Jimmy Garoppolo bounces back from 0.0 night


Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t have to do much to be better than his last game.

But he was good by any standard Saturday night.

The 49ers quarterback bounced back from his John Blutarsky night against the Broncos Monday, with an extremely competent performance against the Chiefs.

Against the Chiefs Saturday, he played the entire first half, and completed 14-of-20 passes for 188 yards and a touchdown.

That 116.2 passer rating was exactly 116.2 points higher than his last game, when he was 1-of-6 for no yards against the Broncos.

10 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo bounces back from 0.0 night

  1. The Chiefs will be a bottom 5 defense without a doubt. They will need to hang 30+ every week to have a chance

  2. Garappolo struggles in preseason.
    Garappolo fans: preseason doesn’t count
    Garaappolo plays well in preseason.
    Garappolo fans: See, we told you he was good

  3. Leg injuries are a tough thing for QB’s to come back from. It’s not just the physical recovery but also the mental recovery. Derek Carr finally started to look like his 2016 self in the second half of last season. It took him about a season and a half to start stepping into hits again. Garappolo will be OK, as long as the organization is patient with his total recovery.look at Andrew Luck.. He can recovery physically but has realised he can’t mentally come back from his latest injury.

  4. Looks like the Chiefs Achilles heel will again be their defense. Doesn’t look like KC will have the ball on offense much as teams will be able to control the clock with their offense

  5. After hearing how bad Jimmy was this preseason I watched this game to see if he’d really fallen off a cliff… It’s obvious he still has some rust to knock off – he needs to to regain confidence stepping up in the pocket; his timing needs work; and he really should try and speed up some of his reads/release time a bit… But this is still the same kid that many thought could’ve taken over the reigns if the GOAT retired.

    If Shanahan keeps him protected and helps him work back and build back his confidence this kid is still every bit the franchise qb people thought he was.

  6. It incensed me when the Pats traded Jimmy G and it still does. If Brady gets injured, they have no adequate backup. Brady is 42, not mobile enough to avoid big hits, and will take longer to heal from his injuries. One only has to look at what Jimmy G did when Brady was suspended to see Garapollo’s abilities.

  7. From a purely aesthetic point of view, he’s my favorite quarterback to watch as a pocket passer. His quick release is a thing of beauty. Glad he’s back in form. Go Jimmy!

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