Rumors fly that Colts knew about Andrew Luck’s potential retirement in March

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As the NFL digests the bitter pill of a franchise quarterback in his prime walking away from the game, chatter has commenced regarding why Andrew Luck is quitting the NFL — and for how long the Colts knew that it could happen.

Per a league source, there’s already scuttlebutt in league circles that the Colts have been aware of Luck’s potential retirement since March, and that they’ve been trying to talk him out of it while also preparing to move forward with Jacoby Brissett as the starting quarterback.

It’s unclear whether the calf strain that became a high-ankle issue was a real injury or a ruse; it’s possible that Luck went through the motions pending a final decision and that the injury helped him decide that it was time to walk away.

Regardless, while the Luck retirement is news to the rest of us (including the team’s paying customers), it’s apparently not news to the Colts.

UPDATE 11:48 p.m. ET: The Colts contend they knew nothing about Luck’s potential retirement until this week.

64 responses to “Rumors fly that Colts knew about Andrew Luck’s potential retirement in March

  1. I have a feeling Josh McDaniels knew something wasn’t right when he did a complete 180 after accepting the job. Jim Irsay is a complete scumbag that sacrificed Andrew’s health to sell tickets and constantly lied about how hurt he was. 29 years old and he gave up on the franchise. Very telling.

  2. How did he injury his leg in April while he was away from the team to begin with to start this whole process off. The lack of any information about this mysterious injury just leaves a lot we still don’t know.

  3. Can’t fault someone for walking away when their body gives out. Especially from a game as demanding physically and mentally as football. Huge shock for sure. That injury has to be Achilles related it sounds like it followed the same pattern as KD. If he tore his Achilles his career probably would have been done.

  4. It’s all about filling the seats. Who would renew their season tickets if they knew about this in March? Irsay also strung along the fans for the whole 2011 season as well regarding Peyton Manning’s injury status.

    Colt fans should be grateful for Luck. He gave it his all and is a class act. It won’t get better for a long time. Brissett will either flame out, or he’ll have enough highlight reel plays to get starting QB money that will break the cap for Indy or some other team in 2020.

  5. I don’t think it’s a rumor. The random Jacoby Brissett love all offseason was a bit odd to say the least. They know and have been trying to talk him out of it all off-season. It’s also why they are so amicable with him as he’s doing this right before the season. When Barry Sanders retired like this, Detroit, a horrible franchise with a horrible history, didn’t forgive him for years. The whole Colt front office was up there tonight saying they love Luck and want to do what’s best for him. When does an NFL front office behave that way? They knew.

  6. Is there a sliver of a chance that he turns up in the XFL.. ?

    Seriously, he’s made his money. The NFL grind, or the consequences of Irsay’s inept GMs, is what ultimately pushed him away from the NFL.

    Just going out on a very thin limb here, but if the XFL decided to try the USFL talent acquisition methods, who better to start with than Andrew Luck?

  7. So when do the lawsuits get fired up from season ticket holders wanting a refund. Did the Colts get Luck to hold off so it wouldn’t affect season ticket sales? Let the conspiracy theories begin!

  8. Luck better pay back that money he owes and the Colts needs to go after it. Honor your contract right? Or does that only pertain to certain players?

  9. This would confirm that the Colts are as incompetent as most think they are.

    Could have told him to decide by the draft and then at worst drafted a potential replacement.

    As things are the Colts fans are the ones who are now going to get screwed.

    Brissett is just good enough to win enough games to put the Colts in the middle of the draft where they will not get a top QB choice.

    Franchise is going to be hurting for 5 years now.

  10. Andrew Luck got pounded game after game. He continued to lead his team and didn’t pass blame to anyone. It’s amazing he was able to accomplish what he has considering he had no protection, no running game, and no defense. The Colts management destroyed him. He could have very easily been a Hall of Fame quarterback.

  11. This is truly heartbreaking . I am a Panthers fan that was initially terribly disappointed that Luck decided to stay at Stanford for another season, but then we drafted Cam #1 overall instead, and the rest is history. Luck was already considered the second coming of Peyton Manning as he approached his senior season, and I always wondered what would have happened if he had come out and gone to my Panthers. I suppose we got the better end of that deal, with Cam leading us to the Super Bowl and earning MVP honors along the way, but Luck, when healthy was a top-tier QB arguably just as good, or better, than Cam, who for all we know could opt to take the same route with this latest setback. It’s sad for the individual and the game when any potential hall of fame player’s career is abruptly severed by injuries. Hoping he can get healthy and who knows, maybe in 2-3 years he’ll come back.

  12. The Colts incredibly lost in purpose the year Luck was the best QB prospect since John Elway, today is pay back, Karma was waiting

  13. “The Colts contend they knew nothing about Luck’s potential retirement until this week.”

    The Dolts have been lying about Luck and his injuries for years. No reason to believe anything they say.

  14. Luck better pay back that money he owes and the Colts needs to go after it. Honor your contract right? Or does that only pertain to certain players?..

  15. The guy people claimed is better than Brady will retire without ever having beaten Brady.

    The End.

  16. Moving forward with Jacoby Brissett? More like moving backwards.
    I’m more surprised they didn’t take a flyer in the 5th round on Stick (of North Dakota State), Thorson (of Northwestern), Minshew (of Washington State) or McSorley (of Penn State), as they were still on the board.

  17. ……It’s unclear whether the calf strain that became a high-ankle issue was a real injury or a ruse.
    Bombshell announcement at an inopportune time for the Colts notwithstanding……there is nothing in Luck’s past that makes me believe he would be party to such a ruse. The injury was real.

  18. If true: what a crappy franchise. They sold fans tickets to what was probably going to be about a 10 win season and a playoff birth. Without Luck, they’ll be lucky to have a winning record.

    Total bait and switch and ticket buyers should be outraged.

  19. One thing is for sure. There is dysfunction at the top of the organization. This is the reason why Josh McDaniels left them high and dry. The entire thing was just odd now it’s all coming to light.

  20. Sooooooo pretend Luck is going to be the starter on a Super Bowl contending team and sell a ton of season tickets until the last minute and announce this….oookay. I’m sad to see Luck leave. He was a special talent that demanded respect. This is suspect tho.

    Colts are going to be fine. A ton of young, incredible talent with a great coach and Brissett is ready for the big stage. Just sad to see Luck go out like this. He was so likeable

    -A Pats Fan.

  21. In an effort to maximize revenue from season ticket sales and the purchase of Luck jerseys…..uh….let’s not face the reality that he’s not gonna play this year. Colts mgmt.

    He didn’t just decide this. They’ve been lying about his mysterious injury all summer.

  22. It was never hard to see that someone with so much outside football, including an engineering degree he wanted to use and more money than god, might rather walk away than destroy his body for more money he doesn’t really need.

    Pretty much half the fans knew that. No way the colts, with their whole franchise riding on the guy, didn’t know themselves.

  23. If the position is that Luck was faking or embellishing the severity of his leg issues, I say three things:
    1) do not believe it.
    2) the reason he is retiring is because of injuries, it would be warped if he was faking it, and
    3) do not believe it.

  24. Ryan Grigson’s ultimate achievement – he drafted a generational talent at quarterback and failed to protect him during the years of his employment as general manager. Luck endured a plethora of injuries but never complained. He was the epitome of class; to the end of his career he was honest and true to his ethics. Now he wants to play with his children and live a normal life and the incredibly classless Indianapolis fans and owner got what they deserved by employing Ryan Grigson who will forever be seen as a sycophant to a bombastic owner whose only accomplishment in life is being born an Irsay. Boo on, Indianapolis fans. I hope the NFL learned your true character and relocates the Combine next year. Good luck getting another Super Bowl!

  25. If the Colts had previously known that Luck might retire, don’t you think they might have tried to draft or trade for a QB before now? That would seem to be the logical thing to do. In any case, it looks like Jacoby Brissett has landed in a nice position. Let’s see if he can do something with this stroke of personal luck.

  26. In March 2019… xfl owner vince mcmahon
    liquidated $270,000,000 worth of WWE stock
    for xfl funding.

    SEE: xfl commissioner Oliver Luck

  27. Ahem, well, they kept Brissett for his final year (UFA 2020), despite some good offers in a high-demand, low-supply year. I doubt they ever think about Luck the person or his feelings. And whether they thought he’d officially retire or not hardly matters as they almost certainly thought if he was out another year they’d move on. He prob played more hurt than admitted last year too. Colts’ injury reports on him have been fantasy football since at least Sept 2015.

  28. Colts chances to make super bowl rose and died on Lucks health.Im sure seats being sold to Colts fans were much more robust with the possibility of Luck playing.It seems that’s what the Colt management did.They gave the fans hope to keep the money rolling in.I’m assuming Luck was in on this.WIth his contract extension and being paid 20 mil to sit out 2017 with a shoulder injury; maybe he felt obligated to help ownership re-coup some of their losses.

  29. It’s hard to imagine if the Colts knew about this in March they are not using some of that draft capital on a new qb. Brisset is an adequate qb but not one you’re going to build a team with going forward.

  30. This is the same Colts team that has had a history of lying about Luck’s injuries. But yea, I’m sure they are telling the truth this time.

  31. No – I seriously doubt Luck was openly discussing retirement back in March. He was clear in his presser about when he first entertained retirement – literally two weeks ago.

  32. This is a bottom line business stop making excuses for luck
    No one blamed the GM for Sammy sleeves injury filled career
    So stop blaming Ryan grigson
    We acan always make excuses what if Johnny man Eli was drafted by the Steelers or insert any other team with a good oline

  33. Josh didn’t actually have to smell a rat – as I’ve pointed out before (several times in the past) overlooked by most folks Luck was put thru an “independent medical” just a couple of days before Josh did his 180. Who else but Josh would insist on it being “independent”???

    That’s why Colts still announced Josh, they followed thru on a threat to trash his character – and it had the added benefit of a smoke screen because a couple of days after, when asked, Ballard downgraded Luck from Irsay’s “Good to go” to merely “turned a corner” – and you can be 101% sure that was being very economical with the truth. Josh for his part stayed quiet because: a) the medical report was confidential, b) the salty mountain of hate wouldn’t have believed him and c) Luck (whom Josh respects) would’ve been forced to lie to deny it.

  34. I don’t know who knew what but one thing was apparent when watching that press conference, and that was Luck did not look to be in his playing weight. This tells me he had already checked out and stopped lifting like he would. The training staff, coaching staff, and management would have been aware of this fact.

    So, yes, it is possible Luck retired back in March but these guys kept it quiet while they tried to talk him out of it and he probably got to a point that this could no longer be kept behind close doors. Finally, Luck was going to official retire today but his mom and dad weren’t there with him the day before, at the last NFL game he would ever attend as a pro, give me a break.

  35. This is all on the Colts they mismanaged his shoulder injury and the man played in pain until they finally figured out he needed surgery, and then they mismanaged this ankle injury until they finally figured out it was a bone not a muscle. Add to that the fact Luck is weak and you end up with a quitter!!

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