Scott Zolak slams Jimmy Garoppolo as “one of the worst practice quarterbacks” the Patriots have had

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Jimmy G is gone but not forgotten in New England, but not for the reasons you’d expect.

Via, Patriots radio analyst Scott Zolak recently dubbed 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppoloone of the worst practice quarterbacks we’ve had here.” (Tim Tebow, who had a teaspoon of coffee with the Patriots, surely was the worst. All due respect.)

That this assessment didn’t emerge in the immediate aftermath of the trade that sent Garoppolo to San Francisco for a second-round pick in 2017 is a bit surprising. That it didn’t emerge in the immediate aftermath of the Seth Wickersham item painting a far different story regarding Garoppolo’s exit is downright stunning, since it would have contributed to the organizational push against Wickersham’s contention that ownership, at the behest of #Tommy, forced coach Bill Belichick to trade Garoppolo.

Of course, few would have agreed with Zolak then. Now, on the heels of a five-picks-in-five-throws practice outing and a 0.0 passer rating against the Broncos in Week Two of the preseason, the notion that Garoppolo has never really been very good becomes more plausible.

Regardless of whether Zolak’s assessment is accurate, tonight’s preseason game against the Chiefs becomes critical for Garoppolo, who is returning to the stadium in which his ACL tore when he stupidly tried to cut back at the sideline and deliver a blow to a Kansas City defender.

Garoppolo needs to start delivering accurate passes and developing a legitimate aura of confidence and competence, or he’ll potentially be available for the Patriots (or anyone else) to sign as a free agent after the season.

43 responses to “Scott Zolak slams Jimmy Garoppolo as “one of the worst practice quarterbacks” the Patriots have had

  1. Preseason game critical? I’m pretty confident Jimmy will be fine once the points matter.

  2. Zolak was a pretty awful QB in games when he played for the patriots. Leading me to believe he was probably one of the worst practice QBs as well.
    Zolak also seems like a terrible person as evidence by him cheering like a lunatic when Gronk took a cheap shot at Tre Whites head.

  3. Where have you been? I don’t even follow the Patriots that much, and I remember the reports of him struggling in practice before that year Brady was suspended to start the year (and that he got hurt before Brady even got back). I do think 49er fans are about to find out why Belichick is the GOAT of coaching though. He’s ordinary and turns the ball over too much and will be exposed without Belichick giving him the lines to trace. League has a book on him now.

  4. He stepped up well enough for the Pats (when Brady was framed in Deflategate) until he got injured, which seems the bigger issue (durability). But he has smarts, hence Shanahan likey.

  5. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Jimmy G back in NE. BB just setting up the rest of the NFL. Again! Buy low Sell high Buy low…… Again!

  6. Could you be misinterpreting Zolak’s statement. I thought the article was going to be he was terrible in practice but then was great when he got into games.

  7. He said that right before saying he turned it on for game day (called him game day Jimmy).

  8. tdskinz says:
    Who the hell is Scott Zolak?

    He was a Pats QB, now a sportcaster. He is the only member of the media that has access to Belichick on a regular basis. And it’s quite possible (knowing how BB is about privacy) this could cause him some problems. So I would be inclined to believe what he is saying

  9. carloswlassiter says:
    August 24, 2019 at 1:55 pm
    I can’t believe there are still fools out there that believe that Brady forced Kraft to force Belichick to trade Garapollo. It’s ludicrous.

    When something makes someone feel warm and comfortable its human nature for them to want to cling to it.

  10. Jimmy G was a made up story. He had a 4 year contract with NE. During that time he started 2 games. Brady was extended in 2016 so NE planned on sticking with him until after Jimmy G’s 4 year contract expired. Unfortunately for the 49ers they paid a bundle for him but the 3rd string QB put up similar numbers. Just another bad choice by the 49ers.

  11. I actually dont think Zolak should have done it. JG is coming off a year of rehab, no reps, and he is working on getting back into it. After this early outing went horribly and a tough practice report to dredge up the past (and regardless whether true or not) is just piling on. I wish him the best and hope he pulls past this injury and reaches the potential once advertised. But certainly that also might not happen. But I myself would rather ket that all play out rather than piling on early.

    Regarding how Belichick might feel I really couldn’t say. Anything is possible.

  12. I believe it. The 49ers are in real trouble because Jimmy G isn’t all that good and to make matters worse he’s made of glass. When 49ers fans finally come to terms with the fact Jimmy G is a bust they’re going to be livid at ownership for passing on the top tier QB prospects that they’ve passed on and could of had. SF has the worst QB situation in the NFC-W, They’ll be drafting a guy this year I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they do.

  13. Wow, are Lynch and Shanahan totally on the hot seat or what? Neither has much of a history or a resume for their position and they put all their eggs in the Jimmy G. basket.

    They better pray that their man delivers on that 127 million dollars pretty soon.

  14. You can be terrible in practice all you want it’s how you perform come game time that matters most. Jimmy is a smart qb but he does hold the ball for a bit too long and can be a bit risky with his throws especially in double coverage. He should be fine if he can start checking the ball down and audible to runs.

  15. hawkkiller says:
    August 24, 2019 at 2:59 pm
    I believe it. The 49ers are in real trouble because Jimmy G isn’t all that good and to make matters worse he’s made of glass. When 49ers fans finally come to terms with the fact Jimmy G is a bust they’re going to be livid at ownership for passing on the top tier QB prospects that they’ve passed on and could of had. SF has the worst QB situation in the NFC-W, They’ll be drafting a guy this year I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they do.


    Your team better hope so. If the 49ers rise above the Seahawks like the Rams have, it could be third place for you for a while.

  16. BB has drafted exactly 2 players to replace Brady. Garoppolo and Stidham. Jimmy G was doing well until Kiko slammed him to the ground… Injury prone ever since…

  17. You heard this mentioned more than a handful of times while Garoppolo was in New England. Even heading into his third year he put up very uneven practices. But (what I recall) he usually played well in the exhibition games.

  18. Go on youtube and listen to Zolak call the Seahawks Pats game from 2012 man worst homer ever.

  19. Zolak remembers it the way I do – Garoppolo was often criticized by the media here for his mediocre to bad practices. He holds the ball too long, he’s overthrowing or underthrowing guys, that kind of stuff. And they were universally surprised that when it came to game time, he looked greatly improved. So I’m gonna guess that Zolak is saying that you can be an imperfect practice player and still bring it on game day rather than just taking an opportunity to disparage the guy.

  20. I think it would have been surprising if Zolak had said something positive as NE fans and media tend to be ignorant towards former Pats.===================

    I remember most Patriot fans saying they wished there were a way to keep both Brady and Jimmy G but knew they could not and wished Jimmy the best. Sorry that does not fit you narrative, but it is the truth.

  21. Love Zo’, and I think Florio does to which is why he sensationalized the headline a bit.

    Zolak actually had some similar comments on Thu. night as part of the Patriots preseason tv booth. The point he was emphasizing was that you can’t always tell what type of player you have on your hands based on practices, or even preseason games. I suspect this was just an elaboration on those comments, and it’s important to note he didn’t actually say Jimmy G. is a bad QB, just that in his eyes he wasn’t great in practice. I suspect when most Patriots fans saw Garoppolo (or Brissett for that matter) taking snaps in open practices and preseason games they weren’t exactly viewing them as potential franchise QBs either.

  22. Zolak did not ‘slam’ Garoppolo and the linked article is to NBC Sports Bay Area where the media is in full gloom and doom mode and preposterously took one sentence out of several to give it the worst possible slant. Zolak said it during the Pats/Panthers preseason telecast as part of a larger point regarding how what happens in practice vs preseason vs real game play doesn’t always equate. He was essentially saying Jimmy G really turned it up on game day.

  23. What was said is nothing new. On Boston TV that seemed to be a common thread when Jimmy was here At the end of the day it doesnt matter if he can do it on the field. Want to know who supposedly a bad player in practice…Derrick Thomas

  24. He said PRACTICE quarterbacks. Plenty of athletes stink during practice…even some of the greats. I don’t have a dog in this fight but this is getting a spin.

  25. Zolak’s comments are as forgettable as his miserable career. Consider the source. Learn to play the position yourself before you critique the PRO’s, you bum.

  26. They gave Jimmy G how much??? Woo boy, are the Niners gonna be in cap hell, very very soon.

    As for the Pats, they are probably the ONLY team that manages the salary cap well. I don’t think it’s simply BB-Brady-Kraft. Whoever is managing their salarycap is doing a great job (and it helps Brady always seems to take a pay cut…when you’re married to a woman even richer than you are…)

  27. Have we checked with Alan Iverson for his opinion ?

    But seriously….49ers got Garapolo at a bargain price and he stepped right in and made an awful team competitive in the second half of 2017….last year he learned an important lesson – go out of bounds rather than try and run over linebackers – and he’ll need to regain his feel for the team and the offense. His experience in New England and circumstances of his departure are irrelevant- only thing that matters is how he performs in SF. Biggest reservation is whether the Shanahan/Lynch braintrust is ready and able to convert the Niners considerable talent into success in the field; if not, you can be sure Garapolo will get the lions share of the blame, which is the way of the NFL.

  28. I agree with others, that I think the comment was one that should have been left unsaid. JG is rehabbing and why chip away at his confidence that way and give him something else to overcome? I wish him all the best. I’m very happy that the Patriots traded him and I’m very happy we have Brady for another season.

    And possibly Scott was quoted out of context. If he said he saved his best performances for game day….then the whole statement is entirely different.

    Jimmy looked very good on the field, but I feel he made poor decisions that put him in a place to get injured two times that I know of. I watched those games in which it happened. That might be something he could work on.

  29. He he, he is acting like a hatchet man, out to get a quarterback who is 2-0 as Patriots starter, and 6-2 as starter for Frisco. he talked too soon too, before Jimmy G.’s impressive performance against the Chiefs. You wonder about motives. Why are these people trying to sink Jimmy G.’s career. What, if anything, has Jimmy ever done to these rovers? move over Rover, and let Jimmy take over.

  30. This is pretty dishonest. Everyone knew Jimmy G wasn’t good in practices and was better when the games mattered. That’s not wrong or incorrect for Zo to say

  31. He is what he always was. A 2nd round pick/backup QB at best. He’s proven nothing, and the niners as usual waste a valuable 2nd round pick and overpay JG when at best they should have just tagged him and taken it a year at a time until he at least had a full season under his belt. Unless Eddy D comes back into the fold, the niners will NEVER win a playoff game, at least while the Yorks are in power. The one good move they made with JH, they managed to lose that too.

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