Matt Patricia on injuries: Hindsight is 20-20


Debate about the best way to handle the exhibition season has increased along with the number of teams that choose to keep key players out of preseason games altogether.

The argument in favor of keeping starters on the bench got some support in Detroit on Friday night. Lions linebacker Jarrad Davis and center Frank Ragnow both suffered leg injuries that left them unable to walk on their own and they required carts to take them to the locker room.

Both players will undergo further testing to determine the severity of the injuries, but neither looked good and it led to questions for head coach Matt Patricia about having those players in the game after the Lions rested many of their top players through the first two weeks of the preseason.

“I think we can argue either side of the coin on all this,” Patricia said, via the Detroit Free Press. “Hindsight is 20-20. So for us, we try to stick to the plan. We’re looking at reps, we’re looking at numbers, we’re looking at possibilities of when we can get guys out there, when we think they’ve had enough during the course of the week to take a look at it. Guys can get injured during practice, guys can get injured during the game. I mean, it’s football, to some aspects of it. Injuries are part of the game and that’s something that we all have to deal with.”

The Lions lost wide receiver Jermaine Kearse for the year when he broke his leg in the first preseason game. They’ll be hoping for better news on Davis and Ragnow.

13 responses to “Matt Patricia on injuries: Hindsight is 20-20

  1. Bottom line the players need to play at some point and the 3rd preseason game is usually when and injuries can happen at anytime on or of the field . The two injuries here happened early in the game when the majority of starters for both teams were playing so chalk it up to bad luck not bad decision making .

  2. I watched a college teammate blow out his knee at a walk through. Injuries happen, part of the game.

  3. I agree. I’m a Bears fan, so I pile on our rivals, but not with injuries or this whole Preseason argument. Patricia knows what his team needs to be ready. I’ve seen too many guys hold out only to blow a hammy or get hurt in practice after finally returning. Matt’s a pro. Can’t fault him for trying to get his guys ready for the season. Luck hasn’t played in the Preseason and he’s injured.

  4. Losing Ragnow and Davis are two huge losses for this squad, DET doesn’t have much behind either at MLB and Center. C Frank Ragnow orchestrates the offense and is one of the most important players on the field, now the Lions will have to rely on Glasgow or Luke Bowanko who are both terrinle. The Lions might have to make some sort of trade in order to get their OL right before week 1.

  5. This guy is NOT HC material…when will people realize BB does NOT have a coaching tree…he runs the show from top to bottom in New England. His coordinators are TOLD what to do by BB.

  6. Yes, injuries can happen at anytime. However, the players got injured in an OPTIONAL game. Players are required to practice, participate in walkthroughs and workouts, etc., but playing in a preseason game is strictly optional. There are no rules that say you must play your starters or have them out there. So when you have the option to limit injury risk, then you should do it. It’s that simple.

    It makes no sense to risk injury to players in a meaningless game. Period.

  7. Well, teams are limited in what they can do in camp, but even so it sucks to see key players get hurt at any point in the season. That said, do you really need four preseason games? Coaches already have an idea who they want to keep by the end of the second preseason game anyway.

  8. He isn’t getting fired anytime soon just knock it off they all will get two more years

  9. Too many good players goin’ down in these dumb pre-season games. too many rookies and trades trying to make the team while shoe-in players are working at half-speed. It’s a formula for injuries.

  10. I crack up at the arm chair coaches who say don’t play anyone during preseason! You LITERALLY know nothing about football, coaching, player development, game speed, situational awareness, pressure performance or player evaluation. Just watch the game and enjoy the show.

  11. Matt Patricia is not a head coach, he coat tailed off Brady and Belichick. He definitely will be fired by the end of next season at minimum. The Lions are a BLAZING landfill fire and have been for decades!

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