a full season already he probably isn’t going to be your franchise guy.

  5. What a clown shoes organization. How in the world do you start old-man-river over Rosen? Who cares if Fitz is better. He’s not the long-term answer and the Fins aren’t going to be any good this year. Throw Rosen out there and see if he can figure it out. No point at all in Fitz seeing the field barring injury.

  6. If you watched Fits last night it was clear his throws don’t have the velocity or accuracy that Rosen’s have. Rosen still isn’t ready yet to perform at his best but having him sit now for what looks like the 1st five weeks might set him back all over again. I say play him now.

  7. He gonna call his buddy BB and ask what he should do about the QB situation.
    I think it is a no brainer to start Rosen. See what he can do when the real games start.

  8. This is business, pure and simple.
    Playing Fitz keeps the mystery and hope alive regarding Rosen, which translates into fan interest. The possibility for team improvement still exists.

    But playing Rosen eliminates the mystery. He might be good but he might not. Don’t want the fans to write the season off just yet.

  9. Rosen is going to be a good QB in this league, although likely not for the Dolphins,who are a mess from moronic Ownership to incapable Head Coach to too many bad players…. There is at least one more landing spot coming for Rosen after a good season this year. He will get his chance to shine before it is all over.

  10. #fireflores

    This dude is a clown. Fitz isn’t the future of this club, but Rosen might be. You have a season to figure it out, but you want to start a 37 year old QB? Flores has no clue. He needs to be fired. Enough of these rookie head coaches who have no idea on what they are doing.

  11. Fitz vs Rosen is not really the whole story here. The OL is so bad they need time to possibly (?) gel. Opening against four good defensive teams means the QB is going to be in a bad place out of the gate. Leave that to Fitz. Give Rosen the best opportunity to compete for the long term job. Bring him in once you know what the OL scheme needs to be (or how bad it is) and you have adjusted as best you can. Rosen did look good last night against the Jags, but not sure against what level of defense.

  12. The reason to start Fitz is to basically throw him to the wolves and save Rosen from a brutal 4 game stretch to start the season. It gives the line time to gel against some tough defenses. It keeps Rosen healthier for the better stretch of the season and more time to learn the offense. it is also easier for the team to go from Fitz to Rosen than Rosen to Fitz. The only way it backfires is that Fitz plays well in the first 4 games and they can’t transition to Rosen after the bye week. The longer Fitz plays, the longer you delay the inevitable and the less you get to see Rosen. I do think Rosen needs to be starting after the bye week. Given the talent of the Dolphins offensive line, it seems hard to believe they will be successful in the first 4 weeks of the season, so I see it as very likely that Fitz doesn’t play so well and the fans will be ready for Rosen by week 6.

  13. So I’ve watched several preseason games so far this year and highlights on the NFL network ect.. There are several coveted QB’s that haven’t preformed well this preseason including the sensational rooking Murray.
    Josh Rosen’s pay has been good on most accounts. Yes, a few bad throws.. But it’s preseason football. Rosen has clearly outplayed FITZ in my “opinion”. The Dolphins line isn’t good so factor that as well. You make an investment by trading a 2nd round pick this year and a 5th next year you better play the guy to see what you have. Chances are that the FINS will have a high draft pick in 2020. You would think they would play Rosen to determine if they are going after a QB in the draft.

  14. Given the state of the offensive line the first 4 weeks ?…. regardless of the names the offensive line in Miami has been massively below average since the 2002 …..
    That should be the main focus of this franchise: for whatever reason it hasn’t – it makes zero difference who the QB is because nobody can survive behind the guys that are up front…..

  15. Putting Rosen in for the first four games would be irresponsible with the Ravens, Patriots, Cowboys and Chargers who will feast on Miami’s inept offensive line. I agree with wiley16350. Rosen will have twelve games to prove he belongs. My only concern is that Fitzpatrick will influence the locker room against Rosen instead of mentoring him. Fitzpatrick has an engaging personality and strong interpersonal skills that Rosen had not yet developed so it is essential that Fitzpatrick get behind the kid.

  16. Rosen has stated that he has a better grasp on the offensive system, but that also suggests that he hasn’t mastered it yet. Much has been repeatedly stated that he has worked under about six offensive systems in four years, so even though he looks pretty smart being the the son of an orthopedic surgeon and a journalist, it’s understandable that he needs time to adjust.

    Flores is probably right that he isn’t ready, but in due time he will be.

    I am so looking forward to seeing him holding the Lombardi Trophy at the ticker-tape parade in Miami.

  17. What Rosen needs is some stability and time to learn. If they think he can learn while starting then fine, but he is on his second team and 3rd offensive coordinator in just his second season in the league. His development with Arizona last year was minimal as not only were they swapping out coaches but the team was absolutely terrible and he was getting sacked 45 times. NOBODY was going to look good or learn much playing for the Cardinals last season. He deserves a gold start just for surviving.

  18. Fritz needs to start until our bye week. And to those that say he is not a good mentor obvious havn’t been playing attention. He is very smart and kind man. Got a 48 out of 50 on the wonderlick test. And he loves mentoring young QBs and knows the Dolphins are rebuilding and Rosen will start sometime this season.

    Fritz went down the field and scored with ease when the backups were on the field, just like Rosen.

  19. Not convinced about Rosen. But as long as the OL is maybe the worst ever except Tunsil–I mean, Jordan Mills? Are you crazy?–does it really matter? I hate to say it but they shoulda paid J’Waun James!

  20. May be best for Rosen to let Fitzpatrick start and lose the first few games to tough teams. Then he can replace Fitz, get them a couple of wins against some easier teams, and then he is the starter for the rest of the year. The coach is not going to come out and say this, he has to put a positive spin, but that’s the reality for this team right now.

  21. They nailed it last night; you give Fitz the first 4 games, then you have the bye to make a decision on the week 5 (6) starter… This gives Fitz a legitimate chance to hold on to the starting position and Rosen a bit longer to learn…

  22. To those claiming it is better to play Fitz for the first 4 games because the line is hot garbage and needs time to gel, let’s think a bit harder on that. The o-line has not shown to be good thus far, but every year some lineman gets hurt and then there is a makeshift line for the rest of the year that is in many ways worse. How is it better for Rosen if a bad line turns into a very bad line before he can play? What if FitzMagic plays great and can’t realistically be replaced? What if FitzTragic shows up in the first half of game 1?

    Reports have been that Rosen has closed the gap in camp. We have all seen that Rosen has played better than Fitz in the preseason games. Nothing is gained by starting Fitz. A decision MUST be made about Rosen this season and the more snaps he gets, the better informed that decision can be. It is time to stop the nonsense/gamesmanship, have a talk with Fitz that he is valuable as a mentor/teacher and put Rosen out there to gain experience. It is high time this team started looking forward rather than treading water and trying to make due on a year-to-year basis.

  23. I don’t see where there is any decision to be made. It’s quite simple, Start Rosen early and start Rosen often. Start Rosen in game 1 and every game after that unless he gets injured. The results are exactly what we are looking for either way. If he fails often, then we pick early in next years draft and acquire his successor. If he succeeds often, then we have found our QB and have a shot at the playoffs to boot. If it’s anything in between, then and only then is there a decision to be made. If the failures were limited, then maybe he can still be our guy. If the failures are many, then he’s our backup or trade bait and we draft another QB.

  24. Both mentalities of hurrying Rosen into the starting role and Tank for Tua are very short-sighted. Let’s say that the Dolphins end up with the worst record in the NFL at the end of the season and are thus awarded the first draft pick which they use on Tua. They, therefore, won’t use a high draft pick on on an OL, unless they trade away the team. Since they have the most draft picks next year, they could try to trade up, but if they don’t land another high pick, then they’re looking at a player with more question marks. Would at team be willing to part with a top 10 pick for two second rounders or third rounders. Probably not. Sometimes the mid-first round works out, sometimes it doesn’t e.g., Ju’wuan James. If it misses, then they’ll have lost out on those other draft picks.

    That means that the Dolphins will still have an inferior OL and Tua, wanting a championship, out’s out of his option year. We’re then back at square 1. All of this can be avoided if we keep Rosen and use our high-round draft picks, including at last our top picks, on linemen.

    Rushing Rosen into starting before he’s ready means that we basically end up in the same situation and will also have lost the opportunity to have an excellent QB and will also have wasted the draft picks that we gave up for him.

    Be patient and give Rosen the chance to be groomed for his role. Draft linemen next year.

  25. The first four games Miami has are with good teams who will most likely beat them, and pound their QB regardless of who it is. If they start Fitzpatrick, he will bear the brunt, and then they can have Rosen start a few games down the line, where they can hopefully get a win or two. Then he will start for the remainder of the season. At this point, this is the most likely scenario, unless Fitz does really bad, in which case they will insert him sooner.

  26. I love Fitzmagic…..but that being said, the only decision Flores is having trouble with is whether to tank or try not to. Rosen may, or may not, be any good. We’ll see soon enough, but he looked pretty good escaping the pocket and either QB will be doing a lot of that with the O-Line. With Rosen, the team will probably be okay for 4-6 wins. Not a great draft pick there and it would cost valuable other picks to move up. With Fitz, not saying he’s as bad as last night, but other than the one pass to Gesicki he went 4-10 for five yards. In the HALF. With many of the Jags’ backups in there I’m sure. And his other time in with the ones hasn’t really fared much better. Tank or don’t Tank……that is the question.

  27. Somebody remind me again the upside of Fitz being the starting QB. Its not so we can see how good he is we know that answer. Not very. It can’t be to build a team around him. No chance of that. Is it because he can get us to play .500 ball and lessen the chance in the draft? I hope not. Is it to fill the seats? Can’t be that. So whats the point? With Rosen you have nothing to lose except Rosen. At this point you must throw him in the water and see if he can swim.

  28. Everybody that wanted to run Thill out of town to get another QB Now got another QB but don’t want him to play because the O-line isn’t good enough? Really? The O-line hasn’t been good enough in 20 years…

  29. If you have already made the decision to start Josh Rosen, why would you admit it? No, you make it sound as if Fitzpatrick will be your week 1 starter, so Baltimore will waste time preparing for a QB who will not be playing.

  30. Glen Wiseman says:
    August 23, 2019 at 7:09 pm
    If you have already made the decision to start Josh Rosen, why would you admit it? No, you make it sound as if Fitzpatrick will be your week 1 starter, so Baltimore will waste time preparing for a QB who will not be playing.
    What exactly is it they would be preparing for? The weaker arm? The randomness of accuracy? What? Rosen is younger, faster and more mobile. The main thing Fitz brings is experience and there is no preparation for that.

    It seems to me that the knock on Rosen thus far has been poor decisions at times. Hello? Have you folks seen Fitz? “FitzTragic” happens almost every year and that is because of a series of bad decisions and substandard ball placement. Don’t get me wrong, Fitz can be great in spurts…but not as a full-time starter or he would not be on his 8th team. I say start Rosen. If he stinks it up in the first half then bring Fitz off the bench and then start Rosen again the following week. There is no reason that a benching should mean it is for longer than the rest of the game unless the poor play has been over an extended period. If that would negatively effect Rosen’s development because he would feel disrespected then I say he is NOT the guy.

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