Colts insist they knew nothing about potential Andrew Luck retirement until this week


At a time when rumors are running rampant that the Colts knew about the potential retirement of quarterback Andrew Luck in March, the Colts are pushing back.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Colts contend that they knew nothing about Luck’s potential retirement until this week, and that in March there was nothing but excitment about the upcoming season.

It seems unlikely that Luck simply rolled out of bed one day this week and decided he was done. Common sense suggests that he had at least entertained the thought at some point before this week. If the Colts weren’t in the loop, they have cause to be at least a little miffed.

That said, any player can retire any time he chooses — even during a game like Vontae Davis did during the 2018 season. Once a player determines he no longer wants to play (for whatever reason), it would be foolish and reckless to keep playing.

Maybe Luck comes back, maybe he doesn’t. He should be remebered as a great quarterback, who gave the NFL six solid seasons and a few memorable playoff performances, including a comeback for the ages against the Chiefs during only his second season in the league.