Colts fans boo Andrew Luck as retirement breaks during preseason game

Getty Images

A surreal scene broke out in Indianapolis tonight, with Colts fans booing Andrew Luck as the news broke that he is retiring, just as the Colts wrapped up a preseason game.

Luck did not play in the game but was on the sideline chatting with teammates as his retirement spread through social media — and through the stands.

Fans appeared to be in disbelief, and some fans wearing Luck jerseys demonstrably took them off.

As Luck walked through the tunnel to the Colts’ locker room after the game, loud boos could be heard in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Luck has been a popular figure in Indianapolis since the day he was drafted as the heir apparent to Peyton Manning, but many fans are stunned and will no doubt feel that they’ve been abandoned by the player they pinned their hopes on.

Eventually, Luck will surely be welcomed back to Indianapolis and cheered by the fans. But at the moment, plenty of folks in Indianapolis are expressing their displeasure with his decision.