Chris Ballard: Jacoby Brissett is a “rare, rare leader”

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Andrew Luck‘s retirement announcement dominated the football world on Saturday night and one of the many storylines flowing out of that announcement is the ascension of Jacoby Brissett to the top spot on the quarterback depth chart in Indianapolis.

Brissett has served as the starter this preseason and he started 15 games for the Colts when Luck was out with a shoulder injury in 2017, so General Manager Chris Ballard has had many chances to watch him play over the last few years. Those experiences have left him feeling confident that Brissett can thrive at the job thrust into his hands on Saturday.

“We’ve got a good football team. This is a good football team. We’re young, good on both fronts, some good young skill players and a good young quarterback in Jacoby Brissett,” Ballard said. “We’re not gonna ask Jacoby Brissett to be Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck was a unique, unique player, but Jacoby Brissett is a winning football player in this league. Jacoby Brissett is a rare, rare leader. He is. He’s a rare human being, man. That locker room loves Jacoby Brissett. They love him.”

Head coach Frank Reich echoed much of what Ballard said while polishing off the eternal football chestnut of “next man up” in regard to the team’s philosophy moving forward. This will be one of the bigger tests of that notion, although the work Ballard and Reich have done to build out the rest of the roster offer better chance for success than the last time Brissett was the team’s starter.

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  1. The good news is that you have 2 weeks to tweak the offense to his skill set this time around. You know what you have, he isn’t going to be a top 10 passer.

    Of course if the goal is to draft a top QB next year, give him 7 step drops and deep throws.

  2. Winning qb, Colts were 4-12 under Brissett. Thats why this great leader jas been holdong a clipboard most of his career. I guess the Colts are im. A bad situation and have to try and rally the troops.

  3. If that is truly how the Colts feel, then they will immediately sign Jacoby to a major extension. Actions speak louder than words–especially where the Colts are concerned.

  4. Having watched Jackby play 3 years at NC State and in the NFL he is a great leader. While not an elite QB he is as good or better than most of the Super Bowl winning QBs not named Brady or Aikman.

  5. >>We’ve got a good football team.

    Take the Saints, replace Brees with Brissett.
    Take the Patriots, replace Brady with Brissett.

    What do you have? A crummy team.

    I just hope Brissett turns out to be a mid Tier 2 QB so the Colts don’t tank for Tua and get another good QB in 2020/

  6. As perfect a situation as you could get at this point for Brissett. In 2017 he didn’t arrive in Indy until week 1, and still managed to look like a potential starting QB for 15 weeks. This time around he knows the playbook, has been getting the starting reps throughout the off season, and has much more talent around him.

    Oh… and he’s a free agent after this season. $$$

  7. “Andrew Luck was unique, unique”, “Jacoby Brissett is rare, rare”. Ballard know his teams is “screwed, screwed” and he will probably be “fired, fired”.

  8. Jacoby is too good for that team.
    Imagine having to play in front of a crowd that just booed Luck?
    Imagine having to play beneath participation banners?
    Indy. . . what a joke.

  9. The colts are screwed. I respect luck for looking out for his future but boy what a crusher and a shocker. This team was playoff bound. Still rooting for the colts I hate the Texans and titans both those teams are frauds. But this just made the playoffs a little easier for a lot of teams

  10. indiapalealeblog says:
    August 25, 2019 at 8:24 am

    >>We’ve got a good football team.

    Take the Saints, replace Brees with Brissett.
    Take the Patriots, replace Brady with Brissett.

    What do you have? A crummy team.


    The Patriots replaced Brady in 2008 with Matt Cassel and went 11-5. In 2016, Jimmy G. went 2-0 as a Patriots starter, and Brissett went 1-1 (as a rookie). Oh… and some coach named Bill Parcells vouched for Brissett’s abilities prior to the ’16 draft.

    It’s odd that as a Patriots fan I feel like I’m more supportive of Jacoby Brissett than any of the Colts fans on here? Sad. You hate to see it.

  11. I honestly think Indy is in good hands with Brissett. Besides, with Luck’s injury prone history there is a good chance Brissett would have ended up playing most of the season as the starter anyways. Might as well go into the season knowing he’s the guy instead of guessing how long until he has to step in.

  12. Don’t count Jacoby Bissett out. Afterall, he’s a Parcell’s guy through & through. I’m sure the Big Tuna will have something to say soon….

  13. Perhaps the Colts should try to trade for Hoyer from the Patriots, even if it is to backup Brissett. He has a lot of NFL experience, has a good arm, and I could see him being available for the right price.

  14. I believe you will see Chad Kelly leading this team, he is going to be a very good qb!!

  15. I was as stunned as everyone else when I heard Luck was retiring… but my first thought (ok, second or third) was what an opportunity for Brisset! Rooting for him to succeed. I like the low-drama grinders in the NFL and I like to see them get PAID.

  16. If Pagano and Grigson were still around, I’d worry….This team has way more talent than the one from two years ago..Besides, it’s not like the AFC South has Brees, Brady and Rodgers in the division…I think the Colts will at least get to 7-9.

  17. Brissett always seemed like an intelligent, stand up player. I’ll root for him, but never the Colts. 6-10 to 8-8…

    Mighty nice of you fanboy! I am sure Brissett is very very impressed with what you had to say……lol.

    The colts have a decent team and now have a unifying cause to win without Luck….could be an interesting team.

  18. The Colts are in much better shape than the last time Brissett was the starter. Grigson and the porous offensive line that he put together to nearly get Luck killed are in the past.

  19. I’m not a Colts fan, but Chris Ballard is too good of a GM to risk this talented roster (and his own career) with just an average QB if he had any inkling that Luck would retire. Maybe he’s wrong about Brissett and if he is, he should be fired, but given the job Ballard has done so far, I’ll put my money on Brissett and the Colts doing as well, if not better, than they did last year.

  20. He is not going to take the Colts to the playoffs. He is a career backup. He could only compile a 1-1 record with the Patriots. Jimmy G. was 2-0 before being put on IR with that same team while Tom Brady was suspended for 4 games for allegedly underinflating the football.

  21. I like Brissett. He’s in a rare, rare situation but this kid is solid. 8-8 is within reach.

  22. infectorman says:
    August 25, 2019 at 11:55 am
    Irsay killed Luck. Never got an oline. Drafted P Dorsett
    Indy never deserved Luck

    Horribley run

    11 0 Rate This


    Dorsett helped NE win a SB
    and Brady loves him.

    NE wins again.

  23. It will all come down to how well the OC game plans for the defense and how well the defense plays. Brissett can win for them but it puts more pressure on other people to do THEIR jobs

  24. I forgot the Colts had Chad Kelly. I am a Broncos fan, & if Kelly hadn’t screwed up, he could have been the Broncos face of the franchise. This may be Kelly’s opportunity. I hope Brissett succeeds however, if not Swag is a absolute starter in the NFL….

  25. indiapalealeblog says:
    August 25, 2019 at 8:24 am

    I just hope Brissett turns out to be a mid Tier 2 QB so the Colts don’t tank for Tua and get another good QB in 2020/


    Don’t worry, if they waste a draft pick on 7th round caliber Tua they won’t have a good QB.

  26. I am predicting Fins trade Fitzpatrick to the Colts… I have been saying that they will deal him late in camp since July, I just thought it would to a team that lost a QB to an injury and not retirement.

  27. Hope he does well. Always seems to be a good team player but not sure that the talent level is there.

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