Bruce Arians angry at Bucs’ offensive line

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Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians described his offensive line in a very Bruce Arians-like way after Friday night’s preseason game.

Asked how his offensive linemen played in the game against the Browns, Arians was succinct.

“They got their ass kicked one-on-one. Simple,” Arians said.

The Buccaneers’ starting offense struggled mightily, with Jameis Winston completing 9 of 19 passes for 88 yards and getting sacked five times as they were shut out in the first half. The backups played a bit better in the second half, but Arians made clear that he’s unhappy with the way the guys who will be on the field in Week One played.

Those guys won’t play in the final preseason game, and they’ve got a lot of work to do to be ready for the regular-season opener against the 49ers.

21 responses to “Bruce Arians angry at Bucs’ offensive line

  1. As a Cards fan, still waiting for BA to put together a decent offensive line.
    Better yet, if the O-line coach isn’t doing the job, how about replacing him, something BA will never do. It seems he would often rather have a buddy asst. coach than an actual capable one…
    I’ve often felt it would be fun to be one of BA’s asst. coaches, not having to deal with that meritocracy nonsense and all…just have fun.

  2. And this is the blow hard who told us two weeks ago he knew who his final 53 were. Back to the drawing board, Bruce.

  3. Arians scheme is part of the problem because he doesn’t help them, Arians leaves his tackles on an island by themselves which is a major reason his QB’s take a ton of punishment. All of his QB’s have had injury issues from Big Ben to Carson Palmer, then he gets the backups injured w/ his play calling. That offensive line is going to get Jameis Winston killed and eventually hurt, not to mention it’s a very difficult offense that forces WR’s to read coverage and alter their routes based on what the defense is showing and it leads to a lot of INT’s until everyone gets on the same page. Winston will throw a lot of INT’s this year over the 1st half of the season until the offense starts clicking and playing as one. I dont see Tampa being all that good this year, this could blow up in Lichts face until they fix the OL this off season possibly even drafting another QB if Winston doesn’t impress.

  4. if they stink, let them get more playing time before the season starts. play them in the final preseason game.

  5. Hard to play football without a good offensive line. QB hasn’t to make quick decisions and quick throws.

  6. That’s not good. The 49ers front seven look pretty scary too. Even if Bosa sits out they will still be looking at Buckner, D.Ford, Armstead, and Thomas on the front line.

  7. Hey, they’re just as bad in real life as they were when my QB1 guy got drafted to the Buccs in Madden!

  8. How about instead of ripping on them give the browns front four some credit. Those guys got after them last night. Sheldon Richardson, veron , ogonjobi and Myles. That front four is the best in the nfl. People also should get to know genard avery .

  9. Bucs fans know the OL hasn’t been anything to write home about in many years. There are a lot of NFL coaches and GM’s who refuse to address the OL as a need for succeed. Some just sign big name QB’s, RB’s, and WR’s. This is not the case with the Bucs. We don’t have bunch of high salary stars. The emphasis was on defense this year. Arians pretty much ignored the OL. That means coaching comes into play more than ever. If you look at Arians Cardinals teams, they never had a good OL either which may be a concern in the long term.

    It comes downs to playing to win a championship, or just play entertaining football. In fairness to Coach Arians, this is his first year with the Bucs. It will take more than this year to turn around the Bucs franchise. However I think all Bucs fans are looking for a winning record and possible leading to making the playoffs.

  10. Love it! way to go Bruce, just say it like it is and you know by telling the truth you can never go wrong The Bucs finally got their coach for at least the next 10 years God willing, his NFL record speak for itself. He is going to take them to the playoff in the next couple of years. I am just a little bit disappointed though- the O line had this problem last year and BA choose to ignore it and focus instead on the defense which by the way can win some games, but I like him calling on players that lost one-on-one dueling matches. He is not asking anything out of the ordinary -“win your assignment and win individual match-up. Any player that does not like being called out shouldn’t be playing period, just retire.

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