Robert Griffin III can relate to Andrew Luck’s angst

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Four years ago, no one would have expected Robert Griffin III to last longer in the NFL than Andrew Luck. But here we are, with the first overall pick in the 2012 draft now retired and the second overall pick still on a roster.

Griffin, who joined the Ravens in 2018 after not playing the prior year, shared his thoughts on Luck’s retirement with reporters on Sunday.

“It was very shocking moment but it’s his decision to make,” Griffin said, via Jamison Hensley of “When I was out of football in 2017, I can’t say I was making the decision to retire but I was at that point where you’re tired of being injured, tired of being hurt and tired of having to go through that process that [Luck] called ‘pain-injury-rehab.'”

Griffin, like others, has tried to process the reaction from fans who don’t understand why a football player making millions to play football would choose to stop.

“We’re looked at as superheroes and not human beings,” Griffin said. “For him to have that human element, to express it in the press conference after the game, go and talk to the media and answer questions, I thought that was really big.”

Griffin, not Luck, won the offensive rookie of the year award in 2012. But Luck has had the better career, starting 86 games, winning playoff games, and taking his team to the AFC Championship. Griffin has started 40, and by all appearances he’ll only be a starter again in the event of injury.

12 responses to “Robert Griffin III can relate to Andrew Luck’s angst

  1. RGIII was a complete BUST, only because the media hyped him up to a level that was way beyond his skill and intelligence level.
    Without the hype and stupid following of bad scouts, he was drafted 5 rounds earlier than his skillset warranted

  2. RGIII is why you never spend a first round pick on a running QB. They are almost always bound to get hurt, and then they will say they are not going to run as much. Problem is, the running is what got them picked so highly in the first place. If those running QB’s couldn’t run, they probably wouldn’t even be in the league.

  3. I dont know how you can call a guy drafted that high that wins offensive rookie of the year a bust. His career was seriously mismanaged he should have never played that playoff game. You could tell his knee wasnt right before he tore his ACL trying to recover a fumble.

  4. Andrew Luck was a real QB; the Great Gimmick was a running back who wore a QB Halloween costume. Andrew did not get injured by repeatedly and intentionally putting himself in danger and ignoring his coaches’ orders to slid. The Great Gimmick caused his own injuries.

    I think the only thing in common is that they are both dudes.

  5. RG3 was mishandled as well. Should have never been playing in that game against Seattle when he got injured at the end of the year. Some of his problems was him not avoiding contact but that injury ruined him.

  6. RGIII could not carry Andrew Luck’s athletic supporter. He walked into DC bypassed the coach and kissed up to the owner. At no level can the two be compared.

    But what could we expect from a guy who had his own statue shortly after walking away from Baylor?

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