Jets want to upgrade at cornerback

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Going into the final week of the preseason, the Jets know they have one significant regular season need.

Via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Jets General Manager Joe Douglas admitted the team wanted to upgrade its talent at the cornerback position.

The Jets aren’t sure if Trumaine Johnson will be ready for the opener against the Bills because of a hamstring injury, which leaves Darryl Roberts and Brian Poole and a cast of young players.

“We feel good with where we are with our top guys,” Douglas said. “I feel like there’s been great competition from the back end of our corner group. A guy like Tevaughn Campbell has really busted his butt. He’s made some plays. He’s done some good things in camp. Alex [Brown] came in and had a great week last week. He made some nice plays.

“We’re constantly evaluating those guys. We’re also evaluating guys across the league. I feel good about the way the young guys have played so far though the first couple games. But we’re going to be looking to upgrade not only corner but really every position on our team.”

Specifically, Douglas is prepared to draw from the discard pile this weekend, when teams cut from 90 to 53.

“We’ve got the third waiver claim and we plan on using it,” Douglas said. “So we’re fired up.”

Whether any of those players who become available next weekend are better than the ones they have remains to be seen. But they know they have to look.

7 responses to “Jets want to upgrade at cornerback

  1. Not sure what mike macc was doing before Douglas got here. Every year you should be adding too the corner position.!not being able too trade out of the 3rd selection really hurt the depth of this team. I love quiennen but we needed picks

  2. Translation: The prior GM (Mike Maccagnan) was garbage and ignored the Oline, and drafted poorly, and the current CBs aren’t very good. Trumaine Johnson is grossly overpaid, but at least he belongs in the NFL.

  3. So the message Douglas just sent to teams with a surplus of CB talent is: “Because of our lack of depth talent at CB you aren’t going to sneak CBs through the waiver to stash on the practice squad:.

    And to teams with a talent need at CB is “better pony up those 6th and 7th round picks or some other position bubble player to trade before we claim them off waivers”.

    Douglas came over from the Philadelphia team that does happen to have some decent talent at the deeper end of the depth chart . . . he is familiar with these players as he liked them enough to help bring them into the Eagles 90 man roster before moving to the Jets . . . so Howie is most likely going to make a call to Joe and try a little horse swapping before making the final cuts.

  4. While there may very well be a decent player or two at the position that get cut by other teams, the fact that Douglas is “fired up” about someone that wasn’t good enough to play for another team probably doesn’t instill a whole lot of confidence in the Jets fan base for what’s to come this year.

  5. Well, unfortunately the Pats are currently 7 deep at a very talented CB group, so talented that a former 2nd round pick, Duke Dawson, might be available. Hate to help the Jets, but that’s what happens.

    Ironic that a team that usually drafts 20 picks before the Pats do, winds up trolling for the leftovers the Pats develop but can’t use.

  6. “Ironic that a team that usually drafts 20 picks before the Pats do, winds up trolling for the leftovers the Pats develop but can’t use.”

    Like David Harris, Shaun Ellis, Danny Woodhead, and Bryan Cox?

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