Report: Dolphins turned down trade offers for Laremy Tunsil

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The Dolphins are telling other teams that offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil isn’t going anywhere.

Teams have called to express interest in trading for Tunsil but the Dolphins turned them down, the Miami Herald reports.

The report also says the Dolphins have privately told Tunsil that he’s not being dangled as trade bait amid social media rumors that the team might trade him.

Miami selected Tunsil with the 13th overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft and he has developed into a good player for them, one who could be a centerpiece of their rebuilding efforts. He’s under contract for a very affordable $2.1 million this year, and then the Dolphins can keep him for the fifth-year option salary of $10.3 million next year.

Given Tunsil’s age and contract status, he’s a valuable piece of the roster and it’s hard to believe the Dolphins would let him get away. Any player can be traded for the right offer, but from all indications the Dolphins aren’t looking to get rid of Tunsil.

23 responses to “Report: Dolphins turned down trade offers for Laremy Tunsil

  1. Good for him that the Fins want him around, what a crazy draft day that was…I thought my Titans were close to snagging him and then the bong picture with all the drama right before the draft sure enough closed that door. He lost a ton of $$ from his draft spot fall do to that situation, the power of social media blows my mind sometimes.

  2. It’s so crazy. If he had been pictured doing a keg stand his draft position wouldn’t have changed but bong hits? Oh no! Good for him. He can never make up for the millions lost but sounds like he still has very lucrative days ahead

  3. From the minute the Giants took Eli Apple instead of Tunsil due to their Weedaphobia, I was wishing we had him. Obviously nothing has changed. No wonder Jerry Reese got the ax.

  4. We need him. What we also need to do is make some trades to get him some help on the O-Line. Kenny Stills would be good…

  5. The Dolphins are FINALLY rebuilding and while the roster is pretty void of talent, they do have one of the cornerstone building blocks; a quality, young left tackle.

    The current “brain trust” seems smart enough not to trade him away…..

  6. pooman420 says:
    August 24, 2019 at 12:05 pm

    Tony Pauline is talking about a Clowney for Tunsil trade.


    Thatd be a terrible trade. Tunsil should have been All Pro last season and will be an achor for the next 10 years. Clowney is injury prone and has low sack numbers despite playing with Watt & Merciles

  7. Stanley, Conklin gone. Tunsil falls to the Giants at 10. PLEASE DON’T PICK HARGREAVES. Then BANG. A worse pick than Hargreaves, if that’s possible.

    How do you pass on Tunsil because of a 23rd hour photo? Maybe 10% of the population didn’t try pot (gas mask does show a bit of experience) but had he’d been a chronic user, the NFL people would have known.

    Good for him, being successful.

    Tennessee would have drafted Tunsil and the Giants would have ended up with Conklin. Still can’t believe they drafted Apple. Even the casual fan can see he was a holding machine who ‘bit’ on double moves. One film session. Nope.

    These NFL coaches or those who scout for them think raw talent is a piece of clay they can fix. Doesn’t work that way. Some people can’t be taught. Some can. 10th pick, you gotta get it right or your (finally) get fired.

  8. I really hope he doesn’t waste the best years of his career playing for a coach who will rewrite the record book in losing.

  9. Realistically The Redskins should trade big Trent for this guy! and bet the Dolphins would jump all over this trade!

  10. This guy got screwed no doubt. Stupid picture cost him millions. Worst part about it is that there is a chance he could still be in the legal when players are ALLOWED to use it. Wild.

  11. I would assume that the Clowney trade to Miami that was publicly “turned down” by Clowney was likely something to do with Tunsil.

    Miami would be stupid to make that trade, so it should get done rather quickly.

  12. NinersFan1973 says:
    August 24, 2019 at 2:31 pm
    Even the Dolphins aren’t stupid enough to trade Tunsil.

    I only wish that were true…. My Dolphins may be the worst team in the league

  13. Meanwhile the Redskins have Williams out on a stick and string dangling for a 1st rounder +

  14. The Dolphins have no business trading Tunsil! It’s hard enough for them to find a Right Tackle much less a guard! They need to ADD to the O-Line, not subtract!

  15. Not sure is the Fins want Clowney. Maybe a 3 way trade. Skins get Tunsil giving the Fins Trent who they trade to the Texans for Clowney. Well I guess u have to consider if all trades are fair and if other considerations are needed

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