58-yard field goal has Bears feeling good about their kicker

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The Bears may have finally found their kicker.

Eddy Pineiro went 2-for-2 on field goals on Saturday night, including a 58-yarder, and also made all three of his extra point attempts. Afterward Bears coach Matt Nagy said Pineiro has stepped up since last week, when the Bears cut their other kicker, Elliott Fry, and told Pineiro he was going to get every opportunity to win the job before the start of the season.

“When we went out to practice, I think you could see a little more confidence in him knowing that he’s going to get every rep,” Nagy said. “There’s no question when [he] is kicking in the game, in practice, etc. It kind of goes back to the days in training camp when we were giving those kickers a full day; they knew they weren’t alternating, so I think it certainly helps.”

Pineiro said Nagy has shown faith in him.

“He made me feel comfortable,” Pineiro said. “It was just like, ‘Stay positive. We are going to back you up, our team is going to back you up. Don’t let any of the media stuff get you. You’re in a good place right now.’”

It’s still possible that the Bears could bring in another kicker if Pineiro struggles in the fourth preseason game, but it certainly appears that Pineiro has won the kicking job for a team that desperately needed to improve at the position.

15 responses to “58-yard field goal has Bears feeling good about their kicker

  1. Great news for Oakland if he makes the roster Oakland gets another bears pick!!!
    You guys get a 7th round pick if he’s on the opening day roster.
    We get a starter. You’re lucky if you get one with a 7th round pick

  2. Bernard Sanders/2020🇺🇸 says:
    August 25, 2019 at 10:21 am
    Great news for Oakland if he makes the roster Oakland gets another bears pick!!!


    They’ll gladly give up a 7th rounder for a kicker that can make it from 60

  3. He’s got to be active for at least 5 games for Raiders to get a 7th rd pick – in two years time! Basically 7th rd pick trades are simply a way for teams to jump the queue for a guy about to be waived or cut. Glad for him and Bears if their kicker circus is over, but they throw guys under buses up there at the moment, kickers first. And sadly I don’t see that culture changing.

  4. Once again the Bears have fleeced the Raiders. The Oakland squad has no replacement for Mack, no QB and now we gave them a kicker that can hit 60 year FGs for a crappy 7th rounder.

  5. The Bears are no longer one of the many teams worried about their kicking situation. ( I see you, Minnesota!) LOL

  6. Can he make a 44 yarder with 3 seconds left, in a driving rain, down by one or two? That’s when you know if you have a kicker.

  7. I’m happy he’s making pre-season kicks, but he’s going to prove himself either way in the season.

  8. It would have impressed me a lot more at Soldier Field. That said, it would be good if the Bears have solved their kicker situation so they can focus on improving their OL depth and finding a legit QB2. Chase Daniel is just brutal.

  9. @Bassplucker Considering the OL that he’s had in front of him it doesn’t concern me … if Trubisky isn’t playing it doesn’t really matter who #2 is.

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