Carli Lloyd thinks she could kick field goals, and do it well

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Carli Lloyd is already a star.

But the more she thinks about her just-for-fun visit to an Eagles-Ravens practice last week, the more she thinks she actually could kick field goals in the NFL.

The U.S. women’s national team veteran — who has two World Cup titles and two FIFA women’s world player of the year awards — told Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America that she’s confident she could do the job.

I know that I could actually probably do it,” the 37-year-old Lloyd said. “Put on the helmet, strap on the pads, go for it. The mindset I have, I think with practice, I know I have to work on my steps and my technique, but I think I could do it and do it well.

“It could be a huge pivotal moment. There is no reason why a woman could not do this. And I actually invite the pressure. I love the pressure. When I have to nail something—shooting hoops, ax-throwing, kicking a field goal—that is the moment I live for and want. It comes down to the mind, training the mind.

“It’s worth having some conversations about it. With practice and someone showing me, I know I can do it. I have one of the most accurate shots in our game. Big thing would be getting used to the big boys out there. But nothing scares me. You hold yourself back if you’re afraid. What’s the worst that can happen? I don’t make the team? Let’s just say I did try. Maybe I change the landscape a lot.”

Lloyd said she had gotten some inquiries after her 55-yard field goal went viral last week. There were misses during her attempts, but the one everyone saw her blast that one through the narrow uprights.

Ravens assistant special teams coach Randy Brown has known her for years and arranged the visit, and told her afterward it had gotten the attention of people already.

“When we got in the car, it was unbelievable,” she said. “The texts, the videos, everything going viral. I had no idea. It was insane. It still is insane. I could not believe the attention on social media. I just had a conversation with Randy, actually. The coaches and his G.M., they all saw the video. They were like, What is she doing next week? I’m laughing about it, but the more I think about it, this has the chance to be sort of a pioneering moment for women.”

She’s had those kind of moments before. And sounds a little intrigued by the challenge.

18 responses to “Carli Lloyd thinks she could kick field goals, and do it well

  1. She would be a “one kick wonder”. No one will carry two kickers for the season, so she will have to kickoff. The first return situation will result in her getting crushed. Football ain’t Futbol. Stick with the latter, carli.

  2. There isn’t a position in sports that is more defined by fewer, but HUGE moments than kicking. And when it doesn’t work out it’s brutal for the players. Just look in Chicago last year.

    Combine that with how our country handles gender issues and the first time she misses a big kick could be a dumpster fire.

  3. She’s a great soccer player, but kicking a football without any rush and no equipment on is completely different than doing it for real.

  4. Kicking with no defense, no crowd, and a 5 step approach is irrelevant to kicking in game conditions…just stop it

  5. typical U.S. women’s team arrogance, i would love to see her do it when there are 80 thousand people screaming and the opposition team is rushing full force to block the kick.
    Soccer is a totally different game than American football…..totally different.

  6. A few thoughts: 1) great kick. She got the ball high and quickly and seemed to only take a couple of steps I. Her approach. Tough to tell from the video with no rush but looked high enough not to get blocked. 2) counting the lines on the field, this looks to be far shorter than a 55 yard kick. 3) the coach can be heard saying “let’s back it up” after the kick. Would be cool to know what her last kick looked like and how far that was.

  7. First there is no way it was a 55 yard kick, you can see the spot of the kick was between the 5 yard lines . . . thus it couldn’t have been an even 5 numbered kick, so I am guessing that it was shorter than that distance!

    Second, she is in shorts and a tank top, the snapper and the holder are both very causally going through their routine.

    Third, this was one make over several tries and misses, which if a potential NFL kicker had performed that way there would not be talk of them making the team – as these low pressure kicks are suppose to be made.

    Fourth, there is no rush, there is no crowd, there is no pressure, there isn’t a clock running down to get the kick off, she isn’t in pads, she doesn’t have a helmet on . . . so this kick is no where near real game conditions.

    I believe Carli Lloyd is buying into her on hype, giving herself way to much credit for making what is a relatively easy warm up kick under ideal conditions while having several misses and completely disrespecting the challenge that real NFL kickers face during every game.

  8. She shouldn’t be a NFL kicker for the same reason a 50-year old ripped chiseled and jacked Brett Favre can no longer play QB. Sure these 2 can kick or throw at an elite level, but at some point they would get tackled and hit, and in both cases would be left in a body cast …

  9. I agree. Some team should invite her to training camp and let her kick in the fourth preseason game after telling the offensive line not to block anyone. Then let’s see if she can make the kick.

  10. Too late for this year. Let somebody sign here next summer and let her kickoff in a preseason game or two. And see where it goes from there LOL

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