Chiefs signing quarterback Matt Moore

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The Chiefs aren’t going into the season without a veteran backup quarterback, and they’re not wasting any time acquiring him.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Chiefs are signing quarterback Matt Moore.

They needed a replacement for Chad Henne, who suffered a broken ankle and will need surgery.

Moore, 35, last turned up while helping the Dolphins scout quarterbacks this offseason, apparently retired and content to move on. The longtime backup spent seven of his 11 NFL seasons with the Dolphins, also playing for the Panthers and Cowboys.

He’s played in 49 games, with 30 career starts (15-15 record), but hasn’t played since 2017.

I mean, it’s better than the spot the Colts are in after Andrew Luck retired and their ostensible backup is suspended the first two games, but if Moore has to play this season, things have gone very wrong.

8 responses to “Chiefs signing quarterback Matt Moore

  1. I loathe the Dolphins, but have always been a Matt Moore fan.
    Great insurance policy for the Chiefs. Moore is tough, and cool.

    All that being said. . . Go Pats!!!

  2. thickcutbacon says:
    August 26, 2019 at 1:09 pm
    If Mahomes goes down they’re in serious trouble


    They were in trouble with Henne too. Hell probably all but a few teams in the league would be in serious trouble if their starter went down.

  3. Waste of time and money. Who cares if the back up QB is a veteran if the rooking QB behind him performs better.

  4. Another QB the Dolphins shoulda kept…he is the ONLY QB in the last several years (since Chad Pennington) who could beat the Bills in Buffalo! I’d prefer Tannehill and Moore to FitzTragic and Rosen. Why idiot Gase got rid of Matt is beyond me…he got them to the 2016 playoffs after Tannehill went down, and he shoulda played Moore in 2017 and not signed that jerk Jay Cutler…it was the beginning of the end of my Dolphins 40-plus-year fandom….

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