Andrew Luck: Retiring “the hardest decision of my life”

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Moments after being booed by some Colts fans, Andrew Luck talked about how difficult it was to leave them.

After news of his shock retirement broke, Luck spoke moments after the Colts preseason game he watched from the sidelines.

“This is not an easy decision,” Luck said, via Mike Garafolo of NFL Network. “Honestly it’s the hardest decision of my life. But it is the right decision for me.”

The 29-year-old Luck talked about being “stuck in a cycle of rehab from numerous injuries, and said the multiple issues had “taken my joy of this game away.”

“I can’t live the life I want to live,” he said of dealing with the injuries, including the latest ankle issue.

Luck’s becoming emotional while he talks about this, but he has always been an extremely grounded human being, who didn’t let the result of a ball game define him.

And as tough as the decision must have been, he looks to be at peace with his decision.

70 responses to “Andrew Luck: Retiring “the hardest decision of my life”

  1. The guy has money and brains. He would like to keep the latter. Playing for a second rate organization takes its toll. Maybe he will feel differently after a year away from the Colts.

  2. Coward, thief, and quitter.
    He stole a paycheck for half the season in the league.
    The Chiefs beat him to a pulp last playoffs, and now he is scared to play.
    He quit on his team with only 2 weeks until the regular season begins.
    Luck is an embarrassment to the Bradshaws, Stablers, and other greats.
    Patrick Mahomes laughs at Clown Luck

  3. I’ve been secretly holding on to the slim hope that my Panthers would pry Jacobi Brissett away. Nope. Not a chance. We’re outta luck on that one.

    Sorry, Panthers are stuck with that loudmouth Cam Newton

  4. Take a special kind of loser franchise – like Detroit, or Indianapolis – to have a great player, and then mismanage the situation so badly that he up and quits on you.

  5. 1. McDaniels’ 180 was just after an independent medical on Luck ordered by Josh.
    2. In April 2017 Luck admitted he’d been struggling CONSTANTLY since Sept 2015 with that same shoulder injury (oddly it’s not what 3 years of Injury Reports stated).
    3. Colts lied about that and other aspects of Luck’s health FOR NEARLY FIVE YEARS.
    4. Brissett was kept despite good offers this Feb in a high-demand low-supply year.

    So I’m just here to remind those Colts fans who kept thumbing down my warnings about Luck’s health – yes, I told ya so. I told you frequently. For Years.

  6. Luck and his wife are expecting their first child. I would imagine, none of us will ever know the entire story. Godspeed!!!!

  7. Hard not to think he might be leaving now, to eventually become the catalyst ie key player used to promote his dads brand new football league – the XFL??

  8. Guess quality of life won out over the rehab/ injuries. He made his millions and young enough to parlay his presence into something. Good luck!

  9. Honestly, this team has been a dumpster fire ever since Robert Irsay took control of it. It is one of the worst managed and chaotic franchises in NFL history. Its only saving grace was having two of the best QBs of the last 30 years fall into its lap. Bill Polian and Tony Dungy are the only people that have ever brought any sense of professionalism to this franchise. Everyone else is a joke. I feel bad for Frank Reich because I think he has the makings of a good coach, but he’s been left with nothing now.

  10. I feel for Luck…he’s seems like a really good guy, not cashing a check when his heart isn’t in it….as for the Colts…. I hope their back to the cellar for the next century for all their corruption and offenses.

  11. Luck and the Dolts were never the same since they were caught with underinflated footballs the night of the 2014 AFC championship game and the league has been checking PSI ever since.

    It really isn’t rocket science folks. The simplest explanation is most often the most accurate one.

  12. “brendafortheboyz says:
    August 24, 2019 at 10:41 pm
    Luck and his wife are expecting their first child. I would imagine, none of us will ever know the entire story. Godspeed!!!!”

    If she forced him into this, I could only say Gisele has openly been trying to force Brady to quit for the better part of 6 or 7 years now….good luck. That dude’s fire burns white ho!

  13. shocking, but save the hate. its a small community, the truth will get out. dont dog on the man until you’ve walked on his 123m? shoes..

  14. logicalvoicesays says:
    August 24, 2019 at 10:47 pm
    RGIII NEVER QUIT. He fought and fought and will be a Pro Long after Luck. RGIII is an inspiration!!!


    ugh. i knew you’d resurface.

  15. Wow,wow,wow! I DID NOT see this coming. But if that’s what he feels, then so be it. Young fella walking away with his money and brains intact. I am not a Colts fan, but but would say ‘Away with you boy, and the best of luck to ya’ Shame on the childish Colts fans who booed him and took off his Jersey. Grow up and get a life! Andrew Luck certainly has…

  16. Good luck Andrew, sad it ended this way but it sounds to me that you made the best decision for you and your family. Best wishes

  17. Just saw a line on Fox Sports indicating Luck retired due to “Mental fatigue”….Half the country has mental fatigue.

    Guess its easier to manage when you have $97M in your pocket and few to no bills…

  18. Geez Colts Fans! You don’t OWN the GUY! Berry Sanders walked away from the Lions, Robert Smith did it to the Vikings, Earl Campbell.. on and on. He has a family, and himself to In 2-3 years to think about it he may change his mind. At least you should get a comp pick.

  19. Say what you will, but he put up career numbers last year with the addition of Quentin Nelson. But those nagging injuries are a part of the game. Those piling on, are just here to dump on the owner and organization.

    Like Barry, it’s tough but it’s their choice. I was bitter when Ricky did it to the Phins at the beginning of the 2017 season.

  20. I feel bad for Luck- a really good competitor and better person. That said, he’s another cautionary tale about the premature anointing that is done to young QBs all the time.
    When he was drafted he was the next torch bearer, yet Tom Brady outlasted him. I’m talking to you Chiefs fans. It is really cool how Patty Mahomes can throw sidearm dimes, but so far, he hasn’t won anything. 0-2 against the GOAT and 1-1 playoff record.

  21. I was always bitter to luck cause I felt he stayed in college to avoid going to the panthers. Now the luck newton comparison has leverage in Newton’s favor when I thought luck would play 10 more seasons than newton back in 2012.

  22. Many believe the greatest player of all time was Jim Brown. He walked away at year nine not because he had lost a step, not because he was all beat up, but because the world offered other opportunities beyond the NFL.

    The little bit I know of him suggests he will not be out of work for long.

    It is a shame. Not an Indy fan but I think he could have led them to a super bowl victory.

  23. When in history has a franchise quarterback quit 2 weeks before the season. I dont blame him, and i would do the same if i battled injuries for 4 years. Jacoby can take us far. We have a good defense, a good o line, recievers and tight ends. We will lose games, but i say stick with jacoby. Ill root for the kid all season.

  24. In two years he will have his health. He is a very intelligent, somewhat introverted guy who has thought this out and has come to this conclusion. I doubt we will see him in the NFL again. Best of luck to him and his family.

  25. Playing in the same conference at Brady is enough to make anyone retire. He never has and never could even give the pats a challenge. He was owned his whole career..

  26. Good for him to know when to hang it up. I predict he will have a very productive post-NFL life.

  27. If the team didn’t know about his mental fatigue and his probability to retire then shame on him and they should take back the bonus he didnt earn but if he

  28. Honestly it takes a tremendous amount of balls to do what he did. Franchise QB with a hall of fame career trajectory. I’m sure this decision killed him. You have to respect it, and hope he enjoys a happy retirement.

    Remember the average NFL career is 4 years, the game is brutal and if his body started breaking down then he had to do what was best for him from a quality of life standpoint.

  29. Who would have thought after all the hype between Luck and RG3 from that draft a little unheralded QB name Russell Wilson would have the best career from that draft.

  30. Geez Colts Fans! You don’t OWN the GUY! Berry Sanders walked away from the Lions, Robert Smith did it to the Vikings, Earl Campbell.. on and on. He has a family, and himself to In 2-3 years to think about it he may change his mind. At least you should get a comp pick

    Actually, he has a contract with the Colts. They Colts can force him to play with them or no one else if his mind gets right.

  31. Couldn’t happen to a worse team & owner. From treating Peyon like crap to tanking for Luck to knowing that Luck might retire to not drafting a QB this year in case instead counting on Brisset. I am glad Pat Bowlen was my owner.

  32. This is why you have to respect the heck out of guys like Brady, Brees, Ben, Phil and Eli.

  33. I was absolutely stunned when I heard the news while watching a ballgame on TV. Good Luck, Andrew. Hope you have a great life with your wife and kid. Just remember, on Sunday afternoons, you won’t be getting beat to death on a football field. Good on ya!

  34. I said in the past that for Luck to not be a bust(as the second coming-once in a generation pick he was touted to be) he needed to have a strong second half to his career and win a couple SuperBowls…guess that’s not happening.

    I also said that Luck was getting too used to not having to suit up…once that competitive fire burns out it’s hard to get re-lit. I mean you are walking around rich and happy…why go back to getting smashed by huge men every week?

    He was always going to be in Russell Wilson’s shadow anyway…

    I don’t think this was the hardest decision in his life…not by a long shot. It makes sense in too many ways.

  35. Why is almost nobody talking about the timing of this? This was bush league. And no apologies for it either. Any other QB does this and let’s see what happens.

  36. Don’t point your venom at Andrew Luck fans. The guy can quit playing or walk away anytime he wishes. The venom could pointed at the guy who didn’t get a decent line to protect Luck, but if I was you I would really want to find out who thought it would be a good idea to leak his retirement out on social media leading to him being publicly humiliated and then booed out of the stadium. That individual deserves all your “insert feelings here” instead of beating a beaten man down more than he already is.

  37. Illogical voice says:
    RGIII NEVER QUIT. He fought and fought and will be a Pro Long after Luck. RGIII is an inspiration!!!

    He needs the money, Luck doesn’t.

  38. I was shocked when this news came across the ticker on the bottom of the TV. Good Luck, Luck. Now Sunday afternoons can be spent with your wife and kid instead of getting your brains beat out and your body destroyed behind a porous Colts O-Line. Good on ya, Andrew!

  39. People made fun of him still having a flip phone, but he saved his money and can walk away.

    Somebody mentioned Irsay earlier, and it goes back farther than 30 years. Colts history under him keeps repeating itself. A playoff team with a healthy Luck, healthy Manning, healthy Bert Jones.

  40. He is a millionaire. Why bother with the grind if you are not into it. And also, who cares !!!! Everyone that watches and enjoys football will forget about this by mid season

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