Bill O’Brien: Ball’s in Jadeveon Clowney’s court until he signs tender

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Linebacker Jadeveon Clowney isn’t under contract, so the Texans can’t trade him. But John McClain of the Houston Chronicle expects the Texans to trade Clowney for an offensive tackle as soon as Clowney signs his franchise tender, with a deal already agreed to with another team.

Texans coach Bill O’Brien, the de facto General Manager, was asked about Clowney on Saturday night after his team’s 34-0 loss to the Cowboys.

“Until he comes in and signs the tender, really the ball’s in his court relative to playing for the Texans and all those things, just like it’s been since the beginning of training camp,” O’Brien said. “He’s a franchise player, and so, until he comes and signs the tender, really there’s nothing else to talk about.”

O’Brien said he has no indication when Clowney might sign the tender.

“I think I spoke to him a few times since the end of our season,” O’Brien said. “All the conversations have been good conversations. Very professional conversations, but I don’t have any idea of any specific date of when he will decide he wants to be here.”

It sounds as if the Texans have decided they don’t want Clowney, leaving his future up in the air until he signs his franchise tender.

9 responses to “Bill O’Brien: Ball’s in Jadeveon Clowney’s court until he signs tender

  1. Looks like he’s going to the Redskins for Trent Williams.
    If you think he had trouble staying on the field in Houston, just wait until the Skins’ medical staff gets ahold of him.

  2. If you know football you know that Clowney isn’t as good as he thinks he is. Someone will make a huge mistake trading for him and giving him a new contract. Most of his qb pressures come on stunts where he gets one on one with smaller guards as opposed to tackles that can handle him.

  3. Players that are under contract or covered by Franchise tags and decide to hold out, should have every day held out added to the back side of their current contracts.Franchise deals are a bit of a grey area but as long as the players vote it in the union it goes too. Personally they need to get rid of the franchise tag and use it as intended to keep a player as long as contract terms are ongoing. as soon as a player says NO, then it is see ya later dump the chump..

  4. O’Brien is in over his head. He’s doing to DeShaun Watson what Ryan Grigson did to Andrew Luck- no OL protection will end his career early.

  5. I am not rooting for Clowney, he is good but not great.
    The reason he should report now is he needs to have a great year in order to get paid.
    His new team will have a new defense and it will take him a while to get in synch.
    If he gets off to a slow start it can hurt him financially.
    He is cutting off his nose to spite his face.

  6. I see him being traded to the Redskins for Trent Williams. Its a great landing spot for Clowney who will get a huge money deal then spend the rest of his career under achieving on a losing team. There is a lot of Albert Haynesworth in Clowney.

  7. Now that Houston lost Miller for the year, a package that includes Shady McCoy for Clowney looks intriguing.
    It will take more players than just mccoy, obviously. But Bills are looking for edge rush help, Texans are looking for RB help. It makes too much sense

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