Report: Andrew Luck retiring from NFL

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In the most stunning story of the year in the NFL, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has reportedly decided to retire.

Luck will announce his retirement on Sunday, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

After dealing with a leg injury throughout training camp and the preseason, Luck is described as mentally worn down and ready to walk away.

The news comes as a complete shock: Luck has been widely regarded as one of the sport’s prototypical franchise quarterbacks since his days at Stanford, and when the Colts selected him with the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft, they believed they had an All-Pro quarterback for years to come.

Luck had great success early in his career, leading the Colts to the playoffs in each of his first three seasons.

But a shoulder injury cost him the entire 2017 season, and although he played well in 2018, he wasn’t the same quarterback. The leg injury this year has apparently made him question his love for the game, and now he’s ready to walk away, in what may be the most shocking retirement in NFL history.

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  1. No respect from me. Never did anything to wow me and honestly, injuries are part of the game. Just cause you cant overcome them doesnt mean you take the easy way out and just retire. We arent talking about a head injury here. Also, I wonder if the same head trainer and his staff have been in place since he was drafted. The team might want to look into that

  2. Dang, didn’t see that coming. Makes you wonder if it’s the injuries or the organization that motivated this…

  3. This is completely shocking news seeing as he’s only 29. Maybe he is just feed up w Ind’s medical staff always misdiagnosing his injuries and is going to get healthy and miss the season and come back and try to force his way to a new team next year

  4. Saw this pop up on ESPN for just a second and then disappear. I just assumed somebody had hacked their scroll.

  5. I don’t blame him. You only get one body brother. Life is way bigger than football.

  6. I never bought that the leg injury was keeping him off the field. He’s been contemplating this for quite some time.

  7. He’s an intelligent dude with a lot more to offer the world than first downs and touchdowns. He always seemed a bit too cerebral for the NFL. And he also seems like a really good guy. No doubt he’ll succeed at whatever he tries. I wish him nothing but the best.

  8. If he can’t play to the level he expects, and that’s affecting his mental well being, why go through the motions?

    Shocking for sure, as shocking as Barry Sanders, and who knows if he tries to come back down the road, but gotta respect him for that decision. Something tells me he’s not going broke in 5 years either.

    Also, in before all the “but I drafted him in my pool” lamentations, commence.

  9. I respect his decision completely. He’s set financially for life and would like to live a few more years than he otherwise would if he stayed in the game. Who could possibly argue with him?

  10. cant say im suprised by this. i warned yall that legalising sports gambling would have disasterous consequences! clearly mr luck saw his mvp odds and placed a large wager against them. now hes retiring to collect his ill gotten gains.

  11. Wow absolutely stunning! This falls on Colts management over the course of his career. This is worse than CJ and Barry leaving the Lions behind when they did. How many years are left on his contract and what kind of signing bonus did he receive?

  12. If this is true the Colts would have been. better off keeping Manning.

    Alienated the man who saved the franchise for no reason

  13. Jacoby gets his chance to be a starter now….The roster should be good enough to avoid getting a top 10 pick in next years draft. If they do, you know they are tanking on purpose. Again.

  14. Stanford educated; probably has a few million banked / invested; has promise of a productive life outside a ghetto … a smart man!
    Godspeed Mr. Luck …

  15. The day he went to Europe for treatment the clock was ticking with his career The Colts have been lying for years about his injuries just like Peyton Manning Now you wonder why Josh McDaniels backed out the last min from being the Head Coach.The horrible organization and owner has only managed 1 Superbowl win with a Hall of Famer and should of been another Hall of Famer.Shame on Jim Irsay worried more about the Patriots than your own team.

  16. I’m a Pats fan but as a previous commenter stated, this is the legacy of that buffoon Ryan Grigson. Too bad.

    Maybe he will reconsider with some time off.

  17. Robert Bourrillion says:
    August 24, 2019 at 9:35 pm
    He was good when healthy…. But we can label him a bust.

    Why not?

  18. To do this in the preseason, heading into week 4 is about as weak as it gets. Suck it up for one more year and then you can hang in the towel.

  19. Honestly if the Colts were to embrace Brisette as their guy (rather than just a placeholder for Luck like he has been so far) the results should be pretty good. Brissette is under rated.

  20. Sad. Another poster hit the nail on the head. That loser Grigson ended his career prematurely by ignoring the offensive line for years and getting Luck hammered every game. How Grigson can have a job other than swabbing toilets at Wal-Mart shocks me.

    It’s hard to blame Luck for retiring. He took a lot of punishment and you just can’t let your QB get hammered like Indy did. He will be missed.

  21. To all of you “fans” and trolls… Luck is a monster, the Colts ruined his body by having a poor o-line the first couple years. Luck isnt a bust, Luxk was great when he played. Not a Hall of Famer bc career is too short, but definitely one of the greatest QBs anyone has ever seen play

  22. At the end of the day, the best ability is availability. And as much as you can try to blame the Colts for putting him behind a bad O-line, plenty of other QBs have been behind bad O-lines (Russell Wilson, Brady at times). Luck is just injury prone, and that’s the sad reality of it. Doesn’t matter how good you are sometimes if you can’t stay healthy

  23. Not a colts fan but this guy was fun to watch. Multiple Head coaches and an O line that terrible year in and out has to be a strain. Hopefully he takes a year off and comes back. Not enough quality QB’s in the league and he was in the top ten.

  24. Colts are now the bottom of the barrel. The Bills beat them in preseason ONLY because of Luck. Good Luck!

  25. Colts ruined him. Kid played years behind a terrible offensive line and he got hammered because of it. Concussions, ruptured spleen and leg injuries left him a shadow of the qb that he used to be. Kid deserved better than that. Chuck Pagano most of that is on you!

  26. I watched a lot of games using Sunday ticket and I thought he had the best arm of anyone last year. Team was one or two key players from being able to vie with the best of em.
    Always liked his politeness and demeaner. Wish him the best.

  27. If it weren’t for bad luck the Colts would have no Luck at all!…………Too Soon?

  28. I guess that means Walker makes the squad, Kelly to the practice squad for the first two weeks. Then maybe a flip-flop once Kelly serves his suspension?

  29. Wow, this is a shock. Now give the Vikings a 2nd rd pick for Sean Mannion, or a 1st rd pick for Kyle Sloter.

  30. Isn’t this the QB that had 3 out of 4 footballs that were under inflated in the same game that the Patriots QB got suspended for? 😂

  31. It’s all an elaborate ruse to keep us from knowing the real reason he retired. He’s just unwilling to use one of the NFL approved helmets.

  32. Feel bad for him, however financially he’s set for life. I don’t feel bad for the Colts. Glad to see that “Suck for Luck” campaign not panning out especially after having Peyton all those years. It’s time for the Colts to go back to being the pre-Peyton Colts that all non Colts fans had adored for years.

  33. Maybe Josh McDaniels knew more than he let on at the time? He never would have considered the Colts if they didn’t have a franchise QB. And perhaps he had figured out that they didn’t (or at least that there was doubt).

  34. Fill in the blank;
    With the first overall selection in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select…
    Curious to hear everyone’s thought. Obviously, Tau & Herbert will be names mentioned here.

  35. Well, they weren’t getting through the playoffs with him, so it probably helped a bit since the season ticket holders are all paid up by now. For all the praise he got, he didn’t do much.

  36. At least he came back last year and proved that he could still play. It is unfortunate how the Colts mismanaged his career. It makes one wonder what would have happened if he had been drafted by a good organization.

  37. Thank you Andrew for being honest. If you have lost your passion, for whatever need to drag it out. If however, you sit out this year and get healthy and come back..we will understand cause..Irsay.

  38. exinsidetrader says:
    August 24, 2019 at 9:35 pm
    Colts MISMANAGED his career by sticking him behind a terrible O-Line for years. I guess he decided he didn’t want to risk further crippling.


    I don’t inherently disagree but Manning didn’t really have a great one either. I like Luck. He is one of those genuinely good players who works hard and just…I mean how do you not like the guy? All the best Andrew.

  39. Most shocking, sudden retirement in NFL history. The Colts were Super Bowl contenders with him… not even a playoff team without. Hard to believe he would leave his teammates high and dry like that.

  40. Wouldn’t shock me to see him back in the NFL soon, away from that joke of a franchise in Indianapolis.

  41. I’m not a Colts fan , but I’m an NFL fan.
    I don’t believe that this is a Final decision.
    As a former QB who successfully rehabed out of Rotator cuff and knee injuries, I sincerely and honestly state that Luck can overcome all of this.
    I’m guessing Luck is really depressed .
    Give him some time to come back to his senses.

  42. Bert Jones and now Andre Luck. Lightning strikes the Colts twice with what could have been two legendary all-time great quarterbacks. They both had unsurpassed talent to work with.

    Goodbye Andrew Luck, you were a unique one and a bit of a goof.

    Goodbye Captain Andrew Luck, the squirrel oil just wasn’t enough.

    Wonder if Luck will involve himself in any way with the XFL? Where his dad Oliver is the league commissioner.

  43. Dearest Mildred,

    These wounds I received in battle have taken their toll, and I fear I have lost the spirit to continue in this futile war. I cannot wait to return home to you, and together we can leave the folly of men behind.

    Yours sincerely,
    Capt. Andrew Luck

  44. This is a great loss for the NFL. An absolute shame. He had the talent to be one of the all time greats. For the Colts to hang him out to dry like they did is a disgrace.

    This Patriots fan wishes him all the best and good health in the future.


  45. Wow. Definitely didn’t see this coming but it looks like the colts made the right decision to keep Brisset. I remember seeing stories of teams making offers for him. It sucks to watch a QB that young and talented retire. This is a hit (not huge but disappointing) for the league. Hesade plenty of money and family kind of comes from money anyway.

  46. I remember when he was considered the replacement for Peyton Manning. Sadly, injuries took a major toll and we are left with a retirement that came too soon. The Colts are likely headed to a bad 2019 anyway and I guess they are top contenders for a top 5 pick in 2020.

  47. “…although he played well in 2018, he wasn’t the same quarterback.”

    I simply don’t understand that statement. Last year he had career highs for QB rating (98.7) and CMP% (67.3), to go with 39 TDs (career high was 40). The Colts started out 1-5 but won 9 of 10 to make it to the playoffs, where they beat Houston. Hey, I’m a Rams fan, don’t really care about the Colts, but it’s hard to let such a statement go unchallenged.

  48. Hey Florio – any chance he has a malpractice lawsuit against the NFL? Playing behind substandard lines cost him many years of employment and lost wages – almost like a company putting an employee on a piece of equipment with faulty safety gear then having them get injured.

  49. Don’t like the Colts but this is sad. Bad O-line for years and that snow boarding accident in Colorado, he did not have much luck. Hope he feels better soon.

    As a Pats fan, glad to see Brissett get an opportunity to play behind a good O-line this time. Brissett for Philip Dorset trade is looking even better for the Colts.

  50. Wow! Didn’t see this coming, I wish him the best going forward. He was a model athlete and we will all miss him.

  51. Just terrible, a true ultimate talent. Luck’s not one to trifle with peoples emotions, if he said it he intends to make good on it. The timing of this makes me believe he’s been mulling this over for years.

  52. It has been an endless torment of injuries for Luck. He just cannot stay healthy, and the continuous series of rehabs began to take a toll.
    An extremely talented qb who will not achieve the laurels everybody expected from him.
    He is an intelligent guy and articulate….football is probably not his entire life, so this appeared to be a good time for him to make his exit.

  53. Sucks for Luck- I hope he has a great post football career. Enjoyed watching him when he wasn’t getting destroyed cuz the Colts didn’t protect him.

    Indy..yeah couldn’t happen to a nicer organization. Pats fans remember, and the post-‘deflategate’ curse continues. Kinda makes me smile a Brady backup is now your starter. Hey we have another backup we could deal you in a trade…slightly worn, but shiny and is good for a 8-8 season…:)

  54. Guy is a Stanford grad who earned $97M by age 29. If he doesn’t have the fire in the belly, who can blame him for walking away? We will likely see more of this kind of thing moving forward.

  55. This really comes down to 2016 when they played him through his shoulder injury instead of sitting him. That ended up requiring surgery and cost him an entire year to rehab.

    Without that devastating rehab it’s fair to think Luck would still be playing.

    It puts Trent Williams decision not to play for the redskins coaching/medical staff into perspective.

  56. terripet says:
    August 24, 2019 at 9:46 pm
    Injury is serious

    Brady has now outlasted Manning and his successor and your starting QB is a castoff from the team you live to despise. You reap as you sow littlepet. The karma bus is here for both you and your team.

  57. theprocess12 says:
    August 24, 2019 at 10:13 pm
    Don’t like the Colts but this is sad. Bad O-line for years and that snow boarding accident in Colorado, he did not have much luck. Hope he feels better soon.

    As a Pats fan, glad to see Brissett get an opportunity to play behind a good O-line this time. Brissett for Philip Dorset trade is looking even better for the Colts.

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    Dorsett helped them win a sb and Brady loves him. No way you are a Pats fan.

  58. The Seahawks also have had a bad OLine for Russell Wilson almost since he came into the league and he almost never misses a snap let alone a game.
    His running, ‘baseball’ sliding and escape skills are legendary in the Great Pacific NW. Nothing personal against Luck or RGIII, but that 3rd round pick that year is sure looking good right now.
    And I still remember that genius Mel Kiper calling Russell and that draft the “Worst draft in NFL history” — Bobby Wagner, also a future HOF was the teams 2nd pick that year.

  59. Thetruthspeaks says:
    August 24, 2019 at 10:31 pm
    Andrew Luck has more class in his little finger than cheating and lying Brady has period


  60. I have often wondered just how much of a toll all those hits took on his body collectively. At Stanford and @ Indy those first few years he took far too many hard hits while attempting to gain one more yard. Couple those with the pounding he took in the pocket behind some uber weak offensive lines and Luck is beaten up. Tough to see him step away. You know this is not the end he ever envisioned!

  61. 1. Josh McDaniels 180 was after an independent medical on Luck ordered by Josh.
    2. In April 2017 Luck admitted he’d been struggling CONSTANTLY since 2015 with that shoulder injury.
    3. Colts lied about that and other aspects of Luck’s health FOR FOUR YEARS.
    4. Brissett was kept despite good offers this Spring.

    So I’m just here to remind those Colts fans who kept thumbing down my warnings about Luck’s health – yes, I told ya so. Frequently. For Years.

  62. That fanbase and organization ABSOLUTELY DESERVES THIS after gloating about tanking to get him to begin with!!!!!!! Not to mention the most classless moronic fanbase as well, booing Manning in his prime as well as Luck throughout his career.

  63. dsigrey says:
    August 24, 2019 at 9:43 pm
    Victim of a horribly managed team, from GM to medical staff. They failed him constantly.

    78 5 Rate This


    They were too busy working with Goodell to try to cheat NE.

    Oh would I pay money to see Terripet’s face right now.

    The joy of it all!! Lol!

  64. Thetruthspeaks says:
    August 24, 2019 at 10:31 pm
    Andrew Luck has more class in his little finger than cheating and lying Brady has period


    So why were Luck’s footballs under inflated? An more important since the league started monitoring ball inflation, why has Brady won 3 SBs and Andrew Luck has stunk….and now retired?

  65. Much tougher throwing regulation footballs. Luck was never the same since the Colts were caught with underinflated footballs the night of the 2014 AFC championship game. 🤔

  66. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    August 24, 2019 at 9:36 pm
    Soft and weak. Good riddance.


    A real Patriots fan wouldn’t be so classless. You are a fraud.

  67. itsfootballfolks says:
    August 24, 2019 at 10:51 pm
    patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    August 24, 2019 at 9:36 pm
    Soft and weak. Good riddance.


    A real Patriots fan wouldn’t be so classless. You are a fraud.

    The poor sap is a Jets fan

  68. Thetruthspeaks says:
    August 24, 2019 at 10:31 pm
    Andrew Luck has more class in his little finger than cheating and lying Brady has period.

    Now if you could only win Super Bowls throwing with your little finger.

  69. A major shock. Yes it is. But it’s not the end of the world for the Colts. Jacoby is probably not as good as a healthy Luck but he is one of the backups you would want to have if you needed to play him for an extended time. He has to know the system and he’s shown he’s a competent qb when that is hard to find. Plus no one in that division has shown anything so it’s very wide open. Plus the Colts roster now compared to when Luck missed 2017 is miles better with a much better o line. This effects the quality of depth in the AFC more than anything. I don’t see anyone being good enough for it to not be the Chiefs and Pats again in the title game.

  70. Remember when Irsay said ” we are moving on from Manning because we want to win more Super Bowls.
    Manning left and went to two Super Bowls winning one and losing one. The Colts…. no Super Bowls and
    not even close.

  71. I am not shocked. He got tired of rehabbing all the time. He made enough money to live comfortably for the rest of his life. He was a great player when healthy.

  72. Sad. He and RGIII looked like the future of the NFL in 2012. Both suffered disastrous injuries that ruined their careers. Oh what could’ve been.

  73. Andrew Luck was a good quarterback but highly overrated. Prototypical “white guy who can throw” so let us elevate him and put him on this pedestal responses from the sporting media. I’m sure the Colts would love to redo the 2012 draft and take Russell Wilson with their number one pick.

  74. This makes me think about how disrespectful Jim Irsay’s “more of these” ring comment was towards Peyton. He clearly anticipated that Luck would bring him multiple SB’s. Luck’s retirement makes Manning’s fight to get back and his winning of a SB–lackluster performance or not–is that much more Herculean, especially if you also consider the statistical year he had in 2013. As a sports fan, it’s really disappointing to see Andrew Luck leave behind so much potential–and if QB’s truly root for one another, I’m sure Manning is too–but I’d also imagine that Manning feels vindicated towards Irsay for releasing him.

  75. WOW… I went to bed watching a boring 49ers pre season game and then I woke up to THIS. Shocking. Good for Andrew Luck though, the mans a class act and I wish the guy nothing but success going forward, takes maturity and a strong dude to walk away from the game and the 10’s of millions left to make in his career at just 29yrs old.

    This just sucks for the Colts though, as much as IND want’s to say Brissett is a good starting caliber QB he’s not which is terrible for the Colts because they have a roster ready to contend, now they just need the QB. I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see IND make a move to get up high enough in the draft to select their next franchise signal caller.

  76. It’s too bad he didn’t retire before the last free agency period so the Colts could have signed Nick Foles.

  77. I really would have thought the Colts would have learned their lesson when they lost one of the greatest QBs in Peyton Manning. Nope.

    I feel bad for Luck. He’s a great guy and a generational talent that was wasted by that same trash organization that ruined Manning. He didn’t deserve this.

    Please dont ruin Brissett too.

  78. I’d also imagine that Manning feels vindicated towards Irsay
    no, but Josh McDaniels sure does. manning ripped off all the cap money and gave them a 1-15 team.

  79. whostolemyxanax says:
    August 24, 2019 at 11:53 pm
    Retiring over a calf injury? There’s got to be more to this story.

    Not really. He’s spent the last several years constantly injured and having to rehab injuries. He said it himself…it basically killed his love for the game and was understandably draining.

  80. Colts should put T.Y. Hilton on the trade block for some picks. He has 2yrs and about $27.5m left on his deal and will be over 30 when its done.

    Luck seemed like he was going to be great for another 10 years, bummer for the Colts fans. Wish him the best.

  81. I am surprised anyone is surprised by this. The guy has been physically destroyed over his short career. The Colts have done very little to help him and his ability to hold the ball for a very long time shortened his NFL life span considerably. I admire Luck as he seems like a stand up guy. I can understand why he made this decision.

  82. I remember in an interview after Ryan Grigson got fired from the Colts, he talked about as a relative young GM he was really learning on the fly at his job as he had no one to lean on. So that tells me Andrew Luck became Ryan Grigson’s biggest casualty and guinea pig for his incompetence. Luck paid perhaps the biggest price for an inept offensive line in the history of the game. Grigson is a criminal!

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