Colts officially place Andrew Luck on reserve/retired list

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Sunday’s NFL transactions contained a line that would have been regarded as inconceivable only 36 hours ago.

“Indianapolis. Luck, Andrew. QB. Stanford. Reserve/Retired.”

The move means several things. For starters, it’s official: Luck is retired, and off the 90-man roster.

Beyond that, it’s a little murky. NFL Media (i.e., the NFL) explained on Sunday that, if Luck tries to return to the Colts before the trade deadline, he has to pass through waivers. That conflicts with my prior understanding of the rules, which was that a player on the reserve/retired list could emerge from retirement at any time before the Tuesday after Week 13, and that if he were released when attempting to return after the trade deadline, he’d be required to pass through waivers.

The difference, apparently, is that Luck landed on the reserve/retired list after reporting for the start of training camp.

None of this matters unless Luck is inclined to have a change of heart in 2019. If it’s true that he’ll have to pass through waivers before returning to the Colts, someone would surely snatch his contract if he tries to do that, even if only to trade his rights back to the Colts.

I’ve sought clarification from the league. It’s possible that the procedures aren’t as clear as they could be or should be because the situation is largely if not completely unprecedented. It could be that Luck’s situation results in a tweaking of the rules that would allow a player on reserve/retired a clear shot at returning before the Tuesday after Week 13, with waivers implicated only if the team chooses to release him after the trade deadline.

6 responses to “Colts officially place Andrew Luck on reserve/retired list

  1. That has to be wrong. That’s an easy way to change teams and/or stick it to your current team. Report, retire, and come back.

  2. This isn’t Favre. Luck’s a decade younger, about to start his family, everything still out in front of him. Sure, he could come back, but it won’t be this year, with the pain of making the decision, telling everyone, and the negative reactions still fresh (not to mention a body that’s still healing).

    If he comes back at all, it would be in a couple of years when nostalgia has a little bit of time to work on his football memories, family life starts to wear on him, and his body feels better than it ever has.

  3. What if Brissett leads the team to the playoffs but gets hurt in the last game, and Luck comes out of retirement and leads the Colts to the Super Bowl? That would be quite a story.

  4. If the way you understand this rule is true,then Ezekial Elliott should’ve done this instead of holding out. He would’ve been forced to pay some of his Signing Bonus back,since we know JJ DOESN’T like Players getting Free Money,but his New Deal would cover this plus some.

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