Bill O’Brien: We’ve got a good RB situation

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The Texans lost starting running back Lamar Miller for the season to a torn ACL last weekend, so they are early in the process of figuring out how their backfield will wind up looking when they are in New Orleans on the first Monday night of the regular season.

On Monday, head coach Bill O’Brien said that he thinks the team is in a “good situation” at the position despite Miller’s loss and cited the trade for Duke Johnson as a leading reason for that opinion. The Browns made heavy use of Johnson as a receiver the last four years, but O’Brien said he’s confident that Johnson can take on a bigger role.

“I wouldn’t call him a third-down back,” O’Brien said, via the Houston Chronicle. “I know that he is a substituted back, so in the past he’s played a lot against sub defenses, but you can see sub defenses on first, second or third downs. I think with us he’ll be used in a lot of different ways, and he’s had a lot of snaps. He’s been out there playing a lot. . . . I don’t think it’ll be him exclusively. We’ve got a lot of other guys at that position that we can mix and match with.”

Buddy Howell, Taiwan Jones, Cullen Gillaspia, Karan Higdon and Damarea Crockett are the other backs on hand, but O’Brien said “anything can happen” in terms of tweaking that group to ensure he continues to feel good about life without Miller in the backfield.

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  1. The Philadelphia Eagles have depth at RB and also have a very good young OT who started in the Super Bowl they might be willing to move for Clowney. Just saying.

  2. It’s about to get better because there are some good RB’s out there to be had at final cuts. The new RB has to be able to catch/block & the old bruisers from last decade have become dinosaurs. Like AD.

    By the way, Peterson is going to have a huge year. Unless, by the looks of him, he gets busted for PED’s because the dude is easily 10 pounds of solid muscle heavier on the skins. The Skins use him as a FB/HB cross over like Riggens.

    If the Cowboys or Texans were smart, they’d trade for him.

  3. Where are all these RB’s that give you a good RB situation you speak of? And since when is Duke Johnson not a 3rd down back? That’s exactly what he is. Duke Johnson isn’t the greatest runner, he’s a solid good RB but he’s not a dominant every down RB, his strength is in the passing game where he’s a very good pass catching back. The loss of Lamar Miller really hurts that room, Houston is going to need to bring a big 3 down back to pair up / Duke with.

  4. Even if Duke is your primary back going forward, you need someone better than what they have to back him up.

  5. “Despite that little incident with that iceberg, I think we’re in a good situation”
    ~ Captain of the Titanic

  6. when Zeke signs they should grab Morris. He can carry a load still. What a great place for AP to get traded to if the 2nd back in DC stays healthy.

  7. Fix the Oline and good RB’s become great ones. Rumor is a solid tackle is coming via sign and trade for Clowney.

  8. they will be heartily sorry when they discover why he is called “Duke” Johnson and all their carpets and furniture end up soiled…..ugh

  9. Washington can spare Adrian Peterson for a trade , maybe package AP and Trent Williams for a first and a fourth round pick … the Texans could use both those guys.

  10. Don’t sell Duke Johnson short, remember he played under a coach that won one game in two years. Give him a fair shot and see what he can do, he averaged more the 4.5 yards a carry and catches the ball extremely well.

  11. I don’t see a pattern of teams with great RB’s winning super bowls. I see teams with great QB’s winning the most games, including super bowls. It’s not a coincidence that Tom Brady has won 6 super bowls. The Texans will be as good as their QB. He’s still young and growing.

  12. How can he be sure any of his players are good? I finally got to watch them on tv Saturday night, and I couldn’t tell from the swarm of white jerseys blocking my view!

  13. Its not like Lamar Miller was a great RB to start with. I being a Texans fan thought he was more of a #2 back instead of a #1. In fact D. Johnson’s fantasy rating as a #1 is higher then Millers rating as a #1. I know fantasy means nothing, just using that to make a point.

    So this year the Texans have a #2 style RB as the #1 guy, same as they had the last couple years, he just has a different name.

    In other words, they don’t have a good RB situation. But they haven’t for awhile.

  14. I agree Miller wasn’t a stud running back and I’d bet you’d get the same production from Duke. Wouldn’t hurt to have someone to pair up with him so maybe Hegdon or Crockett will step up…

  15. I thought we would get better when I heard we hired an OC. I didn’t know that meant “ON Clipboard” , get someone to call player bill

  16. So Penny and another offensive lineman. Plus a pick in the mid rounds for Clowney or Chris Cason plus a lineman straight up. I think one of our two backs plus a lineman would do the trick. It obviously a one year rental and since he named the hawks as team he’d go to it could turn out to be an extension. I’d extended him before Reed. Since we won’t have him for the first six games and I’d doubt anyone would extend him afterwards. As long as he didn’t have a checked past I’m good with those scenarios.

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