Chuck Pagano: It took “great courage” for Andrew Luck to retire

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Bears defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano was in Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday when word came that Andrew Luck was retiring.

Pagano was the Colts’ head coach for the first six years of Luck’s career.

He released a statement Sunday:

“Andrew Luck is one of the best individuals, teammates and competitors I have ever been around in my lifetime, forget an outstanding football player and leader of men. He is selfless, brilliant and always prepared like no other for the team and carried the Colts organization on his back, including seven fourth quarter comebacks in his rookie season, two AFC South titles, three consecutive playoff berths to start his career and the 2014 AFC Championship Game. When he could not go in 2015 and again in 2017, it absolutely crushed him because he could not be there for his team and their passionate fans.

“It took great courage to make his decision to walk away from the game, but no matter how difficult, he did what his heart told him, and I am proud of him for being honest with himself and the team. With Andrew, it was always about more than football, and I will be forever grateful to him for his support during my personal battle with leukemia. Our friendship extends well beyond player-coach, and I wish him, his beautiful wife Nicole and their growing family nothing but the best. I will forever be a huge Andrew Luck fan.”

27 responses to “Chuck Pagano: It took “great courage” for Andrew Luck to retire

  1. Easy to understand that Colts fanned would be supremely bummed over this, but criticism is unwarranted. Either Luck never loved the game and hung on as long as he could in order to make his family’s future financially secure, which is exactly how anyone who didn’t love their job would handle it. Or, more likely, he loved the game, in which case leaving was terribly difficult decision to make.

  2. Luck has the right to retire, but can we quit it with this courage nonsense? If he doesn’t love the game anymore, what adversity is he courageously overcoming? Criticism? Come on. Everyone here would sleep well at night as financially secure as he is walking away from this job.

  3. Hey chuck you worry about swinging that axe and chopping that tree and let Luck worry about being a quitter

  4. Yeah,it took great courage to leak the news during a preseason game in front of fans. Couldve waited until after the game to leak the news. But, its his life and i dont blame the guy at all. He owes nothing to anyone. Good luck to him and im sure he will habe a great rest of his life.

  5. Absolutely understand what Luck did and why. Have no issue whatsoever with his decision. Probably would make the same but the terms “courageous” and “hero” are way over used these days.

  6. How can a torn labrum in ur shoulder and a high ankle sprain ever leave someone crippled. His shoulder injury was mostly self imposed as he hurt it snowboarding ho google it but the Colts covered for him. Dude has a high ankle/calf injury not a torn ACL or torn Achilles. Poor Andrew a true hero. Lol.

  7. Also this ankle/calf injury happened in April away from team activities so it’s not like this injury was something that happened in an NFL game or practice

  8. I don’t think Luck leaked the news. I think some incompetant in the Colts management said something.

  9. Why does it take great courage for a guy who is independently wealthy to decide he doesn’t want to work any more?

  10. Any Colt fan who booed Andrew Luck on his retirement should be ashamed of themselves. The guy’s has literally carried that sorry Franchise to the playoffs 4 of the 5 relatively healthy years he had in the league. How many NFL QB’s can say that. Very damned few.

    While their ownership is a joke, most Pats fans appreciated Luck for the tough competitor that he was, and wish him well with his retirement. Maybe he and Gronk will both come back in 2021.

  11. “COURAGE”????? That is so much bull. It is more like smarts… Andrew luck is one of the smartest NFL players. He left because his body was wearing down and “SMART” enough to know it was the right thing to do. It was anything but COURAGEOUS… LET NOT CONFUSE THE TWO.

  12. Sorry but I dont think this decision and courage have anything to do with each other…. Bottom line is he does not want to do what he has to do in order to play anymore, so he did the admirable thing and retired…..The Colts 1) hope they put in termination that if he ever plays again it will be for the Colts 2) collect the money they are entitled to.

  13. He’s trying to get off or avoid being on opioids for the rest of his life. It’s not worth it playing football to be on and off of painkillers. He’s doing what’s best for him. Too bad if the fans don’t like it.

  14. Yes, Chuck, but why were you, Harbaugh, Grigson and Irsay so interested in working with Goodell to orchestrate a quick little scheme to frame Brady a week after Brady told Harbaugh to check the rulebook?

  15. I would like to see anyone in here take one hit Luck has taken repeatedly. Some things are more important than money and playing the game you love: that is playing the games your kids love. I quit playing BBall, a game I love, so I can use what is left of my body playing soccer with my daughter.

    Also, I’ll never forget when the awful Chiefs played an awful Colts team. The winner…well loser in this case would have the inside track on Luck. 1st half went well and we (Chiefs) were terrible again in the second. Yet, the Colts refused to be outdone. They ended up with the 1st and Andrew Luck. That hurt, but now we have the best QB I’ve ever seen, so whatever.

  16. terripet says:
    August 25, 2019 at 7:22 pm
    How many players wished they retired young instead of taking a beating


    Funny…..I seem to remember you claiming Gronk was “made of glass” when he announced retiring

  17. Alot of ppl on here with very little intelligence!! What he did took tons of courage!!

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