Steve Keim calls Cardinals “forward-thinkers” in use of analytics

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The Cardinals are trying to dig themselves out of the bottom of the league after last year’s 3-13 mark, and they believe they’ve hit on a tool to help them get there with the creation of a three-person analytics department this offseason.

Cardinals General Manager told the team’s website that he and owner Michael Bidwill are serious about using data to put the Cardinals on the cutting edge in their decision making.

“Michael and I talked it through, and for two middle-aged guys, I feel we are both forward-thinkers that aren’t so proud to think you can’t learn something new,” Keim said.

Keim said he’s committed to creating a front office where there’s no antipathy between the scouting department and the analytics department.

“When you start out in the scouting business, you don’t want to hear the word analytics because you know [scouting] is something that is an instinctive thing, something you were born to do as a scout, evaluate talent,” Keim said. “Analytics generally scares the old-school mentality because you think it’s put in position to do your job for you, which is not the case. For me, it’s a great tool to either back up the theories you have or to maybe put into question some of your theories and create a checks and balances system.”

Keim knew after last season’s results that the Cardinals needed a new approach, and he hopes a greater emphasis on analytics leads to a better product on the field.

23 responses to “Steve Keim calls Cardinals “forward-thinkers” in use of analytics

  1. Trend setting? Haha. Teams have been using this for years. Where teams go wrong is when they only look at the data. It’s only part of the picture. Good luck cardinals. You’ll be picking first again next year.

  2. Ha, Wrong Way Corrigan went in a better directions than the Cards have! especially this motley crew. Coach & QB claim they have not “unleashed” their real offense. Err, the season starts in a few weeks, so why wait for the unveiling? I guess the Cards do not believe in the saying – practice makes perfect. This should be a “fun” season in AZ. I can see it now, April, 2020 – a new GM, new head coach & both saying “Tau is a generational quarterback” as they ship Murray out to join Rosen in QB limbo. Hey, might as have fun predicting what will obviously be a sorry season for Cards fans

  3. Coming from a guy who didn’t enough foresight to call for an uber and not drive drunk. He should have been fired after the season was over

  4. Keim must have finally seen Moneyball. He should just keep his mouth shut because every time he opens it he sounds stupider and leaving many wondering what dirt he has on the Bidwell’s to be still employed.

  5. In other words he has no idea how to spot talent with his own eyes and needs a computer to do it for him. It all makes sense now that this years draft mimicked PFF draft board to the T

  6. Isn’t it backward thinking to utilize analytics before having a roster that can execute said analytics?

  7. Kiem and Bidwell have no credibility. When they do something right it’s an accident. Here’s a news flash Steve, you’re the worst team in the league. You were closer to losing every game last year than you were to winning one more game. You’ll be lucky to win 3 games again this year. Bidwell will have no choice but to fire you. His analytics will tell him that. LOL.Then is is very likely he will hire another poor GM either someone from the current loser organization or he will hire an assistant to the Colts GM because he thinks if you hire someone that watched a good GM, he’ll also know what to do instead of finding someone with talent that can recognize talent. The reason Kiem is using analytics is because he knows he has no idea when it comes to decision making. Laughable article.

  8. Good luck cardinals. You’ll be picking first again next year.

    You know what’s funny about that? That’s not what the analytics guys are predicting for them.

  9. You know how many 4 WR sets the Rams, Seahags, and Niners defended against last year? 43, in a total of 48 games.

    The Cardinals are taking a page out of the Patriots and Rams scheme (as well as the 1990s Bills and Oilers) to frequently use specific positional groupings and avoiding the huddle to gain a procedural advantage against the defense. It’s a good idea, and more teams should use it.

    Meanwhile, Seattle employs an OC who is using a scheme from 1986 and is very proud of their two 20-17 wins against the worst team in the league in 2018, and very proud of their loss to the Cowboys. Seattle is going to need more than 20 ppg to beat the Cardinals this season.

    Cards will start 6-5.

  10. Too much analytics is making baseball unwatchable! Don’t let in ruin football. Sports are played by human beings, not computers. Tendancys are one thing, relying on a computer to tell you what to do and how to handle situtaions, is another. I like the human factor in all sports!

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