Ron Rivera expects Cam Newton back on the field “soon”


The Panthers went from breath-holding to “cautiously optimistic,” and now they seem downright confident about the status of quarterback Cam Newton.

Newton created a scare when he left Thursday’s preseason game in a walking boot after suffering a mid-foot sprain.

But according to Jourdan Rodrigue of, Newton could resume doing something in practice as soon as Monday.

Perhaps more indicative of the Panthers’ confidence is that there’s no plan at the moment to bring in other quarterbacks for workouts, leaving them with the side-of-the-bus law firm of Kyle Allen, Will Grier and Taylor Heinicke.

“We are truly being cautiously optimistic at this stage,” Rivera said. “We anticipate him being out on the practice field soon — but there isn’t really a timetable — and we are doing everything we can to make sure it’s right and ready to roll.

“We are trying to keep him off of it. Doctors feel that the more we keep him off of it, the more we elevated we keep it, we are expecting it to take care of itself quickly.”

Newton didn’t practice Saturday, as they continue to hope he’s ready for the regular season opener against the Rams.

13 responses to “Ron Rivera expects Cam Newton back on the field “soon”

  1. I don’t care if Newton starts wk 1 or not as long as they have Ron Rivera as head coach they’re never getting back to the promised land.. ever

  2. Rivera talkin gobbly-gook.

    Translation: It’s bad and we don’t know what we gonna do yet. But it’s bad.

  3. River boat Ron better do everything he can to get a healthy Cam Newton back on the field. This season is make it or break it for the entire team. I think if we see another very bad year there is a good chance the new owner cleans house. Including Cam… But then on the complete other end of the spectrum if Cam can get healthy and win a lot of games, he could be back to his MVP ways. Going to be exciting to watch that’s the only guarantee.

  4. “I think if we see another very bad year there is a good chance the new owner cleans house. Including Cam”


    Cam is a spoiled, coddled, rude, obnoxious child and no way would I want him on my team. But I hope he stays there in Carolina for a long time yet. He’s entertaining and the NFL would lack some spice were he to leave. And besides, Carolina deserves him.

  5. Rivera Haters. Quick name 10 coaches not name Belechik who have won 15 regular season games or been to SB. Anyone who can get one game away can win one more game.

  6. doctorpancake says:
    August 24, 2019 at 8:54 pm
    Bob routinely calls African American men “child”. Take it for what it’s worth.

    Well thankyou, pancake. How very adult of you.

  7. Will Grier is an implosion that has already happened as he has looked terrible in all three preseason games. Rookie or not, he does not look like the heir apparent to Cam Newton and the Panthers took a huge gamble on him that may backfire. None of the other three QB’s on the roster appear ready to start for the Panthers should Newton be not able to go. Grier is now the original neck beard in the NFL since the retirement of Andrew Luck.

  8. Figure out which of the two, Heinicke or Allen is closer to a true #2 and give him all the reps you can. Grier was a wasted pick and he is just in the way of the other two.

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