Panthers “cautiously optimistic” Newton can be ready for opener


The Panthers are feeling optimistic. Or at least buying themselves a minute to come up with a Plan B.

Via Jourdan Rodrigue of, Panthers General Manager Marty Hurney confirmed that quarterback Cam Newton has a “mid-foot sprain in his left foot.”

Hurney also said “we are cautiously optimistic he will be ready for Week One.”

That would be the best-case scenario for the former MVP, giving him 16 days to prepare to play the Rams.

It also gives them a second to find a better backup plan, after Kyle Allen and rookie Will Grier have so far not proven themselves ready for the job.

For an experienced team that went all-in on a number of veteran free agents this offseason (Gerald McCoy, Matt Paradis, etc.), leaving the backup quarterback position in the hands of kids was a strange choice — more of a wish than a plan.

Now, we have to see if they truly think Newton’s going to be well, or whether they scramble to add some veteran cover.

22 responses to “Panthers “cautiously optimistic” Newton can be ready for opener

  1. There was talk after last season that maybe Newton should just shut it down for the entire 2019 season to let his shoulder fully heal. Adjusting his throwing motion speaks volumes about the state of his shoulder. Maybe a year off would have been the better move. Panthers should have done more to sign a quality back-up.

    Florio talks about Bridgewater to the Panthers? Are you nuts? Why would the Saints give him to their hated rival, especially when Brees is almost finished (and he played like it the last part of the season). There is a reason that Bridgewater re-signed and that’s because he knows Brees doesn’t have much time left.

  2. Trade for Philip Rivers: NC State, played for Rivera and Norv. Watch Panthers get to playoffs and beyond. Spanos: “No contract now for Philip Rivers.”

  3. Is this the beginning of the end for Cam? He’s got a lot of wear and tear on his body and he isn’t getting any younger.

  4. Might as well start Grier. That’s why you drafted him, right? I’m sure he can handle some options and short passes.

  5. All of your real fans hope you get well real soon, Cam!! Just don’t rush it. Wait until your 110% healthy before you come back. The author must not have followed us very closely this offseason. Allen and Grier have both played extremely well for us and both are more than capable of holding down the fort until Superman Cam comes back!!


  6. captainstabbins says:
    August 23, 2019 at 1:45 pm
    Lisfranc?? That would be bad…

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    because he barely got tackled? that is not how a lisfranc injury develops

  7. captainstabbins says:
    August 23, 2019 at 1:45 pm
    Lisfranc?? That would be bad…

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    because he barely got tackled? that is not how a lisfranc injury develops

    Actually, yes it can.

  8. tylawspick6 says:
    August 23, 2019 at 5:21 pm
    Actually, yes it can.

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    umm, lisfrancs
    are not immediate injuries

    they develop over time


    Direct Lisfranc injuries are usually caused by a crush injury, such as a heavy object falling onto the midfoot, or the foot being run over by a car or truck, or someone landing on the foot after a fall from a significant height.[6] Indirect Lisfranc injuries are caused by a sudden rotational force on a plantar flexed (downward pointing) forefoot.[5] Examples of this type of trauma include a rider falling from a horse but the foot remaining trapped in the stirrup, or a person falling forward after stepping into a storm drain.[6]

    In athletic trauma, Lisfranc injuries occur commonly in activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, or snowboarding (where appliance bindings pass directly over the metatarsals).[7] American football players occasionally acquire this injury, and it most often occurs when the athlete’s foot is plantar flexed and another player lands on the heel. This can also be seen in pivoting athletic positions such as a baseball catcher or a ballerina spinning.

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