Jerry Jones doesn’t feel need to clear the air with Ezekiel Elliott

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Ezekiel Elliott found Jerry Jones’ “Zeke who?” joke “disrespectful.” But the Cowboys owner said Saturday night he does not feel the need to clear the air with his star running back, who continues his holdout.

“No. None. No. Not at all,” Jones said. “We know each other. We have been in the battles with each other kind of like Michael [Irvin] trying to roll back and clear something out with me. What makes this awkward is because we are in negotiations, and so you don’t tell everything because you know you are negotiating.

“Anything I say is a negotiation.”

Jones said earlier in the week that he has “earned the right to joke about Zeke.” Jones supported Elliott during Elliott’s battle with the NFL in 2017, including paying a $2 million de facto fine to the league.

The Cowboys haven’t seen Elliott since they ended their minicamp in June. He has worked out on his own since.

It is unclear if the star running back will report to the team if a deal doesn’t get done by Sept. 8. Both sides are just hoping to have a deal done by then.

“Yes, I’m optimistic that we can get Zeke’s deal done,” Jones said before adding, “I don’t know that. I don’t know that. But sure, I don’t mean to be trite, but the whole premise is based on getting everybody under contract playing, so that’s what we’re trying to do here. Zeke’s under contract.”

Jones sounds as if he believes Elliott will return in shape. The question is: When will Elliott return?

“I don’t want to sound like it’s not important for him to be here. I think it is important for him to be here or we wouldn’t be having everybody be here, everybody getting some work in,” Jones said. “Everything about this is important. Everybody does understand it. It’s just a question of seeing if it works.

“But you know, we’re going to play football one way or the other. That’s the way it works.”

10 responses to “Jerry Jones doesn’t feel need to clear the air with Ezekiel Elliott

  1. Sounds about right. Would anyone apologize to someone they offered $50M+ (two years before it was necessary), who went dark because apparently he didn’t think it was in good faith?

  2. I can’t wait until negotiations start with Dak and Amari. Dak already said he wants to be highest paid and isn’t afraid to go the Cousins route.

    Good luck with negotiating through the press Jerry.

  3. Hold the line Jerry. Zeke, while a good player, has not been able to stay out of trouble off the field and then violates his contract especially with everything Jerry has done for Zeke. I have NEVER agreed with Jerry on anything…this is one time I would.

  4. I wouldn’t be all-in on Dak but if Jerrah is there’s no way, no how, they can afford to pay him all that silly QB mega-money AND pay all their stars – AND have any left to get any better.

  5. There is no good faith when you’re dealing with someone who has agreed to a contract and then, with 2 years left on that contract, fails to show up for work under that contract. Just shows his character is very low.

  6. Dak, Zeke, and Amari all deserve to be paid. I don’t want to call it RACIAL, but that’s how it’s beginning to look. Zeke needs to get his ass to training camp ASAP!
    A holdout is not the solution to any problem, it comes off as a temper tantrum. Go to camp and prove YOURSELF WORTHY OF THE MONEY!

  7. Here’s an idea….give Elliott the $$$ he wants, so long as he pays it all back if (as in when) he ever gets in trouble off the field again. Maybe Elliott would start understanding the meaning of the word RISK then. He’ll probably race to sign the deal JJ has already offered instead.

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