Carli Lloyd is “seriously considering” NFL opportunity

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What the future holds for Carli Lloyd may be an opportunity to kick for an NFL team.

With her trainer acknowledging that a team has offered the U.S. soccer star an opportunity to kick on Thursday night in the preseason finale, Lloyd says she’s indeed considering a chance to play for a pro football team.

“I am having discussions with my husband and [trainer] James [Galanis] about the reality of playing in the NFL,” Lloyd told “They both feel that I could do it and should consider it. So I’m seriously considering it, as it’s a challenge [and] I would probably enjoy it.”

She’s presumably referring to the opportunity to kick on Thursday for a still-unidentified team. And that would be the ultimate tryout for an opportunity to kick in a game that counts.

Lloyd made a 55-yard field goal after a joint Ravens-Eagles practice, through narrower-than-usual goalposts.

46 responses to “Carli Lloyd is “seriously considering” NFL opportunity

  1. I hope she does give it a go. Would be an interesting spectacle.

    Best of luck to her.

  2. A kick in a preseason game is a PR stunt. Coming into camp and competing for a few weeks would be a real shot. Love to see it happen but right now it isn’t a real shot in the NFL. Get a coach and work for the next 10 months and see if you get a try out.

  3. She should not kick in the NFL for the same reason why 50-year old Brett Favre should not come back to play QB. They may look elite and awesome right now with the ball, but at some point in the actual game they’re going to get hit, and both would end up in the hospital in a full body cast because of it …

  4. This kicker stuff is insane. Who gives a $&@“. Let her rip it. But I seriously don’t want to see her get crunched on a blocked return.

  5. Absolutely hilarious😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. With the 4-5 step run up she had on the 55 she’d get killed.
    But it WOULD be nice to see her/take, the chance and go for it.

  7. I’m all for giving her a chance. Then we won’t have to go back and forth on whether she will succeed or fail.

  8. This is just for attention. The season starts next week. What is she waiting for?

  9. I think it’d be awesome if she made a team but I don’t think the NFL would sign off on it. No issue with her kicking or punting but kickers and punters do see live action outside of kicking and punting and are expected to participate. Not sure it would marketable for a male and female player getting physical with one another even if Lloyd was okay with it.

  10. why does nobody mention that she ran 6 yds up to the ball to make that kick? Maybe she can do it the same as they do it in the NFL, but her kick proved nothing.

  11. maybe the Pats are looking… lol. that said, Gostkowski has choked in more than one super bowl

  12. Im all for women in the work place, and I’m a firm believer if they can do it let them do it. But I don’t want folks getting mad if for whatever reason she gets hit….and they don’t like the hit. While kickers usually don’t get hit…sometimes they do ….. and should it happen…. don’t wince.

  13. COOL

    The argument will always be made that females shouldn’t compete with males (big disparity in muscle mass, oxygen capacity, testosterone levels) but I sure do love when people break through barriers.

  14. In all honesty I hope she doesn’t get a roster spot because that means a more deserving player doesn’t. I get the appeal from a publicity stunt perspective, but this isn’t a joke to the guys fighting to make it on a team. The best player should make the team and the best prospects should be invited to camp. If for some reason Carli Loyd is the best kicker, then so be it. Without looking through biased lenses, it’s really hard to imagine she is more qualified than the 65 or so kickers that get a chance to make a roster each year.

  15. By all means give her a tryout.

    I still have serious doubts she can win the job, but give her a fair competition.

    On a kickoff return she will be a liability. Its not like a kicker is a monster, but is having her out there going to cost some yards here and there on bad coverage and long run backs?
    You have to weigh all aspects of the game, it’s not just can you kick in practice.

  16. This is awesome. But tackling on kickoffs is a whole different level. But this is still awesome.

  17. People will be watching for the first fumble or blocked kick like they do the crashes in NASCAR.

  18. NFL is trying to polish its image in regard to violence against women. Football is a violent game. Now they want to put a woman on the football field to play in a violent game against men. I realize the odds are low that she would take a hit, or have to try to make a tackle, but c’mon.

  19. With a five, six step run up, versus 1-2 kick like everyone HAS to in the NFL or get blocked. I’m not saying she CAN’T…but she would need to learn the nuance of the FG drill. It’s quick. One position where it could happen. Though aren’t there tons of ex-MLS or even current MLS guys who could do it too since the money is better?

  20. It would just be a publicity stunt. Who in their right mind thinks that by kicking one field goal on a practice field means they can play in the NFL. Shoot, I could probably make that kick too. Does that mean some team will give me a job?

  21. Pump the brakes, people … this woman says she’s seriously considering trying the NFL in 2020. She will be 38 years old. The “55-yd field goal” was kicked after taking a run at it, so it was, essentially, a kickoff. If that was kicked from the 35 yd line, it would have landed at about the 10 yd line, or maybe a little longer. That would essentially mean zero touchbacks. What team would settle for that? Setting up to kick a field goal, taking 2/3 steps and kicking the ball with several huge men charging at you is a lot different from kicking the ball on an empty field. Silly.

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