Pat Shurmur: Time to start asking Daniel Jones’ critics what they think


Everyone is surprised at Daniel Jones‘ performance thus far. Everyone, that is, except the Giants.

Roundly criticized for using the sixth overall choice on the former Duke star, the Giants never expected anything less than what Jones has done.

“You can ask me all you want about why I like him,” Shurmur said Thursday night, via Tom Rock of Newsday. “I think it’s time to start asking the people that didn’t like him what they think, quite frankly.”

Jones completed 9 of 11 passes for 141 yards on Thursday night. He now is 25-for-30 for 369 yards and two touchdowns in three games.

He does have three fumbles, two of them lost, but the one against the Bengals came on a strip-sack when Carl Lawson beat left tackle Nate Solder and blew up Jones.

Has Jones done enough to win the starting job for the season opener? The Giants repeatedly have said Eli Manning is their starter.

“Daniel, when it’s his time, he’s going to be ready,” Shurmur said, via Rock. “We’re going to continue to get him ready, and we’ve got a couple weeks left before we play Dallas.”

16 responses to “Pat Shurmur: Time to start asking Daniel Jones’ critics what they think

  1. Lol ok Preseason King, lets see how this shakes up before you start squeaking about your massive reach

  2. All the “experts” had their say!
    Of course they NEVER admit they wrong
    Because they are morons who never played the game!

  3. Jake Dolegala was 10-12 for 94 yards and 2 TDs tonight.
    Trace McSorley was 19 of 28 for 203 yards and 2 TDs while running for another score tonight.

    Should those guys have been drafted at #7 and #8 overall?

    Does it matter that there was a very good chance they could have gotten Josh Allen AND Daniel Jones in the draft instead of Jones and Dexter Lawrence?

    Josh Allen looked like Lawrence Taylor tonight and we have already agreed that bad competition is not a factor by taking Jones’ performance at face value.

    Kyle Lauletta has a 128.2 rating and has outplayed Jones by not fumbling 3 times along with his outstanding performance. Shouldn’t he be the week one starter?

  4. Kid looks good and , I hate to see that lol but it is preseason…. I may of missed some of his throws but seem to have been a lot of shorter throws and some fade route throws , he does throw some impressive fade routes.

  5. I can’t stand the Giants as a Cowboys fan, however i am kind of happy that this kid is doing well in preseason especially after all the backlash he was getting from the media & especially the moronic Giant fans who ripped the poor kid without even giving him a chance to play.

  6. The Giants “never expected anything less than what Jones has done”? What has he done? Last I checked, he has 0 career starts and passing attempts. I don’t say that to mock him or question how he’ll do when he gets his shot, but the preseason will be consigned to the dustiest history books the moment we hit Week 1. Jones and everyone else in the league will be judged based on what happens after that.

  7. People rarely change their minds. If a player can win 2 Super Bowls and 2 MVPs, and still have folks swear he was never good, Daniel Jones won’t change minds with a few preseason games.

  8. Short of seeing who gets injured, the preseason gives absolutely ZERO indication of how regular season will play out. There is no game planning, and offensive and defensive schemes are as vanilla as they come. Not even “well it’s better he plays good than bad at least” really holds up statistically if you look at it (how they look in practice does, preseason doesn’t). This is because some players don’t function well without scheming for an opponent. Daniel Jones was a horrible pick at #6 in April, and he’s still a horrible pick now.

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