Chris Ballard: We’re still excited about our team

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When Chris Ballard became the Colts’ General Manager in 2017, the team had an injured Andrew Luck at quarterback and not much else of note on the roster.

Luck returned to the lineup in 2018 and the Colts returned to the playoffs thanks in large part to players Ballard brought to the roster. He hit home runs in the draft, signed veterans who stepped right in as contributors and remade the roster around Luck in a way that had people in Indianapolis feeling excited about the team’s future.

In the wake of Luck’s retirement, it’s natural to wonder if that outlook has changed. Ballard told Albert Breer of that “problems are presented to your team every day” and that he’s confident that the organization will “find ways to win games” despite losing their quarterback a couple of weeks before the regular season.

“The roster’s young, I’ll say that,” Ballard said. “I wouldn’t say we’re peaking all of a sudden. . . . Look, I think every year you’re working on the roster. Now, are we excited about our team? Yes, we are. We do think we’ve upgraded the talent here the last two years. We’ve got a very good football team. You’re talking about a 10-6 team that went on the road and won a playoff game. We’re excited. We’re still excited about the future. That has not changed.”

The Colts will get their first chance to prove Ballard right when they face the Chargers in Los Angeles on September 8.

8 responses to “Chris Ballard: We’re still excited about our team

  1. I think Chris Ballard is a good GM.

    But his statement is silly.
    This is what he means:

    “We just lost a very good QB and we are excited.

    It will be exciting going 5-11 as we desperately look for a good QB over the next several years.

    We are too good to Tank for Tua, and will either have to pay through the nose to trade up, or pray we can find the next Pat Mahomes.

    Ryan Grigson’s stench is still harming the team.”

  2. Luck was great, but he never beat Brady. You now have that contract off the books while you keep filling out the roster. I don’t know if we’ve seen a guy on a run like this with his draft picks in just a short period of time. He found a DPOY worthy player and a guy who is already one of the best guards in football in as many drafts. That’s kind of insane. Even if Brissett isn’t adequate enough to be their Nick Foles, they will have plenty of opportunities to drop a mid round or higher scouted QB into that environment, which works really well if you look around the league. It has historically worked much better than the savior #1 pick for your team.

  3. The Colts have enough money to sign the free agent quarterback of their choice next year. If Dak Prescott or Jameis Winston have big years it will be interesting. Also Brady-Brees-Rivers-Tannehill-Mariota available. Things could be worse in Indy.

  4. Chris Ballard is a good GM and he has helped build a very good team since arriving. I’m not sure that I have heard anyone commenting on their last GM, Grigson. Andrew Luck has retired because he cannot handle the injuries any more and I blame the majority of them on Grigson who for years refused to put a DECENT offensive line in front of Luck. When you really analyze it, I have no idea how Luck had as much success as he did. If anyone knows anything about Grigson, he is known all over the league as an arrogant prick who didn’t know what he was doing and refused to listen to anyone. Andrew Luck was good for football. What a shame.

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