Nathan Peterman continues to grow on Jon Gruden

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A month ago, Jon Gruden said Nathan Peterman was “growing” on him. The Raiders’ third-stringer continues to grow on his coach apparently.

Peterman will get plenty of work in Thursday’s preseason game against the Seahawks.

But judging by Gruden’s answer to in innocuous question about Peterman on Tuesday, it sounds as if Peterman may already have earned a roster spot.

“I’m afraid to bring up Peterman’s name with the media today,” Gruden said, via Jerry McDonald of the Mercury News. “Look at it yourself: He’s hitting 75 percent of his passes. The ones that are incomplete are dropped. He runs; he passes; he’s making audibles; he’s getting better; he’s getting some confidence. He’s in the mix. I like him. I know other people that do, too.”

It’s (almost) true: Peterman has completed 40 of 57 passes (70.2 percent) for 317 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions. He has taken only three sacks and run for 70 yards on nine carries.

Yet, in his two-year career with the Bills, Peterman completed 68 of 130 passes for 548 yards, with three touchdowns and 12 interceptions. His 32.5 passer rating is by far the worst in the NFL for any quarterback with at least 100 passes over the past two years.

19 responses to “Nathan Peterman continues to grow on Jon Gruden

  1. I think Peterman can be a decent back up, he just needs to get all the Buffalo Bill stank off of him.

  2. The Colts could use Petermna.
    Jacoby Brissett is too good for 2-14, and the Colts risk losing out on a good QB by not tanking like they did for Andrew Luck.

    Come to think about it, is Curtis painter still around?

  3. And look at Troy Aikman’s first year – 52% completion, 9 TDs to 18 INTs, etc. Turned out pretty good.

    Peterman was a BACKUP with no first team practice reps. Amazing that you even EXPECT a rookie backup to just come in a game and play like a seasoned backup or starter. Ridiculous.

  4. They way Gruden talked Peterman up before the draft, this is not surprising at all.

  5. As a Bills fan, this was always the headline with him during this time of the year. It completely changed when he had to do it against good players and teams that were game planning for him. Has nothing to do with the ill perceived “horrible franchise” that has a coaching staff and front office that has been quietly acquiring and developing a solid pool of good, young talent.

  6. Wow, 5.6 yards per attempt. Impressive.

    Take a look at the league leaders in preseason passer rating and you’ll find guys like Kyle Sloter, Jake Dolegala, Luke Falk, and Matt Barkley. Peterman is all the way down at #30. The stats don’t impress me.

  7. Peterman went 9-10 one preseason game last year and if I’m not wrong had almost an 80 percent completion percentage in preseason for the Bills. Say whatever you want about Buffalo, but pre season is fools gold. I can’t wait for him to start a few games for the Raiders and see Joe try to justify this.

  8. Now comes the difficult decision for Chucky. Will he keep 3 QB on the 53 man roster or will he cut Peterman.

  9. I’m sure that Peterman will make the team because he has all of the requisites to be a “Gruden Grinder”. Namely, Peterman is a marginal player who earns a roster spot by telling the “coaching legend” how great he is, what an honor it is to play for him, etc.

  10. Peterman is preseason gold. Wait until the regular season and see what happens when he faces an actual game plan. He will have an 80% completion percentage to the OTHER TEAM. Enjoy the Buffalo scraps Joe!

  11. peterman may never be any good but it would be a mistake to judge him based on buffalo where he was forced into service before he was ready

  12. cheek2vegas says:
    August 27, 2019 at 8:56 pm

    ” I can’t wait for him to start a few games for the Raiders and see Joe try to justify this.”

    pull your head out. he’s a 3rd string back up. he ain’t starting any games.

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