Kyle Shanahan explains the hiring of Chris Foerster


The 49ers hired Chris Foerster as a consultant in the 2018 offseason. It did not become public knowledge until Friday.

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan spoke to after news broke about Foerster’s employment with the team.

“If he was fully on our coaching staff, going to practice and going to games, I understand that it’s something that I’d have to address, but he’s not,” Shanahan told Jennifer Lee Chan. “He’s in a consulting role. A lot of teams have consultants. I understand the ramifications of that, and why people will ask why I didn’t say anything about it.”

Foerster has not coached in the NFL since video surfaced Oct. 9, 2017, of him snorting a white powdery substance. He resigned as the Dolphins’ offensive line coach.

Foerster and Shanahan spent four years together in Washington.

“We found out about it [the video] when the whole world found out about it,” Shanahan said. “When it happened, we were as shocked as anyone, from my wife to anybody. It’s nothing I’d want to stick up for. These are extremely bad things that I know he’s not proud of, and I’m not proud of.

“He did something extremely stupid, and since then, he has hit rock bottom. He went to rehab for 60 days, and then he was in a 90-day outpatient rehab. For the last two years, he’s been in a 12-step program that he’s been to every single night seven days a week.”

Shanahan said the 49ers hired Foerster with conditions attached. Foerster will have to earn a bigger role than watching film and attending position group and team meetings.

“I’m just pulling for him that he can keep up with it,” Shanahan said. “If he does keep up with it, then whether it’s with the 49ers or with someone else, you’re going to get a good person and a good coach.”

8 responses to “Kyle Shanahan explains the hiring of Chris Foerster

  1. Why is this a big deal at all? While the video was surprising to see, it was almost two years ago. Since then he’s apparently done the right things, so why does he not deserve a second chance?

  2. so why does he not deserve a second chance?

    I’m generally cool with giving a 2nd chance.

    But dig it: Nobody DESERVES it.

  3. Michael Irvin was busted with coke and hookers in a hotel room and he has a tv gig. Ray Lewis has an involvement with a murder and he’s on dancing with the stars. Why shouldn’t this coach get another chance?

  4. What the hell does a former OL coach as a “consultant” do that your actual o line coach can’t do? “Block better,” thanks Chris here’s 100K.

    The NFL is all about nepotism and this crap.

  5. The fact that they hid the hiring shows that they knew it was dubious. I’m all for 2nd chances but this guy was allegedly snorting coke on the job in his office while his o-line was one of the worst in football. His 2nd chance should not be in the NFL and definitely not in some sweetheart “consulting” gig handed out by a friend. I don’t buy the “For the last two years, he’s been in a 12-step program that he’s been to every single night seven days a week.” thing either. No doubt he has attended some stuff but every night for two years is an obvious exaggeration to make the hiring look better.

  6. Anyone who doesn’t think that this guy – or pretty much anyone else, except the most heinous of criminals – deserves a second chance must be perfect…

    SMDH at you hypocrites!

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